IL Staff Skin Pack v2.0

Wanna use IL Staff Members’ skins? This is the Official IL Staff Skin Pack! In this pack, it contains every single IL Staff Member’s skin available for you to use!

This is the Official IL Staff Skin Pack. Thank you for checking out our Official Staff Skin Pack v2.0! This Skin Pack contains every single IL Staff Member.

Members in this Skin Pack:

MathGenius0203, Alast382, GRANTAWE, ZombieFire101PZ, SweeterVictory, D3RPD3STRUCTI0N, GamerKiller1113, Heyitskabob, KureinaiGai, WraithTheRebel, Ashus01234, Tristan01235, WinteryOsprey38, and IL Steve.

You might have heard of IL, which is a professional Minecraft Minigames/Build/Addons Team, with over 1500 Realm Members!

*Please note that there are 4D Skins in this Skin Pack, like GamerKiller1113, GRAMTAWE, KureinaiGai, and ZombieFire101PZ’s skins, so this pack is only supported for Minecraft Version v1.8 and above.

This is what the skin pack will look like:

Doesn’t it look great when you are standing on a snow mountain using a IL Skin and watching a running minigame?

Thank you for checking out the Official IL Staff Skin Pack v2.0!

Credits (About the IL Team) 

Owner: MathGenius0203 

Senior Moderator: Alast382, GRANTAWE, ZombieFire101PZ

Intermediate Moderator: SCUDBOMB76, SweeterVictory

Moderator: D3RPD3STRUCTI0N, GamerKiller1113, Giltgamer465, Heyitskabob, KureinaiGai, Isaiah408, WraithTheRebel 

Trainee: Ashus01234, Tristan01235, WinteryOsprey38

Contact the Owner 

YouTube: iLegendianoth 

Discord: iLegendianoth#8284 

Minecraft Gamertag: MathGenius0203 

To stay tuned for more updates and more maps, please do the following things 

1. Subscribe to iLegendianoth (IL Official) on YouTube: 

2. Join the IL Official Discord Server: 

3. Join the Official IL Minecraft Realm: 

If you did all 3 things above, you’re a gem! 

Thanks for reading all of this, now you are ready to download!

Changelog View more

Thanks for over 20K downloads!

We heard your feedback and fixed the known issues:

  • The previous download link does not work anymore, so we have updated the download link.
  • The skin pack is now compatible with Minecraft version v1.12.
  • For more questions, bug reports, or business inquires, please email us at: [email protected]


When you pressed download: 

You wilil be redirected to;

Wait for 5 seconds and then press "Skip Ad" in the top right corner;

You will be redirected to MediaFire; 

Press the green "DOWNLOAD" button; 

Wait for about 10 seconds for it to process; 

If you are on iOS/Android, press "Open in Minecraft"; if you are on Windows 10, press "Run"; 

You will be redirected to Minecraft; 

The installation will begin, it usually takes less than 10 seconds to install.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.8 1.9

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    IL for Life!

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