Indev Textures (Bedrock Edition Port)

Indev Textures is a resource pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition that brings the old textures from Minecraft Java Beta and below, This resource pack will allow you to see the great old textures with loud sounds as old days


Adds back the old L O U D  Sounds

Adds back the Pig without nose

Adds back the Pigman (in more detailed words replaces Villagers with Pigmans)

Adds back old Enderman eyes (green eyes)

Adds back old Leather armor textures

Adds back Roses

Adds Neon Leaves and Grass

Adds back the epic d ar k w a t e r   the Neon Sugarcane (going to be renamed to reeds in another version)

Adds back the old Stone logo

Options to choose between (pre-1.14/1.14+ textures with beta and older sounds/new sounds with Indev textures of course):

You are allowed to:

Make a showcase video, Make an edit of this for private usage, If you want to make an edit and release it for the public contact me in Twitter

You aren’t allowed to:

Repost this in any other site without permission, Linking outside this page for downloads

Changelog View more

(Update 1.0.6)

-Fixed the Gray Leaves problem

-Removed the splashes (Temporarily until I add the ones from Indev)

-Changed the Sugarname name (now it's Reeds)

-Added an option for old sounds only

-Changed download links

(Update 1.0.5)

-Fixed the Gray grass problem

-Changed the pics in this page 

-Also i'm alive

(Update 1.0.4)

-Added Pigman (I remembered they exist when I looked at the changelog of it lol ) (btw all animations are working but the sleeping one isn't)

-Added an ad-less Mediafire link for Xbox users (you can use it if you don't want to support me)

- Changed Link (Linking to my new Github page)


- Added a Mediafire download link

- Completed the pre-1.14 textures options (finally)

- Added a little bit of coloring to the resource pack info and splashes

(I'm working on a Github page for all for this resource pack and other stuff :D)

- Fixed Pigs nose (by changing the model of the pigs and removing the nose)

- Added the pre-1.14 texture for sheep's (old/old + old sounds option) apparently the colors of the wool when sheared will stay white (sadly cuz I used PNG and not TGA)

- Fixed a typo in the Options (I said pre-1.13 which means before 1.13 but I meant pre-1.14)

- Changed the buttons to the old ones in Alpha (also I tried making the buttons for front left and front right but it didn't turn too well) 

nothing new just more detailed submission so it can be "approved"? 


1. Download the pack and import it to Minecraft as usual. 

2. (Recommended) Download Old Days UI Pack from here!

Recommended settings for more old Minecraft experience:

Brightness - 0%

Smooth Lighting - Off

Fancy Graphics - Off

UI Profile - Classic



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14



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51 Responses

3.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-2935305074 says:

    I may sound absolutely Mental for saying this but every time that I activate it in my realm (I’m on Xbox btw) it gets overridden by another texture called “DsPvp” and the Indev texture stops working. This is 99% on my side of the problem, but does anyone know how and why this happens and how I can maybe fix it.

  2. Guest-2899005424 says:

    You should make all the generated biomes to the old biomes just like minecraft beta

  3. Guest-4027233479 says:

    Its goood. But leaves are grey..

    • E404NNF says:

      for some reason for me uhh
      it did after I submitted the pack
      I used it with shaders so I thought that’s the problem
      anyways thanks for reporting it
      I will fix at asap uwu <3

  4. Guest-6152789077 says:

    How do you get this on Xbox?

  5. User-1512755617 says:

    Is there another download link I don’t like adfly there’s a chance I will get a virus

  6. Anonymous says:

    Smelly gen car

  7. Zach Duperron says:

    I downloaded the pack successfully but when I used it in a world the leaf block textures for some reason turned grey. How can I fix this? Overall it’s still good and very nostalgic.

  8. Anonymous says:

    this doesnt work on my moms printer

  9. CorporalPig22 says:

    The leaves and grass textures are grayed out for some reason.

  10. Pepito Pito Gordo Largo says:

    Bro, this pack is amazing, ignore hate comments 🙂

  11. The Markinator says:

    Would’ve been great but you’ve replaced the axes with a very ugly and annoying battle axe texture. Seriously stop putting personal preferences in these types of packs since it ruins them

  12. E404NNF says:

    Guys the download link is working…

  13. Aircrafty says:

    The download link is broken

  14. Anonymous says:

    Fix the download link for it

  15. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download the texture pack, it just leads me to a blank page. How do i download this?

  16. ILTM says:

    Would there be a way you could add the nether reactor? I feel like that’s a very nostalgic part of Minecraft.

  17. Anonymous says:

    can u download this on windows 10

  18. Idk what to name this comment says:

    I can’t download without accepting notifications from adfly, please make it mediafire.

  19. Khovie says:

    I like it coz the chestplate is better and bootiful textures. What I’d don’t really like is that stone logo tho.

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