Infinite Health Mod

A simple yet sometimes useful mod when you want to have an infinitive amount of health.

Actually, it’s not exactly infinitive but instead of having 10 full hearts you will have 99999999 which should be enough to be attacked by an entire army of creepers!

It’s simple to use too, simply type /lives in the chat in-game and a message will show up telling you it’s active!

Creator: Us3r561

health [download label=”Download Mod”][/download]

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16 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sucks no link 😢

  2. Sam says:

    Why u people dont post any mod or hack for ios post it for ios too i have been trying to hack from 4 years but still un seccesfull posh hack for ios infinite health

  3. Idk says:

    Doesn’t work, tried 10+ times. Plss help I’m on Android

  4. OPOLO says:


  5. Jon-2007 says:

    So cool!!!

  6. smartman204 says:

    Does it work on servers? Pls reply

  7. Mathias says:

    First of all I want to make sure this is for pocket edition? If that’s right answer these questions. When you say to type /lives it says clans not found so I’m not sure why that doesn’t work! Haha so please answer thank you

  8. asaad says:

    It doesnt work i swear please fix it man

  9. why cant i download the mods show me how

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