Hunger Points on Food Names

The amount of hunger points given for consuming a food item (and optionally other stats) is now shown in the name of that item!                                 

Please read the description before downloading. Thank you.

This pack does exactly what the title says. The amount of hunger points given for consuming a food item is now shown in the name of the food item! You can also choose for it to show the amount of time needed to eat it, armor points a piece of armor gives you, the maximum durability of an item, how much HP a mob has on its spawn egg and icons for banner patterns as well.

There are 2 different modes available!

Go into Global Resources, activate the pack, and click on the cog next to the Deactivate button.

Then simply choose what things you want to see on item names.

Hunger Points Only mode

Only the amount of hunger points given after being consumed is shown after the name of the item.

^ Cooked Beef: gives 8 Hunger Points, or 4 Hunger Bars

^ Baked Potato: gives 5 Hunger Points, or 2.5 Hunger Bars

^ Cake: entire Cake gives 14 Hunger Points, or 7 Hunger Bars

Detailed Item Names mode

Shows Hunger & Armor Points, Time To Use Consumables, Max Item Durability, Tools Default Attack Damage, Mob HP on Spawn Eggs and Banner Pattern Icons

The durability section only displays the full durability of an item, and the attack damage section only displays the default value of an unenchanted tool. There is currently no way to change item names according to their durability in Bedrock.

^ Cooked Cod: fills 2.5 Hunger Bars, takes 1.6 seconds to eat

^ Dried Kelp: fills 0.5 Hunger Bars, takes 0.8 seconds to eat

^ Honey Bottle: fills 3 Hunger Bars, takes 2 seconds to drink

^ Netherite Chestplate: gives 4 Armor Points. It has a maximum of 592 durability.

^ Netherite Sword: does 9 attack damage when unenchanted, and has a maximum of 2031 durability. 

The additional attack damage from the Sharpness enchantment is now also shown on the enchantment name. I know this isn’t a good solution- please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this!

^ Elytra: It has a maximum of 432 durability.

^ Piglin Brutes have 50 Health Points, or 25 Hearts.

^ Goats have 10 Health Points, or 5 Hearts. (Available in beta with Caves and Cliffs in Experimental Gameplay turned on)

Important Note

This version, 1.5pre1, is a pre-release. Banner Pattern Icons are only supported in English for now. It will be available for most languages that Minecraft supports in the full 1.5 update, which is releasing soon.

Other features (hunger points, mob HP, etc.) from previous versions remain supported on most languages Minecraft that supports.

Please report any bugs you found in the comments! More languages will be supported in the future. This pack will be updated to include new items in upcoming Minecraft updates.

Follow me on Twitter (@HonKit1103) for behind the scenes and updates!

Changelog View more

Version 1.5pre1 (December 24, 2020)

Changes and Additions:

  • The Hunger Points on Food Names section is no longer shown in Profile Settings.
  • The Hunger Points on Food Names panel is now a separate section from the rest of the settings! Massive thanks to NetherNinja for the help.
  • The additional amount of attack damage given from the Sharpness enchantment will now be shown on the enchantment name.
  • A new Legend section has been added in the Hunger Points on Food Names settings panel.
  • The order of sections in the Hunger Points on Food Names settings panel have been changed.
  • The Maximum Durability icon has been changed.

Beta Changes and Additions - these features are only available in English in the Pre-Release:

  • The Detailed Item Names mode now shows icons resembling the respective banner patterns on the banner pattern names.


This 1.5pre1 update has a version number of 1.4.9 in Minecraft. The 1.5.0 version number is reserved for the full 1.5 update. If the version is 1.4.9, then you have downloaded the correct version!

Version 1.4 (December 1, 2020)

Changes and Additions:

  • Renamed the Hunger + Armor + Consuming Time + Durability mode to Detailed Item Names.
  • The Detailed Item Names mode now shows the default attack damage of an unenchanted tool.
  • The Detailed Item Names mode now shows the amount of HP a mob has on their spawn egg.
  • Half Hunger Bars are now put before Full Hunger Bars in Hunger Points Only mode.
  • Removed the Hunger Points + Item Consuming Time mode.
  • This pack now uses completely custom glyphs. This means server descriptions, signs, etc. that contain vanilla glyphs will no longer be messed up, showing the wrong glyph.
  • This pack now requires Minecraft 1.16.0 or above to function.
  • Added a Hunger Points on Food Names section in Profile Settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • The maximum durability shown on the name of the Crossbow item is now 464, instead of 326.
  • The Diamond Axe item name is now translated once again in Ukrainian. 

Known Issues in this Update:

  • If you are using Blocks from Dungeons, Mob Trophies, or any other packs that modify the UI, the Hunger Points on Food Names section in Profile Settings may be overridden, or not show up at all.

Version 1.3 (8th September, 2020)

-More Languages Supported!

  • Danish (Denmark) - Dansk (DA)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - Português (Brasil)
  • Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) - Norsk bokmål (Norge)

-Changes and Additions

  • A new mode in Pack Settings Slider. You can now see the armor points an armor piece gives, and the full durability of an item.
  • "Hunger Points + Time Needed To Consume" mode has been renamed to "Hunger Points + Item Consuming Time".
  • The Hunger Bars in "Hunger Points Only" mode has been flipped to match those found in the hotbar.
  • Tweaked the texture of a Half Hunger Bar to match those found in normal Minecraft.
  • Tweaked the texture of the clock icon in item names.
  • New logo!

-Bug Fixes

  • Fixed parts of Traditional Chinese: Translation in Bedrock Edition is of Low Quality (MCPE-61166) (Minecraft Bug)

Version 1.2 (26th August, 2020)

-More Languages Supported!

  • Español (México)
  • Français (France)
  • 日本語 (日本)
  • Русский (Россия)
  • 简体中文
  • Українська (Україна)

-Additions and Changes

  • A slider in Pack Settings, introducing an optional feature. You can now choose to see the time needed to eat a food item! (Suggested by @Koton_Bads)

-Bug Fixes

  • Changed the decimal dot "." to be a comma "," in some languages.

Version 1,1 (24th August, 2020)

-More Languages Supported!

  • Español (España)
  • Italiano (Italia)
  • 한국어 (대한민국)
  • 繁體中文


  • Added an icon for half a hunger bar, replacing "+0.5" in item names.

-Bug Fixes

  • Raw Mutton, Cooked Mutton, and Enchanted Apple items now show the amount of hunger points.



1. When activating this pack, put it in your Global Resources, and under any other packs that changes the names of items.

2. You are not allowed to re-distribute this pack anywhere else. If you are showcasing this pack, please put the link to this page and credit me. You are not allowed to set up a new download link!

3. You should always backup your world once in a while when playing. I am not responsible for any loss.

4. This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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  1. Atlas4 says:

    Is it supposed to display the durability a tool is at or just it’s total durability?

  2. TheMCGuy213 says:

    This is a pretty useful texture pack, but also add status effexts and maybe, just maybe add specific enchantment icons, like helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots for protection,
    sharpness for swords and axes, power for bows, channeling for tridents, aqua affinity for helmets, unbreaking for neutral, efficiency for picks, axes, shovels and hoes, etc. pretty cool and also useful if you add these,

  3. witherslayer895 says:

    I’ve always wanted something like this

  4. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Cool 💙💙💙

  5. Sunbun1232 says:

    Can is use this in my Texture Pack ? Btw I will give you Credit.

  6. HSx450 says:

    Why does mine not showing the Food point?

  7. Foury4545 says:

    When using a tool/weapon is it suppose to show how much durability it has when using?

  8. the mob eggs show the hunger bar icon instead of the heart icon, the weapons dont show the weapon icon

  9. AirCactus705024 says:

    I love this Pack❤️

  10. SlothHelmet83 says:

    Is it possible that you can make a armor hud or compass?

  11. DolphinGaming11 says:

    Why does it say I need to make a back up of my world with the resources pack? That makes no sense! And the damage on weapons are off by 1 attack damage.

    • You should always backup your world regardless of what pack you’re using. The attack damage on tools are not off by 1, for example the diamond sword is “+7 attack damage” that means it does 8. it adds onto your fist damage

  12. TXOG says:

    I think my tiny brain can finally comprehend the craziness that is Minecraft … Jk. It is a cool texture pack tho.

  13. F10zon says:

    i hve question will this sometimes corrupt our world bc that would be bad i have a world which is very good i dont want to lose it

  14. AngeloWanted says:

    Very Useful!

  15. ItzEclipzez says:

    Does it work on mcpe 1.16.200?

  16. ThatOneGuyOnMCPEDL says:

    Ayee. I have a question. Does this pack work with other addons for food. I want to use this for my survival word with more foods so i just wanted ti check if it works with addons so that I don’t mess up my packs later on. Great Job on the pack my guy. You show lots if promise.

  17. CrazyBomb227 says:

    could you please add food saturations?

  18. How Do You Type The Custom Glyphs?

  19. Tambi48 says:

    Hi, will you consider adding attack damage please? I love the pack, keep up the good work

  20. Minelogic says:

    I’m just wondering how did you even get the hunger bar on text thing.

  21. Vaid says:

    Ay BrUh My WoRlD iS gone!!111!!1 in all jokes very awesome addon

  22. This is a really cool idea. But what more will u add in the pack for future updates.

  23. Vandare says:

    Can you add tools durability?

  24. BlueFalconHD says:

    Ok I have a question. How did you make those symbols. Like how did you make them show up, because I have been trying to make custom symbols. Also, how did you rename the items without an Addon?

  25. Ftere says:

    What about putting the half Hunger point before the full ones, like in the player Hunger bar?

  26. XPEggs says:

    That is so good!

  27. Zgoly says:

    Ia russian spasibo for translate ia drink vodka and delaiu a party!!1

  28. Ender_Philip says:

    I like it nice or should i say GREAT job

  29. Sakiann says:

    it is very good that they added the Ukrainian language

  30. BunnyPip says:

    Noice, but doesn’t perfect yet:>

  31. SteakEater1234 says:

    This is so cool! I play on mobile and wish I could use vanilla tweaks

    • Lord_Khufu says:

      There’s bedrock tweak and they already included this in their website, sure it’s un-offcial but it’s might worth a try, just search bedrock tweak on the search bar

      • Shirocraft says:

        oh i remember, bedrock tweaks are made by FoxyNoTail or Xisumavoid of MC:Bedrock but i am not sure i will use it or not xD anyways nice addon

        • Jargon97 says:

          There’s a Bedrock Vanilla Tweaks page on Github. It ports a lot of the things from the Vanilla Tweaks website to Bedrock. FoxyNoTail has also made stuff that mimics the things from Vanilla Tweaks, but the Github page is more dedicated. They both make great stuff. Keep in mind that the Bedrock Vanilla Tweaks page on Github doesn’t have every single tweak.

  32. CocoTero says:

    Why Spain Spanish? we need neutral spanish

  33. Attarizky says:

    Hey dude ,I found bug. the cooked mutton is not showing it’s hunger point. srry with my bad english

  34. SpoonySimone says:

    The idea is really cool, but it doesnt work for me.

  35. is this a revamp from bedrock tweaks?

  36. Alberto117 says:

    Not Work In Realms! 🙁

  37. AgentParadox says:

    might not be possible …

  38. BunnyPip says:

    Pls change the half hunger point (0.5+)into a half image hunger point icon

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