Increasing Flood Add-On

Do you want some challenges or fun in your world ? This Add-On fills bit by bit your world with water, which starts at Y=0 or Y=50 (there is 2 different modes). Makes an inundation in your world 🌊

Gameplay :

This Add-On adds global water which rises every 20 secons in order to make a very challenging survival but very funny, solo or with your friends. There is two modes : One where water starts at the Y=0 layer, and an other where water starts at the Y=50 layer, so the second one is harder and make a classic survival very hard.

How to choose the difficulty ?

Once loaded the Behavior Pack (Add-On), you have to go on the small “gear” at the bottom right of the pack :

Then, be sure to have enabled Experimental Gameplay and Cheats !

There is 2 version of this Add-On, a “low” one and a “high” one.
-The “low” version generate 64×64 water area at each player, every 2 seconds.
-The “high” version generate 128×128 water area at each player, every 2 seconds.
So for low-end devices, it’s better to choose the “low” version to avoid lags 😜

Credits and other informations :

► Addon created by : Floshox (me)
► Floshox’s Twitter :

► Discord server for Floshox’s Add-Ons (this one, Better Bedrock, World Border and so on) :
I created this Discord to report bugs from my Add-Ons and also to give me suggestions.


1) Download the Add-On with the link above.
2) Load it into your Minecraft
3) Create a world and load the Add-On in the "Behavior Packs" tab.
4) Choose the lava starting layer (Y=0 or Y=50).
5) Enable Experimental gameplay and cheats !
6) Enjoy :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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27 Responses

3.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-3270927525 says:

    can you make this work on flat worlds pls

  2. Guest-5514755376 says:

    For everyone who’s Flood didnt work. Use Experimental Gameplay

  3. TheWorldGuy says:

    It doesn’t work >:( – An unsatisfied customer

  4. psycho boy65337 says:

    Its not working how i can make it work?

  5. ivon852 says:

    Make it rain when the water is rising!

  6. Danieal550 says:

    I died from drowning in water😢and it’s really fun😆.

  7. Guest-1719682313 says:

    Its not working for me, can you please help me creator?

  8. Guest-4094494778 says:

    how do i get it to start? i put on ex game play and cheats But it still wont work:(

  9. Fastzajac says:

    Pls make lava version to make it hard

  10. Guest-8327612906 says:

    No is working 🙁

  11. Sufs gaming says:

    This would be pretty good for a YT vid, so I’ll download it for ma channel

  12. Guest-5167949049 says:

    best add-on i have if u can. can u pls make a tornado one next?

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