Improved Vanilla Mobs Add-on

Hey ever thought the normal vanilla mobs are boring? Then this Add-on is just for you! This Add-on give vanilla mobs a more realistic and cute look! It’s great if you want to experience the mobs in Minecraft in a new way.

This add-on give chickens a realistic beak

It gives pigs a more realistic tail and ears

It gives sheep 3d ears and snout

It also gives llama smaller eyes and a small tail

It gives turtle a thicker shell

And it gives cows 3d ears and utters




Comment down below what mobs you would like “Improved”!

Hope you enjoy the content and the new way the mobs look like.

Changelog View more

•Added cow model

•Added sheep model

•Added llama model

•Added turtle model

•Updated chicken model

•Updated pig model


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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35 Responses

4.74 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. SenpaiCraft says:

    GUYS! Your pressuring him And He just added his first addon Can you guys be patient and Its hard to Model to you know (and btw i love it its suuu cute keep it up sir!<3)

  2. Azrael says:

    They look amazing and if you need help modeling I could help

  3. Kyuubi says:

    can you ad the chance that the animals look diffrent with there textur like a pig who has black stains or brown stains an that they look diffrent dirty as well. thx

  4. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some more(I know it might be a load of suggestions I’m throwing at you): polar bears- need to have 3d claws, 3d tail, and rounder. Wolf- will have 3d claws and be more furry especially in anger mode, and 3d color when tamed. Cat-3d claws, 3d nose, and cute little whiskers. Enderdragon- 3d scales, more spikey horns, 4 horns instead of 2, clawed feet, 3d hollowed out nose, 3d tongue, and 3d teeth. Endermite- 3d feet and 3d fangs. Witch- glowing green eyes, 3d belt with potions, and a small bag. Vex- eyes and mouth glowing white, 3d wings, 3d ears, tattered legs like a ghost, instead of an iron sword it will be a ghost sword but it’s just apart of the model. Evoker- belt with totem. Vindicator- axe holder. Pillager- quiver and 3d shoulder pads. Parrot- 3d hollowed out nose, more feathers everywhere on it, and 3d clawed feet. Chicken- 3d clawed feet, hollowed out nose holes, and more feathers standing out like the parrots.

  5. jeff says:

    can you make a .zip file for xbox ussers

  6. Anonymous says:

    If anyone wants to help with the models reply to this comment

  7. Potato says:

    Maybe villagers?

  8. Florian Cassagne says:

    Sheep, Cow, Zombies (to be a little more realistic), Skeletons, Spiders (smaller).

  9. KAWAIII says:

    wolf, cat, and horses maybe 🙂

  10. Dong over heaven says:

    I kinda suggest making a cow and atleast add some snout to the cows and kind of a fatter body since cows kinda looks thin in vannila

  11. bushman says:

    5 stars because those pigs are cute

  12. Dylandro says:

    What the name is your skin sorry but speak spanish

  13. dora says:

    It would be awesome if wolfs were improved 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love it! For your next update please add improve sheep, wolves and cats

  15. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I like the look of them except there are so little: sheep- will have more fluffy wool, 3d ears, 3d snout, 3d hooves, and 3d tail. Skeleton- will have hollowed out eyes and mouth, 3d bones, 3d jaw bone, and a quiver. Wither skeleton- hollowed out eyes, 3d bones, 3d jaw bone, and sword case. Stray- hollowed out eyes and mouth, 3d bones, 3d jaw bone, ice spikes all over it, and a frozen quiver. Creeper- glowing red eyes, claws on the feet, 3d bumps on it, bent over(like the mutant creeper), and legs(like a mutant creeper). Charged version will have purple lights instead of blue. Ravager- eyes will glow in dark and shoulder pads will be 3d. Phantom- wings will be tattered, will have fangs like a ravager, tail will have feathers, and 3d bones. Squid- looks like a actual squid even the texture and having 1 eye. Salmon- have fangs and 3d eyes. Dolphin- 3d head, fins, body, tail, and blowhole. Zombie- red glowing eyes, arms moved like Minecraft story mode, and head to the right. Spider and cave spider- look a lot like spiders from Minecraft story mode, arms aiming inside and have 2 joints instead of one, it’s butt pointing at the sky, 3d fangs, 3d butt, 3d head, and 3d middle body. Turtle- has 3d shell things, 3d beak, and 3d bumps on the arms like real sea turtles. Rabbits bent to look like actual rabbits, shulkers- have a nose like a villager. Iron golem- has 3d vines, and other minor iron golem 3d bits. Snow golem, round body, and 3d coal. Wither- 3d jaw bone, glowing eyes, and 3d spine and ribs. One more thing I forgot to mention all skeletons will have hollowed out eyes, 3d bones, and 3d rib cage. Skeleton horse- hollowed out eyes, 3d jaw bone, 3d hooves, 3d spine, 3d bones, and 3d rib cage. Zombie horse- looks more like it’s rotting and 3d bones. Cows- have a 3d snout, 3d hooves, 3d utter, 3d horns, 3d ears, and a 3d body. Evocation fangs- 3d teeth. Slime- look more slimy. Magma cubes- look more like magma. Ghast- has 3d tears, creepier looking tenticals, 3d eyes, 3d mouth, and glowing eyes. Blazes- 3d rods, 3d jaw, and moving fireballs around it. Zombie pigman- looks very similar to the pigs face except 3d bones. Cod- look much re fatter like real cod and also have 3d eyes. Drowned-3d seaweed on it and tilted head. Guardian- more 3d spikes and eye. Enderman- more slender and scary. I want its skin to be changed to were it has 4 eyes. Bent over, 3d spine, 3d claws, 3d rib cage poking out like it hasent eaten in years, and 3d teeth. Wolf- has more joints for its legs, tail looks more fluffy, and 3d claws. Bat- it’s wings look like tiny versions are f the enderdragons except it has tiny claws on it, red eyes that glow in the dark, 3d clawed feet, and 3d teeth.

  16. Why is this an addon? It’s usually just a texture pack. Does this also change the behaviors?

  17. Gleb Nikolaevskii says:

    Can you improve all other mobs?

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