Iceologer Add-On

In The Iceologer Add-On, it adds a new mob from Minecraft Dungeons and could be the new voted mob for minecraft that they recently announced for October 3rd (during Minecraft Live). It is part of the illager team that spawns in the snowy biomes at night time and will throw these ice blocks at it’s targets such as villagers, iron golems, players, and snow golems! This is an illager that you dont wanna mess with if you are up for the challenge!


A illager mob that is powerful with its iceblocks which is used for its targets! It spawns in snow biomes at night time and killing it will drop some emeralds along with blue ice and snow blocks, It will also summon ice on top of their targets.

Health 30 (15 hearts)

(Naming the Iceologer “Chillager” will change it’s texture)

This was the Original texture which was changed at last minute

Why Should PC player’s Have All The Fun?

We Have Made This Addon PC And IOS/Android Compatible


Want to Join The Community?

Discord: Panedwards#0001

Discord Server:




Changelog View more
Added Socials

and Fixed Text Style

Added Socials

IOS/ANDROID can play aswell

Fixed some Text Errors

Iceologer has a new attack using iceblocks on top of their targets!

Iceologer will now give xp if killed.

Added a new variant to Iceologer


1. "Optional" If you still have the old versions of this add-on, please remove it on the minecraft storage settings!

1. Download The Add-On

2. Apply the packs for a world

3. Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions


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60 Responses

4.7 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. El esqueleto Shitpostero says:

    good addon I loved it

  2. Red Fan says:

    Could you please fix the bug where it makes the vanilla illagers passive, make it so that there hostile to golems, and replace the potion particle effects with snow particle effects if possible?

  3. dht255 says:

    The addon is great and it works perfectly in Realms. The nametag detail surprised me, its the first time that I see this function in an addon, you should take advantage of it in more projects.

  4. Mayomanitshere says:

    cancel dream
    he ruined the mob vote

  5. AThousandSunny54 says:

    We lost but atleast we have this add-on dream rigged the voting

  6. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    sadly this won’t be added into vanilla because we lost, and its all because of Dream! #canceldream

  7. Charon says:

    Can I repost your mod to the MCBBS forum in China, MCBBS is the largest Minecraft forum in China, I will attach your mcpedl address to let them download it at mcpedl

  8. NCDev Aka Uxusk says:

    My new favorite addon, tysm for making this even though it will never be added soon :CRY:

  9. MMalkeK says:

    we losed, my friend

  10. Chez12333 says:

    Could you make a version that only has the MCD attack ?

  11. Chez12333 says:

    Could you make a version that only has the MCD attack

  12. EbonypoolYT says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for creating this addon, it is exactly what I needed for my video. You’re an amazing creator, this is exactly what the iceologer was supposed to be like. Great job 10/10 would recommend!

  13. RedTron3007 says:

    i knew it, you just have to vote for glow squid EVEN THE CHIBI GUYS DONT WANT TO they are corret! glow squids are distracting!

  14. Never coming to minecraft rip all because of dream and his simps. #blamedream

  15. BrickBoss24 says:

    Guys glow squid won. NOOOOOOO!

  16. CubeMaster says:

    Not talking about the add-on but: EVERYONE today is the day, Vote Iceologer!

  17. Prinxz says:

    hey bro i just wanna let you know the mod is super good! keep doin’ the good stuffs.
    btw, i reviewed it on my channel! ” Prinxz “

  18. RoboWolfUwU says:

    They Summon Blocks Not Throw Blocks

  19. Hellopeople1300 says:


  20. Creeperfan1985 says:


  21. CubeMaster says:


  22. VolitiveDawn475 says:

    Can you please make it available at the marketplace because the link is not working for me amd if not then can someone tell me how to get this without the link

  23. LightningBad says:

    MCPEDl you are the best

  24. LightningBad says:

    Awesome addon

  25. Kirby420 says:

    I like that it is not a straight copy of their behavior from dungeons. However, a single ice block looks odd.

  26. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:


  27. Pheo9 says:

    please vote moobloom! hes adorable!!!

  28. GamingBombOmbPlYs says:

    I love this addon! but fix this, instead of the iceologist playing ice he does a magic trick and throws ice on his head, he throws 2 seconds the ice on his head but counting fast he plays it in 4 seconds, please fix it

  29. Panedwards says:

    who wants more powers for him or just that one?

  30. Este complemento en mi opinión creo que es una copia de otro llamado MC live 2020 no se si es realmente una copia pero si no es así pido disculpas al creador de este add-on

  31. RedTron3007 says:

    can finnaly do ice mobs then!

  32. RedTron3007 says:


  33. yeetle beetle says:

    WHY WOULD U WANT A SQUID THAT GLOWS?!?!?!?!??!?!??!? ICE EVIL ILLAGER IS WAY COOLER hehe get it ICE ologer get it? DO U NOT GET IT!?!??!?!?!?!?!

  34. my_crafting says:


  35. my_crafting says:

    Moobloom Concept please 🥺

  36. Panek999 says:

    Make a glow squid concept please!!!

  37. SelenGus says:

    Dude this is awesome 👍 but when he killed me.. text said.. blaa blaa was shot by arrow?

  38. Nicholo Rodel M Presco says:

    Make illusioner from minecraft dungeon

  39. DevastatorX5 says:

    Nice addon maybe You can make Mobs from dungeons and Minecon Live I would love the Frog or the Vulture or even the Ostrich.

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