Industrial Craft

Ever wanted to not have to craft items? Or maybe have an automatic slime block converter? Or maybe a huge all-item factory? – Now you can do all that, and more, with this Industrial Craft (autocrafters) addon!

This is my Industrial Craft addon, which I originally created using scripts, and recently revamped it without the use of scripts. Meaning this addon works on mobile too!

Here’s a full detailed walk-through (including recipes) of how to set up the autocrafters and actually use them in-game 🙂

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Currently, all that I’ve implemented from the original version is autocrafters, but I hope I’ll be able to figure out how to implement quarries without scripts 🙂

Recipes are as shown:

The redstone dust in the recipes will be changed soon with some form of “Upgrade Module”

The autocrafter’s speeds are listed below (seconds per recipe)

Wooden: 4
Stone: 3
Iron: 2.2
Gold: 1.6
Diamond: 0.75
Obsidian: 0.6

For a tutorial on how to actually use the autocrafters, check the video linked above
(It walks you through the whole process of how to set recipes and setup the autocrafters in your world)

Created by MACHINE_BUILDER on YouTube



Download the .mcaddon file, and once opened it should directly import into Minecraft.

Mob Griefing must be enabled!
Mob Loot must be enabled!
Experimental Holiday Toggle must be on!

(then sub to my yt channel)


Supported Minecraft versions


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37 Responses

4.5 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Articfoxgaming925 says:

    Do you now never gonna give you up never lets you down rounds the round the bla bla

  2. Xt777Br says:

    Hello you can launch a new version that had the recipe for Lápis Lazuli Block

    I also made the auto crafters’ recipes appear on the crafting table

  3. Xt777Br says:

    Ola vc pode lançar uma nova versão que tivesse a receita de Bloco de Lápis Lazúli

    Eu também fiz que as receitas das auto crafters aparecessem na crafting table

    Infelizmente tem um bug que faz os blocos personalizados não aparecer no inventário ou na crafting table

    Mais tem como burlar

    E eu criei uma forma de bular esse bug se quiser que eu te envie os arquivos

  4. DontKnow says:

    I really like your addon but there’s a bit of bug fixes needed. Melon block is taken as a recipe but melons doesnt input. Gold Nuggets to Gold Ingot is not possible, sad that my zombie pigman farm has alot of nuggets and doing it manually is a bother. Bone Block and doesnt have recipe. Prismarine Block is not created only Prismarine, wasted 5 more materials. But those are just minor problems. Props to you for creating this mod that doesn’t cause too much lag and efficient on what it does.

  5. chillin-willis says:

    I love how chill he is when he made a REVOLUTIONARY addon.

  6. chillin-willis says:

    is it cool if i use this addon in a world for a video?

  7. Kirby420 says:

    (for Machine_builder) I have figured out how to make custom dimensions, but it is only using commands and I don’t know how to make addons. If I make a tutorial do you want me to link a tutorial here? Good addon btw

    • a random pigeon says:

      May you please explain how to do this? I have been working with commands for years and I have never found out a way, even with new features in 1.16.200+ and I am really curious

  8. I tried to download and use it, the first thing I put the crafting on it was easy, but when I threw my items at him, he doesn’t grab them, my items stay lying next to him without grabbing them
    Do you know why?

  9. Ushan says:

    Wow great addon and it works properly and I give 5 stars. Keep going bro?

  10. Ushan says:

    Wow great addon and it works properly and I give 5 stars. Keep going bro?.

  11. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Are you going to add 5×5 or 9×9 crafting table?

  12. Casual_Neet says:

    is this compatible with 1.16.101?
    also im on mobile

  13. BlueFalconHD says:

    Did you hardcore the items? If you did, your a L E G E N D !!!!

  14. BloxurloGamer says:

    BUENAS TARDES sobre el addon es un gran avance a tus tipos de addons pero… este addon es una grande perdida de tiempo jajaja na mentira pero no lo recomiendo este sigue creciendo amigo.

  15. Dave0807 says:

    Can you pls make it compatible on 1.16.10 pls?

  16. Very good, also I can smell the stick

  17. TheRealTomZ says:

    Yea! Please add a version for 1.16.100 Official!

  18. Can you please make it compatible for 1.16.100 official?

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