In the Labyrinths of The Mind (Horror)


Map author – GamersKot YouTube

You are in a nightmare that can become a reality, you must get out of this nightmare, the main character is little girl Aimee

In this unusual dream, there are evil spirits who want to take the soul of the heroine, no one knows why, but the rest of the souls of other people are also pursued by these strange creatures,

you must find the right path to freedom, or the nightmare will rejoice in reality!

(You walk through endless identical rooms, there are demons in this unusual dream, or evil spirits that allow you to get out of this nightmare, you need to burn the book of spells from which these demons originated, and then everything will fall into place.)

The map was made according to the type of the “Demon Brain” card, the characters are similar, but made separately, the idea arose from there, the sounds are made separately and do not belong to other cards, but all the same there are a couple of sounds that are taken from other maps or games, there are no living characters, everything works according to scripts.

Get out of your own mind!

Find your way out among the same rooms!

They will be waiting for you everywhere.

Persons: Aimee the main character of the game, Demons such as the Demon of Dreams, the Demon-Possessed Villager, and others …


On this map there are scary sounds, unexpected jumpscare, I do not recommend playing for the faint of heart

Map languages: Russian and English.

Follow the rules of the map!

Don’t break blocks, don’t try to break mechanisms. Thanks for your attention!

Thanks for downloading! there will be more Maps)

And thanks to the MCPEDL site!


Авторы – GamersKot

Версия карты – 0.1

Come to my channel and find more!

Find secret coins and open the extra door!

Endless identical rooms, just find a way out of this nightmare.

Additional Description: IN THE LABYRINTHS OF MIND, it is called so because we are in our dream (nightmare, mind) call it what you want, but this is not the real world, therefore such a name, but in general this is not an ordinary dream, there is a book of spells from which the pursuing demons appeared us, this book must be found and burned, you can find it on one of the paths you have chosen …

Map Posters:

Just go ahead, find the right path!

Find the right path!

What could be in mirrors?

No time to sleep it’s time to run. 

Endless identical rooms contain fear!

Strange symbols?

There are places where the spirits cannot get through.

A nightmare in reality in Minecraft!

Trailer Map I.T.L.O.T.M. For MCPE 1.16

My Channel GamersKot

Changelog View more

All updates are completed, there is nothing more to add new additions to the description, there are no more, thanks for your attention

I would be very grateful if the map is finally published, because there are no more additions ...

Updated description, fixed errors when switching to creative, fixed errors with command blocks, added new sounds ...

The quality of the map photos has been updated, other errors have been fixed on the map, such as sound fading, incorrect commands, errors with slowdown effects, and more ...


After downloading, go to any explorer and find the file in the "download" folder and click on the downloaded file ... 

Thanks for downloading)


Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

4.27 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. _.R3aper._ says:

    How to download this map on android?

  2. ResidentRex says:

    Very fun

  3. This is almost same thing as the map danTDM played “WHAT KIND OF VILLAGER IS THAT!?!?”

  4. Downloading this addon was hell. It made me suffer. And when I finally got it into Minecraft, it said “Import Level Failed.” I tried every tutorial I could find, every trick I know, but I never got it working. Just for that, 1 star for giving me pain and hell. Real shame considering the fact that this map looks really good.

  5. Does Anyone Know Which Is The Right Door I Need It For A Youtube Video?

  6. JustARandomGuyTryingToFindGoodAddons says:

    Does this map compatible with 2 players?

  7. ice nation123 says:

    Great job! Best horror map I have played so far!

  8. DankGekouga says:

    I loved it!
    atmosphere was creepy and gave me an unsettling vibe
    The demon’s designs were scary and gave me good scares
    And because of those i loved it!

  9. bishwishlikes says:

    This map is incredibly well done, especially for a bedrock map. There are several instances where I genuinely did not have a clue as to how something was done.

    However, I do have two complaints. There are 5 bonus coins to collect throughout the map, and once I found them all and put them in the chest nothing happened. I wasn’t that angry, but I can see how other people could find that really annoying. Second of all, the map has three different endings, however you cannot restart the map, which means once you get an ending you have to reinstall the map and play the whole thing again in order to get the other endings. Personally, I got really good at just not wasting time going through the map, but again, I can very easily see how it could be annoying to others.

    All in all, this map is probably the best bedrock horror map I’ve ever played. This is worth your time 100%.

  10. YTAlansoccer15 says:

    I can’t tell god is gonna hate me for this 🙁 but i was cool i wasn’t recording i just wanted to play it by itself so i didn’t record this but i was scared in the beginning so i give this a yes the most scariest map i played IN MY LIFE!!!!!

  11. The_Oddtist says:

    I cant download because the captcha is in Russian and I’m amarican maybe use a site that doesn’t make you have to register for anything to download it

  12. PainfulHail134 says:

    Where do i go exactly to get to your google page for download of this nice map.

  13. r4vm says:

    Very good map though (:

  14. r4vm says:

    I had to make an account to download ‘_’

  15. GamersKoT says:

    If the link does not work for someone, then you can download on my channel from google drive

  16. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    I agree with Lord_Khufu
    I also have Yandex. disk blocked.
    Dude, insert a direct download link.
    Map judging by the screenshots is good, make a direct link – play and correct the rating for 5 stars.

  17. Lord_Khufu says:

    The link is in all Russian and i can’t directly download it, not cool 3 star

  18. PlushBones says:

    This was a great map!! It was super fun and I enjoyed every second of it!!

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