Indominus Rex Addon

This is a dinosaur addon which adds the Indominus Rex which was the main antagonist in the latest Jurassic World movie. The genetically modified dinosaur was the cause of some serious chaos and so it will be in Minecraft if you decide to spawn it. This is a boss addon which is compatible with the T-Rex and Raptor addons.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

Where does it spawn?

To spawn Indominus Rex you will need four iron blocks and one pumpkin. It is the iron golem which has been replaced and that means that the spawning process is just the same as to iron golems.

As soon as you place a pumpkin in the center of the iron block structure it will spawn.


The Indominus Rex is considered a boss so make sure to come well prepared to the fight. I advice to bring a full diamond armor suit, some weapons and some T-Rex companions. And yes, the T-Rex addon is compatible with this addon.

Each battle is different but in general three T-Rex should be able to defeat the boss.

Indominus Rex Stats:

  • 100 full hearts
  • 10-20 attack damage (each hit is different)

indominus-rex-3 indominus-rex-2


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Add packs for a world

Click here if you rather download a .ZIP file.

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128 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Indominus Rex Fan says:

    Please update it, I love the I-Rex

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do you make your own Add-Ons

  3. MUG Girl says:

    where did you get the green t-rex in that picture.

  4. Steave says:

    It works right

  5. Raymond says:

    Please update this to the it’s current version from the Jurassic world mod.

  6. Chance Wilkes says:

    How do you tame an Idomanius Rex?

  7. BuggyPig says:

    Lol I got Jurassic craft addon v3

  8. BuggyPig says:

    Look The T-Rex Addon is back

  9. BuggyPig says:

    Yes I checked Gona’s Twitter account and saw a picture of jurassic craft v3

  10. beardmaster123 says:

    very good add-on. i request any windows 10 user to get this add-on

  11. DinoDude says:

    Do you know if Jurassic Craft is ever coming back now?

  12. DinoDude says:

    Now do u know if Jurassic Craft is coming back?

  13. I'll Never Tell you says:

    At Least Say When Jurassic Craft Come Back Just Tell Like Before March Or October

  14. KidBobsWorld says:

    Hey editor this is the best Dino i’ve seen so far. I was wondering if you take request? If you do please make a Aqau Add-on with fish, whales, dolphins, jellyfish, sharks, reef? And maybe a net to catch them? Thanks for the addons sorry for bothering you

  15. BuggyPig says:

    Can anyone put a download link for Jurassic craft addon V2 On his/her Comment Plz don’t forget to put a .mc pack download

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ok thankyou sooo much for telling me what the heck was going on! I hope that they can figure that out because this is a really awesome addon and it pains me to see it removed 🙁

  17. Anonymous says:

    Pls make triceratops

  18. BuggyPig says:

    Yes it is good I will give it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars for
    jurassic craft

  19. Anonymous says:

    What was “wrong” with Jurassic craft that caused its deletion? Please I’m really confused on why it’s not here anymore and i can’t find any answers 🙁

  20. BuggyPig says:

    Can u bring back Jurassic craft Addon plz and add Dodos and Coelacanths And even stegosaurus and triceratops

  21. DinoDude says:

    Will Jurassic Craft ever come back?

  22. DinoDude says:

    And will it ever come back?

  23. DinoDude says:

    I think removing a perfectly good addon is just stupid

  24. DinoDude says:

    What reasons?

  25. DinoDude says:

    sos! i cant get the jurassic craft v2 addon anymore! whats going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    Pls pls pls pls I’m begging you to bring back jurrasic craft I got a new device now I can’t get it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭me and my friends loved it so much pls pls pls I really like its its amazing and I can’t even get my fav Dino now you deleted dalphsours I don’t know how to spell it pls bring back jurrasic craft or at least tell my why you took it off

  27. Js playz says:

    Pls make a stegosaurus and a coelacanth with the squid addon pls

  28. Hannah says:

    Why can’t I get a T. rex add on

  29. Shadow_Spark72 says:

    Awesome addon I want to see more

  30. Endoskeleton says:

    How did you put the model of your addon to your mcpe without any error like mine
    And where did you create your model of your indominus rex because mine i create my on techne

  31. thedoggamer1117 says:

    Um, when i enable both the addon and resource, the Indominus Rex looks like a mess up iron golem. Is it glitched?

  32. Fire_Hunter says:

    Or a triceratops (replace cow)or a Pterodactyl (replace bat) or a thang that replaces the sheep


  33. Fire_Hunter says:

    Or a shark (replace squid)

  34. Fire_Hunter says:

    Hi I like this but can you make a stegosaurus add on (replacing sheep/cow/pig) and con it be tame able?

  35. TheBlueEngineer says:

    Is it possible to use all dino addons like brachiosarous addon, raptors addon all at the same time without crashing in MCPE?

  36. Unknown iOS user says:

    Are you working on any new dinosaurs lately?
    Plz answer!!!

  37. Matthew says:

    Could u make mosasaurs replace squid and have tricaratops replace sheep? Please respond or I will be 😢😢😥😥

  38. Ineedyourawnser says:

    Hey when I tried spawning the Indominus Rex it became a giant iron golem is it a glitch?

  39. Anonymous says:

    How do you delete so my iPad will work

  40. Gavial-Gamer says:

    Make a Ankylosaurus Addon,exchange the cow

  41. DinoDNA says:

    If this is to hard pls tell me but you should make an Addon with all of the mobs as Dino’s cause I really wanna make a Jurassic world map with real Dino’s but I really like your other Dino’s

  42. B-B-B BOY says:

    This addon I said AMAZING. Bruh I can’t even install it because of adfly…

  43. Weston says:

    How do you get the regular dinosaurs to help you fight it

  44. BuggyPig says:

    Epic addon

  45. Asbaa says:

    I am not able to install help plzzz

  46. Deathcloud says:

    Hey does this work for iOS devices

  47. DaroDaKng says:

    Pls make the indominus rex spawn naturally in the world instead of finding one

  48. Taniwha says:

    Bro this is sweet

  49. Ruizhi says:

    Can you make the mososaurus one the one in the sea ?

  50. NickJamesBud says:

    The domines was suposto be white

  51. Anonymous says:

    Can u make a dilophosaurus add on

  52. Jeremy says:

    Add the TNT add on plz

  53. Jeremy says:

    Hi something has changed. Can you add the TNT add on?

  54. Kolep says:

    Editer, what a cool add on, I have an idea for and add on, maybe you should make a Christmas light or something like that is that possible, could u try?!?!

  55. J-MALWARE says:

    I cant download it in adfly pls add a new download link.

  56. Raptorstar says:

    I LOVED this addon. Could you add some plant eaters as well? Thanks! 😀

  57. Big fan says:

    And when our character turns super sayain all black colour on his body will turn blonde and elytra wings be invisible and snowballs have better sprite and they are explosive plz plz plz make the add on 🙂

  58. littledude487 says:

    You should make a shark addon

  59. The Red Creeper says:

    plz Gona make a flying dinosaur replaces the bat 🦇 or ghast

  60. The Red Creeper says:

    No just make dinosaur add on with all dinosaurs: dinosaurs on the ground in water in sky

  61. DaroDaKng says:

    Can u replace this indominus rex with cows instead of iron golems

  62. DaroDaKng says:

    Can u make a shark addon that replaces the squids, pls u cant say no to this face 👶🏻

  63. Hello says:

    Why is it white? The indominus wasnt white at all!

  64. Albert629 says:

    Now I just need to download Jurassic park map 🙃

  65. Dark Miner says:

    Please continue this kinds of Add-ons
    My friends are so amazed your a VERY WONDERFULL PERSON
    I mean it hope to die

  66. Dark Miner says:

    More Dinosaurs please,this will be the best add-on if you would add more Dinosaurs
    Mosasaurus,aerodactyle,the long neck thing (I don’t know the name)

  67. SharkTheGamer says:

    When I open the Behaviour Pack zip file it says Bad Zip file.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Hey this is a cool Dino but why is it made with iron golem and a boss make it use like and ended an egg or something random and have it random spawn and tameable not a boss etc

  69. The Red Creeper says:

    Ur add-ons are soooo awesome gona ur the best!!

  70. The Red Creeper says:

    Can u make a Pterosaurs add-on that we can actually ride it and fly in the sky?

  71. MultiKillerjoe says:

    Don’t you mean antagonist? protagonist is the good guy of the film

  72. Rayyan Fayaz says:


  73. Jason says:

    I couldnt get this to work no matter what i did even though i followed every guide and the zip comes out empty 🙁 is this for 0.16.2?

  74. ClutchNoob2829 says:

    Thx so much I can finally make Jw.plz make more dinos.Thanks

  75. Xx_Deadshot_xX says:

    Wow man! This is amazing! I’m working on a Dinosaur world and finally this is what I waited for! Your addons are amazing!

  76. XCreepdudeX says:

    Make more dino add ons

  77. DaBigfoote says:

    These dinosaur add-ons are INSANE! I made a vid on this one too!

  78. It's me Eyan says:

    Nice!Next please make a Brachosaurus addon or Triceratops OR pteranodons!

  79. Brody says:

    Wow I didn’t know PROTAGONIST meant villain

  80. ne 💜👸🏽 says:

    Love it please make a ptarodactall addon

  81. Alvan says:

    Can you add spinosuars next and make it tamable bot not ridable because of the spine on its back

  82. Zero_h says:

    Can you make this thing tameable?

  83. Ruizhi says:

    How many raptors does it takes to kill this

  84. ThyCarrot says:

    Do you mean antagonist? Not protagonist?

  85. Anonymous says:

    Hey this is cool can you plz make good dinosaur like the longneck

  86. Nol Arnold Vicente says:

    If you update this mod can you make it tamable pls.

  87. Kolep says:

    Yo could you make a Christmas light add on or something Christmasy?!?!

  88. McpeGrian says:

    Thank u so much keep doing more

  89. Genji says:

    Nice add-on can you make a pteranodon pet add-on

  90. Emma says:

    That’s so awesome good job on the addon can you make a pterodactyl addon by replacing the bat and make it so we can tame it and control the direction it goes

  91. Somethai says:

    Dino zoo map in the making

  92. KJ43 says:

    Ummmmmm????? this is awkward I’m out of here.

  93. BuggyPig says:

    Plz make a Mosasaurus addon

  94. Daniel says:

    I see what ya doin your putting Jurassic Pocket World in to parts right next it will be spino next Mosasourus next megalodon next plesiosaurus next triceratops next compsaghanatos I see thank you gona your the best

  95. Kirsty says:

    Can you make it so after you defeat it you can make it tameable,pleeease that would be awsome!

  96. Daniel says:

    Tess Gona it’s amazing thank you but it’s not tameable 😔 but it’s awesome 😜please make more yayayayayay

  97. Nathan Emmanuel says:

    By compatible what do you maean. Because I don’t see the t-Rex egg. How do I get the t-Rex in this mod.

  98. BuggyPig says:

    Awesome and epic addon

  99. Mango129 says:

    How to submit or make my own add on or mod?

  100. BuggyPig says:

    Awesome addon

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