Humanoid Animals Add-on

In the game Minecraft there are various kinds of animals, but have you ever imagined if the animals have a shape like humans.

This addon will make it happen, you can bring up animals with body shapes like humans

see below there is a cow man

behave like a cow, have a heart like a cow and you can feed it with wheat

wow what is it, sheep man he is a sheep with a human body shape, you can shave it, change its color and feed it.

this one is a normal version of the zombie pigman who has now been replaced by the zombiefied piglin.




all of these entities have the same behavior as their animal versions

and maybe this is all I can make at this time, the next version I will add from other animals as well

Tank you!

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  • add foxyman
  • add wolfman
  • Add browny
  • Add Saddled pigman
  • Add sound


  • 1. Download the addons
  • 2. Import it to your game by tapping the downloaded file on mobile, on Windows just download the zip file then simply extract the zip file into your behavior packs and resource pack folder.
  • 3. Then add the addon to your world using the behavior packs button and resource pack button.
  • 4. Enjoy the addon


Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. OrcaWorld says:

    Ah , humanoid foxes and wolves. Hehe , I knew that one day someone did furry add-on , hehe (P.S. I don’t like furries and I’m not their fan). But this is very good addon , I’m glad.

  2. SverdHerre says:

    freaking furry (that was a joke, this mod is amazing and you’re amazing).

  3. DBZfan13 says:

    I heard of a complaint from a pigman addon. That would be averted if you mention not to upload your work.

    Ex. Not allowed: Upload my work without permission.

    Since I don’t know your discord account, I’ll ask you here. May I upload your Pig model? I’m too lazy to make a Pigman model myself.

    My addon is called; Pigman barter.

  4. TutaNgTsina says:

    God created Man, Man created Minecraft Add-on, Minecraft Add-on created Cursed Minecraft.

    Might use this to my cursed world

  5. Jin_Rummy says:

    Has science gone too far?!?!

  6. AngeloWanted says:

    Humanity was a mistake

  7. alessandre says:

    bro can put death scenes when they die that appears his body lying dead

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