Industria – An Extremely Detailed City [Creation] [Adventure]

The city of Industria is said to be the most detailed city ever made in Minecraft PE. It can feel as a big promise, and it probably is, but the map surely delivers quality. It got everything you could expect of an industrial city. Roads, skyscrapers and so much more. It’s definitely worth a try!

Creator: chinesehorse

The actual map isn’t super big yet because the buildings which are necessary to be created are literally huge. Some of the buildings take up 50,000 sq meters considering all floor levels, that should give you an idea of the build sizes. A large part of the buildings in the map are inspirations from real life buildings in Toronto as well as real life architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Cesar Pelli.

Every single building and structure created in the map is connected with roads. The roads aren’t entirely random, no, because the creator (chinesehorse) has actually studied real life manuals of how to create as realistic and accurate roads as possible.



Download (creative)
Download (survival)

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22 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download this. Please make it a .McMap

  2. Isabella says:

    I cannot get the map in Minecraft! It sends me to files!help!

  3. FAT PERSON says:


  4. The Whovian says:

    Is it alright if I use this in my youtube channel I’m gonna make, don’t worry I will credit you for it!

  5. Daniah Dogillo says:

    I Destroyed The Whole City beacause It’s so LAGGY And I accidentally broke em’

  6. Jayden says:

    Very good

  7. VampireKitten05 says:

    Dude it says its an adventure map but its not!

  8. OPOLO says:

    What’s the shader on the photos? I want it

  9. Matthew says:

    What is the coordinates of this city?

  10. iRexBot says:

    Please make a .mcworld edition of this I am looking for a detailed city so I can play and try to add to it!

  11. Nathan Piedmonte says:

    Looks great

  12. Eren says:

    I blew everything up with TNT a set a lot of things on fire

  13. Richard says:

    The map is lagging for me

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