Ice Spike Biome, Stronghold Village & Igloo

This seed will spawn just right next to a medium sized ice spike biome. If you walk around (or through) the biome you will reach a village with a blacksmith and a stronghold. There’s also an igloo located right next to the village and under it you will find a secret basement. It’s a pretty cool and useful seed for survival mode.

Found by: TelepathicGruntTwitter Account


Turn around (180 degrees) as soon as you’ve spawned and continue walking in that direction until you reach an ice spike biome. Then walk straight through (or around) that biome you find the village.

The village is fused into the ice spikes biome and it includes features such as a blacksmith and a stronghold. You can access the stronghold by digging under the well.

The blacksmith includes some really sweet loot: 3 diamonds, 1 iron helmet, 1 iron sword and 1 saddle.

Right next to the village there’s an igloo. Break the carpets inside the igloo to find the hidden trapdoor which leads down into a basement.

Down in the basement you will find a chest with some food items but also two mobs locked up behind iron bars.


  • Spawn: X: 1152, Y: 67, Z: 8
  • Ice Spike/Stronghold Village/Basement Igloo combo: X: 920, Y: 66, Z: -320
  • Portal Room: X: 940, Y: 21, Z: -350
  • Dungeon 1: X: 933, Y: 54, Z: -314
  • Dungeon 2: X: 916, Y: 45, Z: -305
  • Igloo stuck inside a Ravine: X: 1331, Y: 60, Z: -716
  • Igloo: X: 1245, Y: 70, Z: 108
  • Village: X: 1400, Y: 69, Z: 360
  • Double Dungeon: X: 1146, Y: 41, Z: -1119

Seed: -995426411

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46 Responses

4.34 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. angel icy says:

    wow so cool

  2. Conor says:

    How do u activate it do you just type it in the seed by the way my first time doing this

  3. NotTfue(really..) says:

    IT GOOD!

  4. SparklzDino says:

    Does this work on MCPE

  5. denisdaily says:

    best seed in my life

  6. Boo says:

    What’s the seed?

  7. Anthony says:

    Great Seed!

  8. Hacker says:

    It’s not letting me teleport to the places I want to go 🙁

  9. Srijan says:

    Coooooo XD

  10. minecraft says:

    thx I got two name tags

  11. Ms.Unicorno says:

    This world looks coooooooooooooooooool

  12. Kty says:

    Gggggggggooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!,!,!,!,!!,!!!?????,,!! Yessssssssssss

  13. Anonymous says:

    what is the seed

  14. BugReporter says:

    There is a bug that makes the clouds turn into black static and ruin the performance of the game.

  15. JakerDaLaker says:

    This is an amazing seed. I have checked it out, it is awesome. You are awesome.

  16. Riccardo Cerroni says:

    Something in the nether ? I cant fine anything !

  17. Gasboss775 says:

    Today I was in the double dungeon in this world and spotted something very unusual and pretty rare I assume. A baby zombie villager on the back of a regular zombie. I have a screenshot but this thing doesn’t let you attach images to your messages.

  18. Gasboss775 says:

    Some more discoveries from this seed.

    Skeleton Dungeon ( 2 chests ) : 862, 18, -291

    3rd Village ( oak ) : -553, 72, 999

    Mega Taiga Biome : -1008, 71, 1004

  19. Gasboss775 says:

    Great seed. There is a red igloo near the first village located @ 884, 70, -323

  20. Anonymous says:

    Its a nice seed but……. There wasn’t diamonds or a saddle in the blacksmith and under the igloo was a cave 🙁 idk why that is it might be because I have 1.2.9

    • I am on 1.2.9 as well.

      I know that Chests will sometimes glitch and change loot so that’s something we can’t control.

      Though, the Igloo in the Village should have a Basement. Break all the white carpet in the Igloo to find a Trapdoor to the Basement.

      Try making a new world with this seed and see if it works this time. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Gasboss775 says:

      I generated with the seed in 1.2.8. In the igloo @ 1245 70 108 there was no secret room for me either. In the igloo at the village closer to spawn @ 884 70 -323 there was the secret room. There was also a cave near to the secret room with a Skeleton dungeon with 2 chests @ 862 18 -291

  21. Hi says:

    OMG I found some really creepy stuff in this world. It freaked me out…

  22. martinwang9 says:

    On the iOS edition, there are 2 village igloos located next to each other, which is really neat. Not sure if the 2nd igloo has a basement though…

  23. Ikoooo says:

    thx a looooot bro !

  24. Connor says:

    It’s a great seed definitely try it out a great survival world

  25. Jayden Lloyd says:

    This maybe the best seed ever…

  26. Creepmental says:

    This Is my First Time Exploring igloo in minecraft thanks to the editor

  27. Bob says:

    Horrible I couldn’t find anything

  28. AwesomeNinja886 says:

    Awesome! (First comment lol)

  29. River mckimmey says:

    This is so cool

  30. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. I needed a new survival world to play on.

  31. BATMAN VIETNAM says:


  32. KraZmoonie21 says:

    This is great and all, but I’m wondering if you could post the Minectaft Story Mode skins that were shown in Vinny’s Skin Pack. Could you? Please?

  33. Anonymous says:

    That’s a cool seed the only problem is its not right at spawn but other than that Good Find! 👍

  34. EndLord says:

    Awesome seed! Good for a survival world!

  35. Erikminecrafter says:

    Exactly what I needed,

  36. Oh I may had forgot to include a link to my YouTube video of this seed when submitting it here. Oops!

    Here’s the YouTube video preview of this seed:

    Enjoy! And thank you for featuring this seed Editior! 😀

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