Humanoid Villagers Add-on

The Humanoid Villagers Add-on makes villagers both stronger and more smart as they will now protect their village if it’s being attacked by zombies. As soon as a villager is hit by a zombie it will reach for a weapon and fight back. Join in arms with the villagers and battle the evil forces in the Minecraft universe!

How does it work?

The villagers now look like ordinary Minecraft players. Some things are still the same such as their sounds and the way they walk.

If a villager is attacked by a zombie then it will turn into defense mode and get one of the following items: diamond sword, diamond pickaxe, diamond hoe or a diamond shovel. It will then attack any zombies it sees to protect their village.

It doesn’t take long until an entire village is up in arms fighting off the horde of zombies. 

The villagers have much more health than a zombie and they are also stronger. However, if one dies it will drop random items. The times I tried I got everything from a diamond helmet to some carrots.

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What's New:

  • Removed unnecessary loot
  • Zombie humanoid spawn increased chance
  • Increased attack time
  • Fixed the bug that caused immortality
  • New video showing how to pass the ad
  • Fixed weapons
  • Updated compatibility
  • Bug fixed:

Fixed the bug with the head when sleeping


  • All textures have been changed for more detailed textures.
  • Changes in textures and model to show hood and etc.

New humanoid zombies replace the Zombie Villager, looking the same as the humanoids but looking like a Zombie

  • Added compatibility with new versions, 
  • Added new skins for new Villagers,


Supported Minecraft versions


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100 Responses

3.41 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. Guest-1897841828 says:

    Is there any way to change the skins of the villagers? Urban looking teens don’t quite fit my medieval/ancient worlds…

  2. Flashpoint7 says:

    Any feedback would be much appreciated

  3. Flashpoint7 says:

    All my villagers are in underwear or diapers! Thay all look like adult babies. How do I fix this?

  4. ClannishYT says:

    How do you know which profession they are and are you still able to trade with them?

  5. Candy H. says:

    Heyo! Looks cool I haven’t tried it yet :3
    But may you please make the skins be compatible with 128.

  6. Guest-4836323643 says:

    what i do if i DON’T use google chome my opera says “protocolo desconhecido”

  7. DonutDynamic says:

    Nice Add-on. It would be cool if their voices changed.

  8. Guest-2836361804 says:

    Look , when i tried to spawn a villager , it kicked me off of minecraft ! I really am mad because i cant download it !

    • Guest-3774159335 says:

      The add-on kicked you off of Minecraft and you haven’t even downloaded the add-on yet?
      You’re just lying now stop. If you never downloaded it that means you never could have tried the add-on so you weren’t getting kicked off by the add-on because you never had it.

  9. KingLeo000 says:

    Love this

  10. Guest-5805634192 says:

    Can u add modern professions too, so like police officers and firefighters and doctors and chefs and stuff? Also, can u make them stay in one place if u tell them to?


  11. Guest-3644559731 says:

    Steps to get link:
    •Click on the read an article thing, wait a bit, then click the “X”
    •Click on the watch a video thing and fast forward to the end, then click the “X”
    •You will be sent to mediafire link

  12. Guest-3340142632 says:

    USE MEDIAFIRE i swear some people are idiots!!! Mediafire is best!

  13. Guest-2904978502 says:

    Can you please move this to another download option? I understand you want to have ads and I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but the current one you have has super obnoxious ads and looks super sketchy. I feel like kids trying to download this would probably fall for these and possibly get a virus or some other malware.
    Plus even if the ads were safe it’s still very inconvenient to spend like ten minutes going through a bunch of arbitrary steps to unlock the link to download the file.
    I’m not trying to hate on your project but I feel you need to change the download option.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Stan-Time says:

    Wtf dude use mediafire not stupid linkvertise 🙄

  16. Wolf says:

    Bro as qe pueda funcionar el version 1.14

  17. Gene says:

    Wthhh??? Activate notifications, at least adfly asks you and you’re allowed to proceed to mediafire, wth ni**a

    • Gene says:

      Wait lol nvm I’m wrong so very wrong, you can press the activate notifications and then press block when it asks you and still checks out, my B nice addon sorry bye love you boomer

  18. XMbosse says:

    Please never use linkverise, always use mediafire or google drive. There easy to download them -Mbosse

  19. tongue tied says:

    uhhh why linktiverse please give us a more user-accessible link shorterner or, even better, a direct link.

  20. Anti-Ads says:

    Great mod but remove the ads

  21. MaximeGamer333 says:


  22. The_begging_one says:

    Hey man,can you update this i mean it work on 1.14 but when they go to bed their head just dislocated and floating can you update this please. thx ☺️☺️

  23. lovemcforever says:

    it just crashes my game

  24. Adfly says:

    Utilisez adfly c’est mieux

  25. I like your mod but this is hard to get your mod because of link with virus (i think ad? nvm)

    maybe next time^^ so keep up

  26. SomePerson says:

    Please ignore the negativity from the comments, hope you have a nice day! 🙂 Anyways, it worked for me, though I did find the ads a bit annoying. But, overall, great add-on!

  27. Yeet says:

    Why on earth would you use this shitty site? Just use mediafire or Dropbox! I had to watch ads to watch an ad!

  28. Noble 4 says:

    Its amazing, however, i think it would be better if you could recruit villagers to be armed instead of making them all armed, this is because it makes the game too imbalanced in favour of the villagers. I suggest downgrading weapons to iron tools to balance the game.

    Also , I realised that the villagers “swap weapons”, and im assuming that its the programme that swaps out one “defence mode villager” for another when ever the villagers lose track of the hostile mob.

    This could be one of the sources which makes the villagers way too overpowered for any hoard of zombies.
    Also, I realised that the trade levels of villagers are not kept after returning from “defence mode”.

    Otherwise, im a big fan of your work. This addon is one of the most refined and remarkable ones of came across.

  29. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    can you make this a dropbox

  30. PROBOT says:


  31. Robin says:

    Je ne peu pas installer l’add-on

  32. Recommender says:

    Pls change to custom spawn egg

  33. Human guy says:

    I wish the personality core Addon did this I miss that Addon 🙁 but this Addon is super amazing

  34. SeranaXx says:

    Doesn’t work

  35. RayeedPlayz says:

    The addon is cool. But dosent works in the new update. Please do

  36. HOPEFUL PERSON says:

    could you please add more useful villager please! like farmers, miners exc.

  37. Joeygaming says:

    I cant doenload I get stuck on vivads

  38. EnderYT says:

    It Keep on bringing me vivads 😡😡😡

  39. AgentCPU0 says:

    I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but the villagers are not attacking the zombies. Does it have to be an actual village in a normally generated world for it to work? Cause I have a world I specifically use to showcase add-ons, and they don’t do anything other than what villagers normally do.

  40. fymxxx says:

    could you please insert the download link coz if you’re using shortlink that we can’t enter or the captcha or not showing.

  41. Samuele says:

    The Download Link Don’t Work On PC

  42. Marin says:

    Why i can’t use trade option with villagers?

  43. Squidnugget9802 says:

    Yeah but when you walk away too far they turn into zombies >:[ would not recommend. Use another mod

  44. mees says:

    update this so that the villagers put away their weapons when theres no zombos anymore
    also great for adding your own skins 🙂

  45. TK-6606 says:

    Okay, I love the idea and I get what you mean, but I think the humanoid villagers are too overpowered as they all hold diamond tools. Also, pickaxes are for mining, not battling.

  46. LittleLilac27 says:

    I don’t get it. Can this work for computers?

  47. KidAwesomeness says:

    Does it work for 1.0.7?

  48. Anonymous says:

    what more can they do?

  49. Xavier Peardon says:

    So… Apparently the villagers ride chickens…???

  50. Xavier Peardon says:

    Trading doesn’t work with this mod.

  51. Xavier Peardon says:

    Do the villagers ever leave defense-mode?

  52. MATTHEW TULL says:

    I would like if someone familiar with modding would bring the helpful villagers mod to p.e. This is close, but you can’t give them jobs, they won’t build, you can’t give them armour, or change their weapons. I like the add-on.

    • Ultranautix says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but with the current coding system MCPE for modding uses, all our mods are weak sauce compared to java because no one codes any addon or shader correctly.

  53. Anonymous says:

    They can ride things

  54. Sage Smith says:

    Awesome addon! Can you make them also have bows? That would make it even more epic!

  55. That Subaru Guy says:

    Can you update this mod to have alex arms and a hat layer? (I re-textured the mod with some skins I like but the hats do not render, even when I edit ‘mobs.json and change the neverrender option to false

  56. Sage Smith says:

    Can you make it so where some villagers can use bows like in the Villager Guard Addon? Thanks!

  57. CookieCrumbbz says:

    You should make it so you can tame them! Also can you make a boyfriend/girlfriend Mod?

  58. Powerless001 says:

    I am having the same texture issue. The new textures are being applied to the normal villager models. Here is some screenshots of the glitch: The villagers still do go into attack mode but they still have the vanilla model but the humanoid textures. Also fun fact, the . mcpack and the other one don’t work on Android so we Android users have to use the zip. I put the files where they are supposed to go so idk. I hope this paragraph helped you to figure out what is up with the add-on.

  59. Anonymous says:

    good job

  60. ThanatoKun >//// says:

    hey try to upload it in mediafire or something like that, because i tried and the page said:

    “This link was generated for another IP address. Try previous step again.”

  61. Jake says:

    This add-on is not working.??

  62. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a feature to use custom skins to the villagers

  63. Deez nuts says:

    Love it! Some more variations and maybe a way to trade would be cool

  64. Anonymous says:

    I think this addon is going to be cool!

  65. LeeAm says:

    Almost same as Comes Alive pe but change their skins to the real villagers like the skins in Comes Alive PE … and im still waiting for the update of Comes Alive PE

  66. Corbenader 22 says:

    One problem,they burn in daylight and if you turn it to peaceful,it will disappear.

  67. Adydoesstuff says:

    The mod seems to be bugged. Everything works correctly but Zombies dont hurt the humanoid villagers. They try to attack them but they cant. It just looks like the zombie is waving its arms.

  68. McpeDlFan says:

    can u make a villager that shoots arrows.Also can you try to make the witches team up on the zombies side . make the witch shoot fireballs and heal the zombies!Expecting your feedback 🙂

  69. Prince says:

    In my experience with this add on , the humaniod villagers would actually attack the zombie first if they spot it , the only downside to this add on is that the villagers or humanoids doesn’t put their ARMS down after a battle w/c makes them look like Zombies and they don’t even carry a weapon.

  70. Sweetiepie says:

    On my device the villagers still have the original model but the they have the textures in this addon!Help?

  71. Akio says:

    It’s so amazing thanks for tweeting that mod ????

  72. Barret says:

    I got an idea.Can You Make It So That They Are A Bit Smarter? I was looking at one of my villager (his a humanoid) but for some reason when I Put Walls (There Are Still Ways For Him To Get The Zombie) But He Just Targeted another zombie.pls fix

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