I’m A Zombie Addon

This addon basically turns you into a zombie, for example when you go out during the day you will start to burn or when you get close to a villager he will run away from you, and the mobs,they wont attack you at night etc, note: you cannot drown because remember that zombies become drowned so it doesn’t make sense to drown

This addon change player properties like 

-you cant drown

-you will start burning during the day

-mobs wont attack you (exept iron golems and snow golems)

-your life decreases

-this addon doesnt include a zombie skin,you need to get it by yourself

-If you don’t have a zombie skin, nothing happens, it works the same

-its only a behaviour pack,dont need resource pack

-dont need experimental gameplay

-its for all the players

-enjoy 🙂

if you are going to use this addon give credits pls

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Changed the links , fixed bugs in game and lag problems 


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Shark373 says:

    Yaaay, reminds old mod to java version on 1.7.2, nice addon btw 🙂

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