Ice Spikes and Igloo at Spawn Seed (1.12.0)

In this seed, you will spawn on a hilltop above a snowy biome. You will spawn in a forest above a snowy plain. If you walk across the snow at a slightly right angle, you will encounter a ice spike biome a few hundred blocks from spawn. Also, in the other direction in the snow biome, there is a floating Igloo, which you can see from spawn.


around 724 74 5


645 64 -68


658, 64, 42

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Fixed some typos in the intro. 

Span - spawn

Fixed a weirdly worded sentence:

Being you will spawn in a forest - You will spawn in a forest above a snowy plain.

Seed ID

survivalseed001 OR 2084633890

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5 Responses

3.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. meme_kid says:

    nice map but i used TNT to find the secret lab under it but its not there. Why

  2. Guest-5963420217 says:

    When I mine in survival the blocks don’t show up. Nice world but please update I can’t use it if I can’t mine.

  3. CODEX! says:

    Halo I lik tis mep! (my english is fine i am just being funny XD) ( I actually said: Hello, I like this map!)

  4. ash says:

    this is awsome

  5. Jojopetv says:

    Unofortunately it’s an Igloo without a secret lab to heal a zombie and make him a villager again. Cool that it’s floating though

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