1410403532: Igloo & Snow Village

The igloo is new kind of structure which is generated at random in snow biomes as of version 0.17.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition (which is currently limited to Android beta users only). Not only does it provide a great shelter for the night but sometimes it also has a basement with some pleasant surprises.

Found by: EckoSoldier, Twitter Account

How to find the igloo?

The spawn is on the edge of an ice spikes biome. Climb the hill in front of you and follow the border of the ice spikes biome until you reach the snow village.


The igloo is located just a little bit to the right of the snow village.

But let’s begin by having a look at the chest found in the blacksmith.

  • 1 iron helmet
  • 1 iron chestplate
  • 1 iron leggings

It’s definitely some great items to start out with in a new survival world. Two of the farms have been generated in the plains biome and this means you can harvest some food too.


Igloos are new a feature in 0.17.0 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. 0.17.0 is currently only available for Android users as a beta version.


This is what the inside of an igloo looks like. It has one bed, a crafting table, a redstone torch and a furnace.


Some igloos (but not all of them) have a basement. Break some of the carpets and you will find a trapdoor which leads down to the basement.


Down there you will find one villager and one zombie villager locked up in cages. In the chest you will find the following items:

  • 7 apples
  • 1 rotten flesh
  • 1 golden apple


Demo Video

Seed: 1410403532

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43 Responses

3.12 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Thunderclaping56710 says:

    COME ON! Couldant find igloo! man, do you even know what your doing!??ª

  2. Masterhack13509 says:

    Seriously, you should double check before you publish something next time, because I couldn’t find the igloo. I swear I read where to find it, it’s just there wasn’t an igloo.

  3. Silver says:

    *Works on the 3DS edition
    The village now has no villagers, it might’ve at one point but I can’t remember. The igloo basement villager isn’t there either.

    The ice spikes biome is beautiful, I even found a nice part of a more mountainous terrain to dig into for my base.

  4. Faith says:

    I Did found a Village but Theres no igloo i tried looking everywhere And the ver of my mine craft is 1.9

  5. Gavin says:

    What is the name of that villager skin

  6. Gavin says:

    What is that skin named.

  7. ender-fan says:

    I liiiiike it

  8. Rpc says:

    No igloo in the seed

  9. CuteNarwhal says:

    it looks like the igloo vanished

  10. Anonymous says:

    I got the village except no igloo

  11. Wollf_maps says:

    Hey I’m new and I hope dis is not fake

  12. Ilyan77 says:

    in 1.2 the igloo get retired ? because i dont see igloo

  13. Jordan Spencee says:

    There is no igloo

  14. Me says:

    Didn’t find the igloo. Found the village though. Also a field of flowers with a few good caves. One even has a deep hole in front of a dungeon, and the other is a deep hole as well, and this one has diamonds if you go deep enough. I was thinking that I just got lucky and typed in something wrong, but the picture of the village is identical to the village in my world, and the same with the picture of the spawn point. I think that it might just be that I’m on a different version.

  15. Me says:

    Can’t find the igloo. Cool village, though.

  16. foxlover2005 says:

    I found the igloo the first time I went on through the seed picker. When I went on using this seed, I couldn’t but everything else was identical

  17. Nimakoko says:

    I couldn’t see it, the igloo seems to be lost or hidden. Can’t find it.

  18. 5tr4 says:


  19. Danica May says:

    How many igloos spawn in this seed? Pls tell me

  20. LuckyXbox says:

    Hey if you are reading this comment pls check out the actual houses cuz they actually have loot! I didn’t know that that exists!

  21. Dan the pro says:

    Dude you stolen the seed I found the seed in seed picker everybody check the seed picker and you will find the seed with the village and igloo

  22. Warriors says:

    Thank you so much😁

  23. SilenazGaming says:

    Don’t use this if you have 1.0 cuz if you create a world if you go down to seed and click the arrow, you will have the option of an Ice Spike Village and beside it is the igloo. This person is copying the seed. Even the loot and where it is located is the same!

    Ps in 2 of the houses on the original seed there is also loot!

  24. Doge says:

    Where can i find the nether fortress in the nether?

  25. Cutie pie says:

    This is an amazing seed! If you put the wings on(found in the Armour inventory) and jump from the ice spikes in front of the igloo you can glide onto the church! I’ve done it a bunch of times. Thank you!!! 🙂

  26. Isabella Artino says:


  27. Minecraft Rocks says:

    I tried this in 0.16.2 too and now in 1.0 and near the village go right and u might find a mineshaft I sometimes see and sometimes don’t I don’t know why😐.

  28. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    I use mcpe 0.16.2 so there is no igloo i use this seed for my new survival world i make a house and make mining room i dig down then i found cave i explore that cave and i found spiders dungeon

  29. Daniel says:

    Igloo has a basement and the big houses have loot I thought I’m the only one to find it I have a seed for ya this is a real seed it contains 2 village 1 desert 1savana and 1 abandoned village 1desert well I found it my self it’s in the 0.10.4 update its not been deleted yet the seed is Skydoesnoobs

  30. SliderGamerHD says:

    oh my gosh please go in one of the houses it has loot also please credit me!
    go inside the houses it has loot looot looot! i can’t show you an image because im in mobile but just check it out!!!! it has loot in the houses i did not mean blacksmith but ‘houses’ so yeah it also has wheat,carrot etc…

  31. Ethan says:

    0.17 is the name of the 1.0 beta builds.

  32. buildermaster07 says:

    Isn’t it the 1.0 version that is coming out soon ?

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