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What does an old train, a lucky block and a hamster cage have in common? Absolutely nothing. The idea of IdeaCraft is to add anything which is unusual but can in some way be beneficial for the gameplay. There are lots of fun items to explore besides the ones mentioned and some of them are even quite useful. The gravity gun and jet pack are two such examples.

Creator: ElvinDevs (Twitter), Randomdudesz (Twitter), MedoTEM (Twitter)

How to get the items?

All of the blocks can be easily obtained in-game by using the following text command: /giveidea

If you rather use crafting recipes then we’ve listed all of them further down on this page.

Some of the items act as furniture (e.g. the old train and the 3D bookshelf). Use the Remove Block (ID: 602) to remove it and Rotate Block (ID: 601) to rotate it.

Gravity Gun (ID: 603): The gravity gun can be used on mobs only. Tap once on a mob to pick it up and then tap on it again to release it from your hold.


Hamster Cage (ID: 604): It’s similar to a furniture. Place it down and use it for decorating your house. There is really no other use for it right now.


Jet Pack (ID: 607): Boosts you straight up into the air. Change your active slot to something else to disable it.


Water Bottle (ID: 608): Heals 3 HP.


3D Bookshelf (ID: 609): A furniture which can be used for decorating your home.


Lucky Block (ID: 610): Prepare yourself for madness. Sometimes you are lucky and you get some nice shining armor but your next try might prove more deadly.


Time Freeze (ID: 612), Time Unfreeze (614): Tap on the ground to freeze all nearby mobs. It sure makes killing easy!


Old Train (ID: 613): Spawns an old train. There’s really not much use for it but it looks kind of cool.


Computer (ID: 616): A basic computer which can be used for doing internet searches on Google.


Treasure (ID: 617): The treasure chest is just a furniture. It can’t be opened or destroyed for treasures.


Nerf Gun (ID: 611): A quite harmless weapon. It automatically fires loads of empty shells which cause no damage.


Spawn Hamster (ID: 618): A cute tiny animal. It’s a friendly mob so make sure to treat it nicely!


Spawn Submarine (ID: 619): This is a yellow submarine. You can’t ride it. It will just sit still wherever you place it.


Frozen Boot (ID: 620): It’s supposed to turn water into ice. It didn’t work when I tested it but it will likely be fixed very soon.


Yellow TNT (ID: 621): Use a flint and steel to ignite the TNT. Causes a big explosion.


Orange TNT (ID: 622): Get a flint and steel and use it to ignite the TNT. This one causes a large explosion.


Green TNT (ID: 624): The TNT can be ignited with flint and steel. This TNT block will cause an explosion fixed to a strict squared area.


Black TNT (ID: 624): The black TNT works similar to the other ones, ignite it with flint and steel to cause an epic explosion.


Spawn Girl (ID: 625): These girls can all be spawned using the same spawn egg. You can’t interact with them currently.


Creepers will now look different as they will spawn with different textures. Each creeper also explodes differently, such as the orange creeper will drop carrots and the blue creeper will drop water.

creepers-1 creepers-2

Bats now spawn with different textures. Some will look like flying mini pigs and others like endermen.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Road Blocks (33, 34) – 1 cyan stained clay + 1 gray stained clay
  • Road Blocks (84, 36) – 1 cyan stained clay + 1 white stained clay
  • Rotate Block (601) – 9 design blueprint
  • Remove Block (602) – 9 design blueprint
  • Gravity Gun (603) – 5 iron ingots + 2 design blueprint + 1 fusion core
  • Hamster Cage (604) – 6 light blue stained clay + 3 design blueprint
  • Design Blueprint (605) – 1 oak planks
  • Fusion Core (606) – 5 diamonds + 4 gold ingots
  • Jet Pack (607) – 5 iron ingots + 2 design blueprint + 1 fusion core
  • Water Bottle (608) – 1 potion
  • 3D Bookshelf (609) – 1 bookshelf + 8 design blueprint
  • Lucky Block (610) – 8 gold ingots + 1 design blueprint
  • Nerf Gun (611)
  • Time Freeze (612) – 6 design blueprint + 2 fusion core + 1 clock
  • Time Unfreeze (614) – 6 design blueprint + 2 fusion core + 1 clock
  • Spawn Old Train (613)
  • WiFi (615)
  • Computer (616)
  • Treasure (617)
  • Spawn Hamster (618)
  • Spawn Submarine (619)
  • Frozen Boot (620)
  • Yellow TNT (621)
  • Orange TNT (622)
  • Green TNT (623)
  • Black TNT (624)
  • Spawn Girl (625)

Download (Latest Beta)
Download (Google Play Free)
Download (Google Play Pro $1)

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  1. Doggo says:

    Can you make it so it can support iOS

  2. Kool Kirby says:

    It looks so cool but it wont work on ios pls fix

  3. Migolet99 says:

    Pls download link

  4. Ding says:

    Can you add this for iOS?

  5. Death to fake mods says:

    Elven-bytes is unreachable

  6. Michael says:

    It says elven-bytes is unreachable

  7. Aamir says:

    So you need block launcher

  8. mineMAN says:

    how i can craft the items?

  9. NoobyNoobster says:

    How u download it the direct download takes to long to load.

  10. omegadragon says:

    hey editor does this mod work for kindle fire too or is kindle fire ios

  11. diamndcreeperMG says:

    why can just ios get mods… so mean to ios users

  12. Cool5931 says:

    Can you make it to go to mediafire. Plz

  13. DiamondcreeperMG says:

    Why many things is for android ios shouuld get some more mods and somethink like blocklauncher

  14. GamerGirl says:

    Can You Make This For IOS?? I Really Need It! Please Respond!

  15. Yasir says:

    Llllllleeet me download it

  16. Yasir says:

    LISTEN To lexus25!

  17. Yasir says:


  18. Yasir says:


  19. Yasir says:

    Let me download it!

  20. Yasir says:

    Please let me download the mod with a Apple iPad and let me download it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I beg you 100000000000 times to let me download the mod please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. RIP says:

    When you tested it, did you actually try to EQUIP the boots?

  22. SuperamazingCat says:

    it does it work on windows 10? and i can’t download it it keep’s saying something is attacking or can’t find and i’m not paying 1 dollar for it so?

  23. SeXy GiRl WoW says:

    ok bye then 😂😂😂😭😭😭 I was really joking I’m a boy but bye tho ✋🏻✋🏻

  24. Madison says:

    There’s always a five star!!!!!!!!!

  25. Rachelquiz says:

    I have an iOS if you do it on iOS pls I beg you I will get it pls I beg you

  26. Rachelquiz says:

    Editor I have an iOS can you make it to iOS pls pls pls thx

  27. The Ageek theory says:

    Please make this IOS and make it .mcpack if you could do that I will be grateful 🙂

  28. Huggles says:

    Omg me and my cousins would totally get this if it were iOS pls

  29. TheMagicalCatxD says:

    Editor can you tell me how to make an (add-ons)? please

  30. Doge says:

    It won’t let me get it on iOS

  31. DanSMCraft says:

    The computer is swedish

  32. Tmaster123444 says:

    This can be downloaded for IOS but you need a computer 😀

  33. _Cieana loves mods_ says:

    Dear editor can you update this for iOS cos my sisters wanted and I do too thanks ❤️❤️😘

  34. Acailia_DogLover says:

    Why wont it work I have. Minecraft PE and i have 0.16.2

  35. Patataivan says:

    Pls answer fast

  36. Patataivan says:

    Oh…. and you can put hamsters into cages

  37. Chase says:

    Holy crap!!! I always avoided this mod and ignored it but bro, AMAZING job!! Keep up the good work!!! I also like how its easy to download! Anyway. I’m going to be on block launcher for like….. Ten days! Bye

  38. Katy says:

    Does it work on IOS??? Please reply fast.

  39. Professor Emerald says:

    What are the pingbacks? When i click it nothing shows up, what does it do?

    • Editor says:

      I think it is if other blogs on the internet which have linked to this post then those can be displayed there. However, people have been known to abuse it to get links from popular website, that’s why we mostly just remove those.

  40. Jemi444 says:

    The wifi does not have a function?

  41. Brian says:

    Can you play this with local multiplayer if they also download the mod? Please answer

  42. Maria Theresa A Gayanilo says:

    Editor pls I’ve been finding so many mods pls can it work on 0.14.2

  43. rain mallari says:

    please. add the gravity gun and hamster. and hamster cage.

  44. Professor Emerald says:

    Hey Editor, can you ask the creator to add in pet pigs, space travel, throwing tnt, HEROBRINE, capes, pandoras box, pet villagers, different textured iron golems, different textured monsters, different textured neutral mobs, firework launchers, flashbangs, and nukes? Thanks!

  45. Emily says:

    Does all this mod use for minecraft 0.15.0 ? Please answer fast.

  46. ExtremeGroudon says:

    Which Minecraft Pe version does to work I got 14.3 anyway

  47. ItzFlezx says:

    How can I summite an Idea for IdraCraft??????? can u give me a link or ???

  48. Georgia says:

    Uummm, does it need any launcher.
    Reply fast please.

  49. FlexGamer says:

    How can i install this mod?

  50. BillyTheCrazy says:

    Remove the feature that old trains can spawn randomly it crased my worlds

  51. Lexus25 says:

    Can yiu get it for IOS?

  52. Abdelrhman says:

    Put this best mod

  53. Royer says:

    Hi what I really love what you did on this mod is the Lucky Blocks. Best part they are in 3D looking!! If you want some ideas to add to this mod is maybe adding some New kinda way to craft the new items that come with the mod. Maybe adding thirst. Anything 3D looking will be awsome.

  54. Cameron says:

    Please add space travel

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