Ice Warrior Boss Addon

This addon introduces a new boss to the game, The Ice Warrior. This add-on is for people who think that the bosses in minecraft is just a piece of cake. This new boss is powerful enough to beat the Wither! Definetly a hard boss to beat!


Ice Warrior

  • The Ice Warrior is the boss of this addon. With 440 hearts (880 health!) and 9 hearts(18 health points)  of damage, this is not an easy boss to beat ( I recommend drinking the Ice Warrior’s Essence before fighting this boss).
  • Hits you with slowness effect that lasts for a minute.
  • Occasionally summons 6 ice warrior minions ,6 ice archers, and Ice Spikes.
  • Now has a new SPECIAL ATTACK.
  • It randomly teleports.
  • It attacks monsters, undead mobs, iron golems, illagers, and of course, players.
  • If defeated, he drops 5-64 diamonds, 32-64 blue ice, and drops his sword, FROSTBITE

Ice Warrior Minion

  • A helpful aid of the Ice Warrior.
  • It has 6.5 hearts(13 health points) and does 1 heart (2 health points) of damage.
  • With every hit you take from it, you get the wither effect.
  • Drops 1-5 Impure Ice Fragments.

Ice Warrior Archer

  • t has 5 hearts (10 health points) and shoots ice projectiles.
  • The ice projectiles do 5 hearts (10 health points) of damage and explodes on impact.



  • This Sword is dropped by the Ice Warrior.
  • With this sword, you do 25 hearts (50 health points) of damage!

Impure Ice Fragment 

  • Dropped by Ice Warrior Minions and is used to craft a 5o% Complete Ice Fragment

50% Complete Ice Fragment

  • This is crafted using 2 Impure Ice Fragments and is used to craft a Pure Ice Fragment

Pure Ice Fragment

  • This is crafted using 2 50% complete Ice Fragments and is uses to craft the Ice Warrior’s Essence.

Ice Warrior’s Essence

  • This item is crafted using 8 pure ice fragments and 1 glass bottle. Drink this potion to get a power-up ( resistance, fire resistance, regeneration, strength, and absorption. ).


/summon blue:ice_warrior

/summon blue:ice_warrior_minion

/summon blue:ice_warrior_archer

/summon blue:special_attack

/summon generate:ice_spike

/give @p blue:frostbite

/give @p blue:ice_warrior_fragment_impure

/give @p blue:ice_warrior_fragment_50

/give @p blue:ice_warrior_fragment_pure

/give @p blue:ice_warrior_essence

( This addon would not be possible without my friends, Julian Valdez {Character Creation}, Timothy Wu {Powers and Abilities}, and Kyle Matthew Tan {Coloring Artist}. )

Changelog View more

-Further explained description

-Changed Feature image

-Changed the ice warrior's sword to Frostbite

- Ice Warrior now has new abilities ( teleportation and summoning ice spikes)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 (beta) 1.9

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5 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Blocky Gamer says:

    Love the new update but because the boss has the ability to teleport he teleports into caves witch makes him impossible to fight because you can’t find him

  2. Blocky Gamer says:

    Not only should you add in the new textures I mentioned earlier but also a way to summon the boss in survival for example you can craft his spawn egg witch has an ice block texture that looks a bit different and spawn him in. When you use the spawn egg a giant block of ice with him in it will spawn (this will be an entity ofc) then you punch the ice and then he will spawn. The crafting recipe for the spawn could be a nether start surrounded by 8 pieces of blue ice

  3. Blocky Gamer says:

    This is super cool but you should change the texture as it’s a bit weird try this texture for the boss and for the other mobs like the warriors change the texture to something else so it doesn’t look the same try something like this

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