Minecraft Improved Vanilla Dungeons Add-On (1.15+ BETA)

Dungeons were added 10 years ago and have gotten virtually no updates since then. This add-on looks to completely update their look while keeping their function the same. No longer are dungeons just boring old boxes!


New Dungeons!

    The most recent Minecraft Bedrock Beta 1.15 has given add-on creators the ability to use structure blocks to create naturally generating structures in the world. I have been waiting for this feature for some time and I am really excited to finally get to work with it! This add-on is just a taste of what I have planned for the future.

    This add-on completely revamps dungeons and gives them a much-needed face-lift. This is comparable to how villages were revamped in the Village and Pillage update. Aside from looking better, these dungeons are largely the same as vanilla so they should blend right in with the default game!



This is required for the add-on to work.

Dungeon in a cave

Clearer view of the interior


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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  1. TheJoshi42 says:

    Dungeons are spawning in the ocean under water

  2. Guest-3435788496 says:

    Make surface update v1, I’d love it if you made a mod where mooshroom biomes are more common or witches huts exist, along with some custom stuff of your choice

  3. Guest-3435788496 says:

    Make surface update v1, I’d love it if you made a mod where mooshroom biomes are more common or witches huts exist, along with some custom stuff of your choice

  4. Guest-6270212931 says:


  5. Guest-7798487138 says:


  6. Guest-2233661840 says:

    anyone got the mediafire link yet

  7. Guest-1247526531 says:

    I know you need to get paid, so make an link that goes to media fire, linvertise never works.

  8. Guest-1772052180 says:

    It downloads as a .exe, and its obviously malware. If anyone has the mediafire link can you respond with it.

  9. Guest-1643541365 says:


  10. Guest-6341449854 says:

    When cave update v3 bro?

  11. Guest-1441045715 says:

    your link doesn’t go to mediafire

  12. Guest-7819146330 says:

    stop using LINKVERTISE

  13. Guest-3098521688 says:

    You removed all of machine_builder’s watermarks! That’s NOT okay.

  14. Guest-5562613017 says:

    Can u make 1.14 too plz?

  15. could someone explain who machine builder is?

    • Guest-8922272869 says:

      (this is MACHINE_BUILDER here btw)

      Me lol. Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing a program that allows people to make generated structures super easily (look me up on YouTube if you want – MACHINE_BUILDER), and in the video I released, I provided a download link to my program, and made it quite clear that if you use my program you need to give credit and include the original download link.

    • Guest-6190218009 says:

      And they basically used my program and then removed the watermarks that my software includes in the files.

  16. Guest-3128587063 says:

    You used MACHNE_BUILDER’s code! 😐

  17. DutiKun says:

    You used @Machine_Builder’s program without crediting him and you removed the watermarks

  18. Guest-6053219523 says:

    Judging by the file name convention, you used my program. If you didn’t that’s fine. But I do believe that you did, and then you removed the file watermarks.

  19. Guest-6895529114 says:

    Well, nice job literally using my program, and then removing the watermarks, and then not giving credit. Seriously dude? I want everyone to be able to create addons like this, not keep it secret from the community.
    Btw, MACHINE_BUILDER here.

  20. Guest-2613422428 says:

    Can you PLEASE just use a mediafire or adfly link instead? I don’t understand why people choose to use the most annoying, scummy websites to get money for their work.

  21. Guest-8968260449 says:

    It definitely looks better but still has the flaws of Minecraft’s vanilla dungeons. Might I suggest checking out a YouTuber named TangoTech. He comes up with a very interesting take on a dungeon revamp. He manages to stay true to Minecraft’s original dungeon feel.

    Good luck with the addon.
    Ps: I’m sorry but linkvertize scares more people away than it’s worth. There are quite a few people who disregard your addon, no matter how good it is, simply because you used that site.

  22. awsome229 says:

    In order to create an addon do you need to be on PC?

    • Guest-2334487124 says:

      Technically no. But it does makes it a lot easier. It depends whether your device is capable of running the needed programs. For example: block bench, if your trying to make a custom entity.

  23. Guest-6896797082 says:

    For the love of God, use literally any other site but linkvertise,

  24. Guest-2606044266 says:

    So bad that you still using likvertise, the rest it is a great addon

  25. Guest-2593663445 says:

    m i n c r a f

  26. Guest-5453838101 says:

    Good job

  27. Guest-4329239422 says:

    Mediafire link please

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