Hyra Shaders PE

Feel the realistic graphics that will spoil your eyes when playing MCPE using Hyra Shaders. With beautiful coloring and lighting, you will feel the world of Minecraft will become a reality. This Shader is available in several variants namely Ultra, High, Medium and Low so you can choose according to the capabilities of the device you are using.

Note :

This Is Shaders Only Support For Minecraft Mobile v1.14+

Screenshot :

Videos :

Features :

  • Realistic Color
  • Foggy Rain
  • Beautiful Night Sky & Star
  • Realistic Cloud (Based on Bicubic High with permission from @bicubic7)
  • Realistic Water (Based on Seus PE with permission from @GFPcoder)
  • Leaves move
  • Sun and moon (Based on Bicubic with permission from @bicubic7)

Supported Platforms :

  • Android
  • iOS (I Don’t know it’s work or not i don’t have iOS)

Tested On :

  • Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
  • Samsung Galaxy A10
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime
  • Realme 5
  • Redmi note 7

Credits :

Changelog View more
  • Add Fake Cloud Reflection On Water (Ultra)
  • New Coloring World
  • Ray sun effect only on water
  • Add Fake Cloud Reflection On Water (Ultra)
  • New Coloring World
  • Ray sun effect only on water
  • Add Fake Cloud Reflection On Water (Ultra)
  • New Coloring World
  • Ray sun effect only on water
  • Add Fake Cloud Reflection On Water (Ultra)
  • New Coloring World
  • Ray sun effect only on water
  • Add Fake Cloud Reflection On Water (Ultra)
  • New Coloring World
  • Ray sun effect only on water
  • Add fake cloud reflection on water
  • New Cloud
  • Underwater caustic effect


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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85 Responses

4.73 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. BugFixerForiPad says:

    If you’re experiencing invisible world issues, try this method..
    NOTE = This shader is not for windows 10
    1. Download the .mcpack file.
    2. Go to files app and copy the file.
    3. Paste the file into notes
    4.Long press on the file and select share Minecraft and let it Import

  2. Camperito says:

    For me its the best shader for the bedrock edition, the only flaw I could find its the way it lags when you look up underwater, after that there’s nothing wrong

  3. William Risse says:

    Hey can you make a Zip file I have an Xbox one… And would like to create a horror map with this shader I will credit you…

  4. Dystrom says:

    I love the images (just for that 3 stars) but i doesn´t work, i chose ultra because i´m on w10 but when i use it, it looks like that i´m using a x-ray pack but i can nly see mobs

  5. Guest-6741945729 says:

    I absolitely love this shaders but I feel ghe light from torches is too orange. Can you let me (and tell me) what attribute do I need to change in the code ro make the rgb less orange?
    Thabk you in advance.

  6. Guest-9116575824 says:

    hi i need help .-. so i got the pack and when i load into the world all the blocks have black lines all over them???

  7. Guest-1384494917 says:

    Love the shader, and i have suggestion for this shader, can you add sun beam and gradient? Because it look better if you add it. Thank you 🙂

  8. Guest-2848672368 says:

    Can you add gradient even not raining?, coz it look better.

  9. Guest-7492604406 says:

    How to download:
    Click any of the links
    Scroll down and wait 10 seconds
    Click download
    Import it to Minecraft

  10. Guest-5436490281 says:

    Can you please add Player Shadow? BTW nice shader keep up the good work!!

  11. Guest-1209234795 says:

    make this mediafire please i really want it but idk how without mediafire

  12. Guest-2353664278 says:

    can l launch it on chinese mc version?
    your shade is so beautiful

  13. Guest-3189925688 says:


  14. Guest-5664170432 says:

    the blocks are invisible in the shaders does not appear on the map

  15. Guest-6041158647 says:

    I love the shader mostly when it rain because when you look closely in every blocks you can easily notice how realistic the lightening effect, but sadly it only works when it rains.

  16. Guest-4254929048 says:

    How do you download it?

  17. Guest-6214434752 says:

    Hey can you fix the static affect on the blocks, other than that I love the shader

  18. Guest-4926985187 says:


  19. Guest-9565030698 says:


  20. iLloydGM says:

    Supported in Win10?

  21. Guest-4058500241 says:

    Your cool

  22. Guest-9982684329 says:

    Your cool

  23. Guest-3041030767 says:

    this shader serves on windows 10?

  24. Guest-4001652217 says:

    Support for Windows 10 perhaps? any chance?

  25. Guest-8703138739 says:

    Im having problems with it:
    There seems to be a bug that has me irritated by it, the blocks seems to have like black particles flickering on it, underwater some of the blocks have stripes instead of particles
    I’m using a OPPO A5s and the shaders are ultra

  26. Guest-5309307956 says:

    Can u make this compatible with xbox plz?

  27. JasonBourne051 says:

    Hello. I love this shader, best one I’ve used. But, can you please add motion blur?

  28. GogMode says:

    Hello, can I reprint your work on mc Chinese version?

  29. Guest-1941828057 says:

    Not gonna lie, the shaders is great and probably the current best mcpe shaders you could ever find. But, there is this one problem most mcpe shaders does have: the colour white is too bright (and looks too unrealistic for the snowy biomes). Maybe, you could fix that bitsy problem and decrease the brightness for white coloured blocks for the sake of eyes?

  30. Guest-9946566012 says:

    Can anyone confirm this works on xbox one?
    I am going to try it tomorrow and if I remember I will update my comment

  31. Guest-5866686227 says:

    It works on IOS!I played it on iPad mini 2 and it worked beautifully!!

  32. Guest-4604680525 says:

    Blocks are quite weird on my ipad with a12 SoC. I don’t know if apple moved away from powervr or still use them but yeah..just letting you know

  33. Guest-9066691506 says:

    I can not download the pac

  34. Guest-3577208218 says:

    hey can i have a permission to make a video of this on youtube ?

    i will credits you

  35. Guest-6175518426 says:

    (※ My English is so bad. I`m sorry.)

    Probably, look down in underwater + reduction drawing extent = load off.
    But, look up in underwater + drawing sky = load on.
    look up in underwater + reduction drawing sky = load off.

    please update.

  36. Guest-6004151623 says:

    bad its not for Windows 10, i really want it in my pc!!! please work on it

  37. AlexisJayGamer12 says:

    I like it 🙂

  38. Guest-1506943576 says:

    Hey,dear author.This shader is really cool.But could you please not forget your another great work—-Zebra Shaders.It is more friendly to low device though it has some terrible bugs waiting to be fixed now.
    (This shader also has some bugs.)

  39. Guest-2529374009 says:

    Its cool

  40. Lord_Khufu says:

    The underwater lightning thing really lagging out my game, is there anyway to delete that and also there’s some weird dark thing just glitching on the blocks when i’m playing, can you fix that as well ? I wish this website allow to post pictures because it’s hard to explain what it is without picture, do you have discord or something, i’ll show you that, i’m using Ipad air 2 btw

  41. Guest-2062719219 says:

    Va bastante lento en low devices :c estaría bien optimizarlo ya que es un gran shader!

  42. Guest-4788792582 says:

    This is a good shaders but dont work on ios 🙁
    I tried a lot of shaders and all of these show me a white screen
    Ipad air 2

  43. Guest-8980248884 says:


  44. Guest-1766728884 says:

    Did you just copy Bicubic v.7 and GFP Coders code and cram it into this?

  45. Guest-1766728884 says:

    Did you just copy Bicubic v.7 and GFP Coders code and cram it into this??

  46. Guest-9812627458 says:

    This shader is really nice but there is 2 problems. 1. There is weird pixels in the side of blocks. 2. When I’m not looking at the sun and then I look at it the sunlight appears instantly there is no animation which is weird…

  47. Guest-5239527422 says:

    What world are you using because I want it.

  48. Guest-9194103932 says:

    *cries in w10*

  49. Hamox says:

    Hello i am willing to download this shader, i have 2 gb ram so what version do you recommend

  50. Guest-9637612263 says:

    hello dev, i have a small problem with your shader (i only tested ultra and high only). There are these weird pixels on the sides of the blocks(not the top nor bottom sides) and whenever i go to a certain angle, those pixels also move as well and stops whenever i stop. I can send you some screenshots but i must dm you on discord
    Device im using is iPhone 7 and yeah, i do read descriptions, im just curious whether if it works or not lol

  51. Guest-9890772863 says:

    yah,bikin buat win10 bang,bagus soalnya kalo diliat dari ss-an(kalo misalkan gapunya,minjem ama temen atau gmn lah bang

  52. ilyalisPVP says:

    i want whis in windows 10 edition PLS

  53. ilyalisPVP says:

    i want whis in windows 10 edition PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  54. Liam TDP says:

    Hey amazing shader Its looks so amazing Its like a Java shader Also does this shader lnesds a high end device It will be cool if you make a version for low end device

  55. Guest-8784451289 says:

    Good but i don’t like the cloud it makes my game lags a lot! But overall it’s was pretty amazing i recommend the parallax shader cloud it is very suitable.

  56. Guest-4518425569 says:

    akhirnya ada juga di mcpedl,
    btw kapan buat powerVR

  57. Zach Marc says:

    Looks good! Good job devs! Or dev idk
    Btw FIRST!

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