Icebergs At Spawn Seed

Icebergs are one of the most interesting features added to Minecraft. Ice mountains are floating in the water. They are unique features that make your gameplay more and more enjoyable. 

Icebergs at spawn, if you go further you will find small snowy taiga forest

Here you go, it’s small 

If you turn right and go a little further, you will find a village

A little village for a good start, but you have to swim a lot to reach it

On your right will be many small islands, where you can get wood and other resources

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  1. Guest-5651061806 says:

    It’s on on phone or iPad. So it has the button to control it.

  2. Guest-7809222927 says:

    What is the button texture pack u are using

  3. Guest-6632282532 says:

    What is that buttons Addon called

  4. Guest-1726762608 says:

    What’s the texture pack

  5. Guest-9755800572 says:

    nice seed bro

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