Illager’s Attack

After becoming the most powerful being, Raids are like a scratch.. But what If those raids were upgraded? Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.. These mobs won’t fail to Impress you

Tier 1 – Moderately Normal

Tier 2 – Difficult but possible

Tier 3 – Toughest Tier with only powerful tools necessary (Coming Soon)

Tier 1 Additions

Tolner – Tank like Mob, Meant for Defense – Tier 1

Monderie – Evoker Like Mob but able to defend Itself If you step too close – Tier 1

Joker – Fast Shooting Clown with abilities to go through shields – Tier 1

Warlock – Impatient Illager’s with an ability to knock you back – Tier 1

Bruiser’s – Ravager’s powerful brother, These are not to play around with.. Find out It’s attacks yourself – Tier 1

Tier 1 Items

Illager’s Heart – Dropped by Monderie’s

Ripped Cloth – Dropped by Warlocks, Tolner’s and Joker’s

Mintage – Dropped by Bruiser’s

Immuth – Powerful Item that grants Immortality for 5 Seconds, Best used In deadly situations

Crafting Immuth’s – 1 Illager Heart, 1 Ripped Cloth and 1 Mintage.. In no pattern

Tier 1 Allies

Tolner – Can be turned to an Ally by using Mintage’s

Joker – Can be turned to an Ally by using Mintage’s

Tier 2 Additions

Hope – Angelic Illager’s with blessings to give. Can fly and Shoot. – Tier 2

Prince – Royal Illager with summoning capabilities to help him in his fight. – Tier 2

Clown – Joker’s Brother, Same attacks but more health.- Tier 2

Flail Troop – Combat ready Troops that can use their shield mid battle to stun you. – Tier 2

Spear Troop – Combat ready Troops that can spin up a storm causing much damage to the surrounding area – Tier 2

Burnt – ?……..? – Tier 2

Luos – Magical Being with abilities to make you float and maybe crushed – Tier 2

Weapon Smith – Slightly Normal mob but can upgrade Itself. Don’t let It get to It’s third upgrade

Block of Aura – Crafted by Triorb, Zon and Cobblestone. Gives off many effects

Regeneration – Poppy Flower

Resistance – Glistering Melon

Speed – Soul Fire

To destroy Interact with a pickaxe

Tier 2 Items

Many new Items to pick up from our ‘friends’

To Create Triorb – Void’s Orb. Ripped Wing

To Create Zon – Snapped Chain, Chipped Edge, Teared Rubber

All Recipes don’t require a pattern

Tier 2 Allies

Clown – Can be turned to an Ally by using Mintage’s

Flail Troop – Can be turned to an Ally by using Mintage’s

Spear Troop – Can be turned to an Ally by using Mintage’s

Burnt – Can be turned to an Ally by using Mintage’s

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Changelog View more

Added Tier 2 Mobs

Added Tier 2 Items

Fixed Monderie's Model

Added Tier 2 Allies

Fixed Joker Attacks

Fixed the Resource Pack link not appearing when downloading the pack.


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Open through Minecraft

Wait to Install

Apply to world

And your done!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)

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27 Responses

4.33 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. yeetle beetle says:

    so its the secaond behaveior packsooo yea if u can download bp its the seacond one

  2. Pokest45 says:

    Why are the Bruisers’ eyes yellow? They’re made from villagers, so shouldn’t they be green? And gold isn’t magical either.

  3. DJ muffin says:

    Hey Bro the behavior pack link takes me to media fire that says (media fire something appears to be missing!) But other than that good job on this addon🙂its really good i will give you a good rating!

  4. yeetle beetle says:

    I WANT THE BEHVEOR PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Saucyboi123 says:

    The addon adds a whole new level to raids. It makes raids harder, more interesting, and humorous at times. But after you turn the mobs into allies, they start acting weird. When you make them sit, they still attacks mobs and move around.

  6. Kiroxx says:

    Where is the BP?

  7. a fat raccoon says:

    For some odd reason
    It won’t let me get the Behavior pack for it
    It says is got removed from media fire

  8. AleGamer930i1 says:

    Exelente complemento, se ve muy bueno, solo algunas texturas como La del brujo y me parece la del ravager podría estar mejor, tal vez podrías hacer la armadura del ravager 3d y ponerle también la silla para montar, por qué si no se ve muy plana

  9. Blocky says:

    I don’t like that warlock texture

  10. Blocky says:

    I think tier 3 would be crazy(very hard)

  11. Enderninja says:

    Really good, I hope you’re still gonna be updating this addon a little more because it’s fun! 5 stars

  12. Mr.Valentine says:

    Nice Addon (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞

  13. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Well well well. Looks like Ima gonna died so many times

  14. GygaZaid says:

    No Resource un download 👎

  15. Sorry for the Mistake, The RP can be found on my Twitter.

  16. MrEnd says:

    Where is the resource pack?

  17. Killer Wolf Z says:

    This add-on is FANTASTIC

  18. I like the concept of raiders dropping unique items, hope that something like that is added in base game! I really like the biome as well!

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