Ice and Fire Inspired Forging Pack

The ice and fire mod for Java edition has nice weapons, and I really wanted to see them in Bedrock edition. 


Approved by Raptorfarian, known from the development of the orgininal Java ice and fire mod.

This addon is probably not as good as other addon you would see today.

Discord screenshots aren’t enough, so here’s a link to a PUBLICALLY ACESSIBLE tweet by raptor. I know you admins are just doing your job, so here’s what you asked for: 

See here, Raptorfarian told me I could upload the pack. I did not rip assets from the original ice and fire mod because there’s no fun in that.

Evert tool, weapon, block and armor in this pack is designed by me and not a version of a similiar weapon in ice and fire. I let raptorfarian check my work and he told me it’s different enough.

First of all, this only a resource pack. This means you can still have achievements with this on. Disclaimer: Names will only change if you enable the language English (US). I tried to do UK too, but for some reason it didn’t work.


Gold armor = Thunder Dragonscale Armor

Iron armor= Frost Dragonscale Armor

Diamond armor = Flame Dragonscale Armor

This counts for all materials;

Iron = Frost/Frozen

Gold = Energetic/Thunder/Electric

Diamond = Fire/Flame/Scorched

You actually have a reason to wear golden armor now, since it looks good. (In my opinion, gold armor looks better than diamond armor in vanilla minecraft, but who am I?) 


Gold ore has changed to a purple texture, and the gold block is now… different.

Gold ingots are now Energetic Steelscales, Diamonds are now Scorched Steelscales and iron ingots are now Frozen Steelscales.

Also, you can get volt and frost residue by smelting energetic steelscale items and frozen steelscale items.

The iron ore and gold ore got their own make-overs, and their blocks have been changed t0o.


This is the Drakeflame furnace.

It’s just a blast furnace but retextured.

Now you might be curious to what that shovel like tool in my inventory is, huh? 

I’m going to show that later. First:


The normal tools have been replaced with these drakebone tools! (And yes, I was too lazy to actually give each armor item an original texture.) 

Pickaxes are still pickaxes, shovels are spades, but that’s basicly the same thing, axes are now double sides, and hoes are now hammers. Why? Because in a forging addon/texture pack, you need atleast ONE hammer. They still function like hoes, so have fun stomping your wheat fields.


The thing I started with!

There’s that mysterious shovel again….

I have replaced the swords with different swords! I’m not going to tell the names, because they’re not simply called “steelscale swords”. I wanted to give them unique names, which you can always change with an anvil.

Let’s talk about that shovel, or should I say…



It replaces the trident, and actually looks pretty good on drowned.

Works like a trident, looks like a spear.

I’ve always wanted spears in minecraft!

This thing is actually a whole new model, since the trident is not actually your typical minecraft texture, so I had to edit it in blockbench.

This was my first actual addon, and I want to give special thanks to Aiden on Creeper’s addon making discord server for helping me out on a few things for this addon.

If you want to see me in minecraft, in a realm called Kingdom of Solaris, I can be found as one of the residents of a town called Scavenge Town. I may not be online, but I built an arena and tower there.

I’m also on the ice and fire discord server, and the cracked cubes discord server.

If you want to edit this addon (I do not allow to publish it.), please message me on discord or twitter.


Changelog View more

-Added PUBLICALLY ACESSIBLE PROOF, as you asked from me. I hope my addon can finally be uploaded to mcpedl.

-Added a note that states this is not a port. Please change your tweet, MCPEDL. You're making we look like a lazy bastard who reuses premade textures.


For XBOX, download UFO .transfer and turn on an app boundry option, I don't know which one though. Open in file explorer, go to packages, go to minecraft UWP console, localstate, games, com.mojang, resource packs, go to your resource pack, copy the resource pack, press b to return and paste it in the resource packs folder.

Restart minecraft, and you should be able to use it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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24 Responses

4.14 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-2198934919 says:

    Can u make dragons with this like replace horses and make them be ab,e to fly

  2. Michael_the_minecraftplayer says:

    does the armor have more defence and the swords have more damage

  3. Anonymous says:

    Undertale fan nice

  4. If anyone wants the dragons, download the mountains++ addon by legitdragonboy bc his addon has the ice&fire fire dragon

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love this but it is not really an add on, more of a texture pack. It is still really good

  6. Comphurtzone says:

    The link isn’t bringing me to mediafire, without it I can’t copy link. I’m on Xbox.

  7. Alex says:

    Wow it’s does work but I would like it if the diamond & gold would be there too (swords, armor etc)

    • I would too, but on the plus side you can use it with achievements. You can’t make custom armor yet, so I may need help from a bunch of experienced coders in the future if I want to revamp this add-on.

  8. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    Hello good add-on but need some improvements, a question do you plan to add to the dragons of ice and fire? (I could help you with the models and textures, the only problem would be that I don’t know how to make animations for bedrock, what do you say you want my help? I also do add-on but simple)

    • Well if we could meet on Discord we could try and work out some designs.
      I want to expand on this texture pack as a seperate dragon add-on for bedrock edition, with more original ideas. I would gladly appreciate this help.
      I’m not much of a coder or a modeller, but I can do a bit of concept art and texturing.
      We could ask experienced animators and coders from Cracked Cubes to help, since I already am discussing a bit there over a possible “Project DrächenHohle”.

  9. Maxilito1546 says:

    Finally! Someone made a resource pack replaceing the trident with a spear
    Though i have a problem because i want to use the spear texture but. I dont want to use the Malin texture pack on offense tis a realy good job i realy like it. But i dont want to rebuild My entire map because i want some realy nice fishing Spears. (Sorry i realy dont want to be rude. And I’m realy Sry that pepole fall tihs a port When tis realy not)

  10. Alexandru Petrescu says:

    Also could you add mobs from the java mod pls

  11. raven says:

    totally a port

  12. Namcn says:

    You can create dragon (animation), it very good

  13. I would like to say I made these designs myself and textured them myself. Raptor is not responsible for the creation of this pack, nor is this pack a port. Please don’t label my addon as a port, MCPEDL.

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