Indonesian Food And Weapons

Do you want to eat Indonesian food? Now you can. By using this addon. These addons add to Indonesian specialties such as rendang, soto, fried noodles, and many more. Even the ghost 👻 Indonesia, and the weapon

Craft And Effect Food


Meatballs are generally made from a mixture of ground meat and tapioca flour, but there are also meatballs made from chicken, fish, or shrimp and even buffalo meat.
A. Crafting: 1. Cooked beef 2. Egg 3. Kelp 4. Bowl

2. Gado-gado

Another food from Indonesia is Gado-gado, which is vegetables that are boiled and mixed together, with peanut sauce or peanut sauce and mashed accompanied by egg slices.
A. Crafting: 1. Egg 2. Kelp 3. Bowl
B. Effect: Haste

3. Mie Ayam

Chicken noodles are made from boiling yellow noodles, then sprinkled with special soy sauce along with chicken and vegetables. Chicken noodles are sometimes topped with meatballs, dumplings, and mushrooms.

A. Crafting: 1. Cooked chicken 2. Wheat 3. Bowl

B. Effect: 1. Invisibility 2. Health boost

4. Nasi Goreng

Fried rice is a food in the form of rice that is fried and stirred in cooking oil, margarine or butter, usually added with sweet soy sauce, shallots, garlic, tamarind, pepper and other spices, such as eggs, chicken, and crackers.

A. Crafting: Wheat

B. Effect: 1. Regeneration 2. Health boost

5. Rawon

Rawon is a black soup with a mixture of special spices using kluwek.

A. Crafting: 1. Cooked beef 2. Kelp 3. Bowl

B. Effect: speed

6. Rendang

Another typical Indonesian food, namely Rendang. This dish is produced from a long low temperature cooking process using various spices and coconut milk. The cooking process took hours until all that was left were the dark black cuts of meat and bran.
A. Crafting: 1. Cooked beef 2. Kelp 3. Bowl
B. Effect: Strength

7. Sate

Sate or satai is food made of meat that is cut into small pieces and skewered in such a way with a stick of bone, coconut or bamboo leaves and then grilled using wood charcoal coals.

A. Crafting: 1. Cooked chicken 2. Stick

B. Effect: 1. Health boost 2. Jump boost 3. Slow falling

8. Soto

Soup made from meat and vegetable broth

A. Crafting: 1. Cooked chicken 2. Wheat 3. Egg 4. Bowl

B. Effect: Fire resistance

9. Indomie Goreng Instant

A. Crafting: 1. Seed 2. Wheat 3. Potato

10. Indomie Matang

A. Crafting: Cook fried indomie, can use furnace, campfire, and smoker

B. Effect: Jump boost

11. Kopi Kapal Api

A. Crafting: 1. Black dye 2. Paper

12. Kopi Hangat

A. Crafting: Cook steamer coffee in furnace, smoker, and campfire
B. Effect: 1. Night vision 2. Absorption

13. Teh Hangat

A. Crafting: 1. Brown dye 2. Sugar 3. Bottle

B. Effect: 1. Fire resistance 2. Regeneration

14. Pecel Lele

Catfish are fried dry in oil and then served with tomato sauce and fresh vegetables

A. Crafting: 1. Cooked chicken 2. Tropical fish 3. Red dye 4. Kelp 5. Bowl

15. Serabi

A. Crafting: 1. Bread 2. Wheat dye
B. Effect: 1. Resistance 2. Night vision

16. Nasi Uduk

Nasi Uduk is a food made from the basic ingredients of roasted white rice and steamed with coconut milk, and seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass and pepper.

A. Crafting: 1. Wheat 2. Red dye 3. Cooked chicken 4. Kelp 5. Bowl

17. Kerak Telor

Egg crust is a food made from glutinous white rice, chicken or duck eggs, dry roasted dried shrimp plus fried shallots, then given spices that are mashed in the form of roasted coconut, red chilies, kencur, ginger, pepper, salt and granulated sugar.

A. Crafting: 1. Kelp 2. Egg 3. Wheat

B. Effect: 1. Speed 2. Absorption 3. Health boost 4. Jump boost 5. Strength 6. Haste

18. Ikan Bakar

A. Crafting: Cook Tropical Fish using Furnace, Smoker, And Campfire

B. Effect: 1. Weather breathing 2. Night vision 3. Conduit power

19. Es Krim Glico Wings Waku-Waku Watermelon

A. Crafting: 1. Melon 2. Sugar 3. Stick

B. Effect: 1. Jump boost 2. Fire resistance

20. Dadar Gulung

A. Crafting: 1. Green dye 2. Sugar



Keris has 25 damage and great durability. You can get it after killing kuntilanak

2. Sabit

Sickle has little damage and durability. You can get it after killing Tuyul

3. Bambu Runcing

sharp bamboo has 8 damage and replaces the trident

Crafting: Bamboo


1. Kuntilanak

Kuntilanak can make you get a slowness effect, but if you kill it you can get a keris. Which is where the keris can only be obtained after you kill the kuntilanak. You can find it in the savanna biomes, plains, forest, and beach

2. Tuyul

Tuyul has 6 damage! So be careful! And if you kill him, you will get a scythe. Which sickle can only be obtained after you kill Tuyul. You can find them in the birch_forest_hills_mutated, forest_hills, river, and the_end biomes.

3. Pocong

Be careful with pocong! Because it can have a negative effect, namely nausea. You can find them in the jungle, extreme_hills, and desert biomes.

4. Chef Village

Chef Village is only to make it easier for you to buy the food in this addon. If you are short on items or don’t want to make crafts you can buy them from the Chef Village. You can find them in the plains, taiga, beach, birch_forest, savanna, and flower_forest biomes.

Indonesian flag

You can find them in the extreme_hills and forest_hills biomes

You can also use the command by typing /function bendera_indonesia

Bug Report

If you find anything that looks like it’s not working as it should, please leave a comment and I will look into it.


– this is my first addon so please understand if there are bugs😀

– And don’t forget to activate the experimental gameplay! Because if it is not activated, this addon will not work! Works but only partially.             


                  Good luck☺️     


You have to download one by one of these addons which are "Resource Pack" and "Behavior Pack" !. After that compress the file "Indonesian Addons - Resource Pack zip" then import it to 3.resource_pack and paste it.

For "Indonesian Addons - Behavior Pack" it is the same as Resources but for behavior files must be pasted to the folder

games / com.mojang / behaviro_pack paste and finish

For an easy way you download the two files earlier "Resource and Behavior" then change the file name from .zip to .mcpack after that press then you will immediately be directed to minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.201

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