Infinite Items (in Survival Mode) Addon

This is a really useful resource pack which lets you access an infinite amount of blocks and items in your survival inventory. Normally these are blocks and items which otherwise only is accessible while in creative mode. It sure makes building and survival a lot easier in survival mode and it’s definitely considered a cheat.

Creator: Baxterblue, Twitter Account

Accessing Any Items & Blocks in Survival Mode

If you are using a smartphone or a tablet then the first thing you need to do is to set the UI Profile to Classic in Settings. It’s also recommended to set the GUI Scale to minimum. All of these options are available in Settings Video.

Then activate the resource pack for a world in-game either by creating a new world or edit an existing world. No further settings are required as it will work both with and without cheats enabled.

Once in-game you can open the inventory to access the items (assuming you changed the settings as I mentioned further up on this page). Select any of the items and then tap on any of your available slots in your inventory.

Here’s another image proving that I’m actually in survival mode. Look at the health and hunger bars. You can add (or change) any of the items or blocks by opening the inventory and selecting new ones.

Server Protection

Here’s a server protection resource pack which includes the original inventory.json file which you can add to your server in order to protect your server.

Shoghi Cervantes (a MCPE developer) recently addressed this in a tweet. Check out his reply down below.

In the meanwhile, I recommend that you set the above resource pack as required for your Realms to protect it against possible cheaters.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Activate the resource pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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Installation Guides

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297 Responses

4.26 / 5 (151 vote)
  1. alex says:

    i got a virus, thanks

  2. Alex says:

    The minecraft company and Microsoft PATCHED THIS.
    So it cant work anymore.
    Curse the minecraft company
    I wanted infinite items in survival mode addon

  3. Henry says:

    This broke my Minecraft 🙁

  4. Superkai lmao says:

    Plz fix for 1.12.1

  5. Ferelys Charles says:

    Please fix

  6. Dipta says:

    Nothing shows up in my inventory, only blank space

  7. someone says:

    it did not work

  8. LambDPro says:

    Downloaded it And got it to open up in survival, but it does not show anything. Why?

  9. CloudWolf says:

    How come it doesn’t work for me is it a bug it just shows up as an empty inventory slot

  10. CoolBoy131512 says:

    Doesnt work for me ;(

  11. soheil says:

    it is not working for me even when i am in classic GUI every Time!
    it is glitched out!

  12. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work anymore don’t get

  13. I am just saying says:

    This is considered a CHEAT so Mojang made an anti-cheat patch so, No one can use this addon EXCEPT in the older versions of Minecraft…

  14. MCPE Gaming says:

    Its not working mojang patched this because its pure cheating.

  15. Anonymous says:

    it wont work i cant put any thing in

  16. OpticalRainbowz says:

    Please update it to the aquatic version

  17. Grace Ridley says:

    Nothing pops up just blank spaces

  18. PlusFireBot says:

    Please make another one like this but for Aquatic Update. I know this is just for version 1.1 . Right?

  19. Danlover says:

    WHY YOU DO DIS 1.13! [rip] addon

  20. Anonymous says:

    Nope nothing showed up in the inventory

  21. Anonymous says:

    Could you please fix it currently it does not function:(

  22. Enderstriker64 says:

    It isn’t working w/ 1.4.0, plz fix and thanks for making this

  23. kenny says:

    when i open my inventory there is nothing. HeLP

  24. CosyHamster says:

    Addon is broken

  25. Jad says:

    Hello Baxter, I don’t know why but it glitches my screen when I open my inventory even it’s on classic. Help me please.

  26. Tom says:

    Can u make a fix so it works on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro?

  27. Anonymous says:

    this should be removed or banned this ruins survival realms this should be flagged as cheating this is the literally the worst addon to be made in mcpedl

  28. TIMOTHY says:

    Crashes whenever i click inventory

  29. Lord_Drakostar says:

    I don’t think it works any more is it outdated?

  30. Loilipop says:

    Crashes for me
    I cant use it allyways crashes

  31. Dev says:

    When I open my inventory, my game instantly crashes. Can you provide me with other mods that do the same as yours?

  32. Aircoolbro21 says:


  33. Aircoolbro21 says:

    um… it crashes in w10 latest version

  34. Anonymoose says:

    It doesn’t work on 1.2.11
    Im not saying this is bad but please fix it.
    It crashes as soon as you open the menu.

  35. Johan says:

    Best mod ever🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  36. Johan says:

    My friend screms what bit good mod🙂🙂🙂

  37. JecreDude says:

    Whenever I try to open my inventory it closes my game plz help

  38. Spork says:

    It crashes my Minecraft every time I open it

  39. Sam says:

    when i open the inventory it crashed my game canu post kill aura for ios

  40. Sam says:

    when i open the game it crashed my gane

  41. themodder says:

    plz delete the link thx -msrocky

  42. rly gud potato says:

    I suggest changing this pack so that the player can get anything from the recipe book.

  43. Redpowerranger001 says:

    Does this work in 1.2.8? If not, are you able to make it work in 1.2.8? I really want to use this again, but I think it was fixed or broken when 1.0 came out or something…

  44. esketit says:

    When I try opening the inventory,the game crashes. Do you know why?

  45. Youssef says:

    Please Add this to the newer version as i want to complete trolling my friends i beg you, you got this

  46. Tyler Choy says:

    Lags out and kicks me out of Minecraft when I click on the search bar

  47. Alfie says:

    Hi! I was really excited to try this add on! However when I go to my inventory my game crashes, Please help. P.S I did follow all the steps before you ask and I did change UI to classic. Please fix this as I am interested in the add on!

  48. Rhys says:

    It’s not working 20.11.17

  49. Tim says:

    For some reeson it crashes me

  50. Update says:

    MCPE update 1.2: Doesn’t work just crashes your game when you click inventory button ;3;

  51. Update says:

    Update 1.2: doesn’t work it just crashes your game when u click inventory button..

  52. Jack says:

    This mod does not work on minecraft pe 1.1.1 or 1.2.1

  53. Batman says:

    It crashes SO much

  54. Gary says:

    Hey there, was wondering if I can make this work for v1.2. 😊 right now when this is applied in a survival mode when u try to open up the inventory it crashes out on the IOS version

  55. XxTheDerpyLordxX says:

    Same with me D: Pls fix it!

  56. Hope says:

    This does not work. The slots for the items come up, but there are no items (on Windows 10 Edition). Unsure if this is because of an update, but you may want to look into that.

  57. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t every thing that it said and the slots come up but no items 🙁 pls help meh

  58. bestGaming says:

    Nice texturepack/addon but can you add more pages?

  59. Super C4 says:

    Windows 10 Edition and Pocket Edition are exactly the same, confirmed failed to work for Windows 10 Edition. Since both are the same thing you may want to look into getting one for the Windows 10 Edition running as I need to use this to temporarily transfer my items I have obtained in all Minecraft gameplays over to my current save. I have a ledger of monstrous proportions I need to transfer and this addon would be perfect if it worked. Let me know if there is any possibility you will do this. 2 star rating for not only failed functionality but I didn’t give it 1 because this has potential to help me.

  60. TK-6606 says:


  61. Gaming pro says:

    On what what version dose it work

  62. JefferyWombo says:

    For some reason it doesn’t work because the button the change it to classic mode in the setting, it is gone. I even invanced the settings but I couldn’t find it. It worked before though.

  63. Henrik_Stein2003 says:


  64. gamesky1234 says:

    It’s good BUT when i went to test it it only worked in Creative not Survival ;( it’s still good!

  65. Anthony says:

    Doesn’t work on survival tho

  66. PaulF.Kernel says:

    Only works in creative mode, doesnt work in survival or adventure ,-,

  67. RuzticQueen says:

    Hi… Baxterblue! I’m on an Apple Mobile device… I’ve done everything I need but no items show up! Blank spaces! Any idea why? thanks and plz reply ASAP

    • WilsontheWolf04 says:

      Hello mojang added an update that fixed a glitch that caused the creative inventory to apear in survival hence breaking this and another that did the same thing 🙁 sorry

  68. Xunes says:

    Cool add on but I can’t see the blocks it’s blank there’s no blocks

  69. MCPE SAVAGE says:

    It’s not working when I use it it just looks like a lot of inventory slots

  70. FallenDuelist says:

    This does not work for me. I see the boxes, yet they are empty. Can you explain plz? This would be a great 5-star if it would work.

    • Anonymous says:

      The recent updates have disabled accessing creative while in survival.
      This is why you are seeing empty boxes- everyone else is as well.

  71. Cole says:

    I can’t add it while I’m playing in the world.

  72. BlazeBass says:

    Can you help me or can you update this add-on because when I download this it didn’t work none of the blocks/items won’t come out also I went step by step and nothing work also I download this Five times and it still doesn’t work. Can you please try to fix this glitch

  73. AwesomeBoy_Gamer says:

    It doesn’t work on survival on classic,but on creative it works on creative

  74. Zach says:

    Ok idk if this is a glitch but I tried to use it in survival and the menu kept going blank so there were no items but it works in creative plz fix

  75. Nathan Koenig says:


  76. waba says:

    in the 1.1.1 update mojang removed the creative inventory in mcpe

  77. Why ar u lookin' at my name? says:

    Can you do it for new versoin? It doesn’t work (it shows blank boxes when i open my inventory)

  78. Diamond7777 says:

    Not work for me.I don’t know why? I was follow your steps and it didn’t work or it a bug

  79. Th3Fir3Blaz3 says:

    I really like the idea but none of the items are appearing, is this a glitch? Or does the coords unlocker break it? I would enjoy this alot more if it worked. Currently all the boxes are empty and I can’t take anything from them. If its because of the recent updates, please fix it, I would love to enjoy it like everyone else has.

  80. bonin888 says:

    Obsolete. And broken. This is impossible to use now. MCPEDL, could you, remove it?

  81. Gamerz says:

    Its not working for me its just a plain blank when i open my inventory there are those boxes but theres nothing on them

  82. Jimen971 says:

    I get the pack and do every step but every box is grey. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong 🙁

    • Why ar u lookin' at my name? says:

      You have new version where mojang remove creative inventory in survival. If you have cracked mcpe, you can still downgrade it to old version (i lot time use for this resource pack)

  83. Mackenzie1234 says:

    Does this work on servers? The pack just has a lot of empty slots and no resources and I changed the setting but nothing happened..

  84. Iceypants17 says:

    Can You update to be compatible with 1.1.1 and also for Anti hack mods to be updated for it as well?

  85. Nataly says:

    I love it! But how do you access the other items like food? I tried to scroll but it did not work.

  86. A Disgusted Individual says:

    Its a Good Idea On paper, But not good Enough. The only reason anyone Uses It is to Grief and Annoy People, I got easily Vexed after Someone Blew up my World of Which i spent Ages Making! The other reason anyone would ever Use it Is On single Player. Even Then Its not hard For you to Type “gamemode c”

  87. Alice Serrano says:

    This is cool, but can you stop advertising on my server? You put bedrock all over my house and kept saying that I should download this… It’s not very nice to cheat in my server.

  88. ReimarPB says:

    Really great add-on! I have a problem though. This add-on doesn’t support 4:3 resolution devices (like iPads) that means when I try this on my iPad 2 lines of items (the one to the left and the one to the right) is gone. So I can’t get a diamond sword, water, cobble etc. It would be really great if you made the same add-on but for 4:3 devices. Thanks!

  89. Beat The Game says:

    Hey can you tell me how to make it so I can make my own resource pack and with button and search bar it almost like creative mode

  90. LuckyLachie says:

    PLEASE ADD a medifire download for this as I REALLY need this

  91. PHRaidYT says:

    I give one star because this mod very bad to use in realm

  92. Juan Martin Alcantara says:

    Wow cool tnx man but other items doesn’t pop-pup pls make it scroll down to see other items ok but it’s ok if u don’t like it I won’t force u hehe .

  93. Oridabomb says:

    We need more variation perhaps adding items over and beneath the players inventory?

  94. Trainfan123 says:

    The good thing is it doesn’t work on servers only unprotected realms

  95. Ummmmm says:

    Can we have this option when in chests, I like to create little treasure hunts to play and it would be so easy to be able to drag what ever I want into the chests JUST LIKE THAT 😀

  96. Ethan says:

    Is it possible you could add a scrolling feature so you can fit all of the Minecraft blocks in the inventory?

  97. MinecraftPros says:


  98. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice if you added more items like on top there’s space and also on the bottom please.

  99. pom6universe says:

    omfg I can’t beilive it. its a texture pack that you can pull out items from. I’m extremely impressed and I wish I could give you 20 stars but I can’t. I’m a tad bit disappointed as I understand you couldn’t put very item on the list but please try to add more items to the list. idk but can’t you shrink the GUI to make room for more? and is it possible to add a item number cuz evrytime I grade blocks I just get 64

  100. MRedaCraft says:

    Wow dude, that’s awesome, i have 5s and not all fites can you fix it please?

  101. ALinuxLover says:

    I love the idea for this. I won’t use it, but since I don’t know how the inventory.json file works, I wonder if it is possible to REMOVE items from the inventory… If so, the file could be useful for Realms.

  102. ALinuxLover says:

    Pretty sure it’s not a bug. They COULD HAVE made it impossible to change the inventory but they didn’t…

  103. Lava_Slayer says:

    Nice I would like all items btw

  104. JC says:

    Dude it’s not working I tried to download and all that is happening is like the file turns red like unable to download and I tried to both zip and mcpack and it’s not working can you help

  105. CraftingDead says:

    This is very cool could you try to make a resource pack that can give potion effects please

  106. Frostbyte3YT says:

    Hi! This addon is so cool THAT you need to keep up the good work!

  107. OGbobbybrad says:

    This is awesome but make it so all items are there plz and maybe a search bar

  108. Anonymous says:

    Congrats man, you broke the game XD or did you fix it? This is a phenomenal addon, I didint even know that this kinda stuff was possible it’s amazing though 10/10 would hack my friends survival world again though maybe you could make more like this that just have different items available? I’d love to have infinite potions and enchantments, though still a phenomenal addon, you did an AMAZING job!

  109. Alyson Law says:

    Cool pack

  110. Wolfer says:

    Can you make it smaller on my Ipad I can’t see the swords or the other stuffs on the edges 🙂

  111. Cool_Rainbow001 says:

    Very cheaty 🤣my sister loves this addon

  112. AdventureGamingCreeper says:

    you can also use it on a realm

  113. kakooge says:

    This is so cool! all we need now is a search bar and all the items and bam! to many items addon! great job!

  114. John cena says:

    Awsome addons you CAN make a hack addon. Make it so you can use this on servers like, lifeboat or mineplex brooklens or more

  115. tannerplaysyt says:

    Can you make it useable on servers if I put the item in my inventory on servers it deletes it

  116. Witherbrine699 says:

    The diamond sword is hidden off the edge of the screen! Can you change the size of the menus or maybe have a feature where you can scroll through the items? That would be cool.

  117. Johnny says:

    Best.Addon.Ever. Only, ONE, thing though. Can you allow us to use this on servers.

  118. Polar Whale says:

    This is awesome. (But please make it so that you can access all of the items pls) 😋🐋🦈🐬🐳

  119. MinecraftPlay says:

    Can you please make a resource pack for Survival Fly? We all want that 🙂

  120. Wwowweee says:

    It doesn’t have everything 🙁

  121. Brutalomnivor3 says:

    Shut this down the resource pack don’t work for anti infinite item shut this down people join my world with Plug PE and then use this to get free stuff during survival it’s not fair at all please remove this!

  122. VannYav says:

    Why my iPad is not full screen item not have diamond sword and more

  123. Editor says:

    Please read section titled “Server Protection”.

  124. Random Guy says:

    Hey. Really like this addon! can you try to add it so were we can search up items? in like the side? Thanks baxter! Really love it!

  125. NuggetOfDoom212 says:

    PLZ DO ALL OF THE ITEMS IN MCPE (portal blocks etc) plz plz plz cuz I rely wanted armor but I couldn’t get it from the inv

    • BillTheZombieGamer. says:

      Get some planks make a crafting table then take diamond blocks turn them to diamonds and craft the armor

  126. Gabe says:

    I wish you scroll down to see other items 🙁

  127. creeper says:

    Can not make items scroll right only?

  128. CraftingDead says:

    Pls make potion effects one like this it is awesome

  129. CraftingDead says:

    This is awesome can you try to make a potion effect resource pack e.g. Invisibility for infinite time and a button to clear all effects

  130. me says:

    don’t work on servers DONT GET

    • BillTZG says:

      Hacking servers isnt good, would you like someome killing u with one hit in pvp? So hacks for servers are bad. Thankfuly servers have antihack scripts

  131. Darkbrian says:

    This is an AMAZING texture pack. But I wish I could use it on a couple servers.

    • ReimarPB says:

      This add-on is only made for singleplayer. If you read the whole description you would see that there is a remover addon, which servers (and some realms) use to make it impossible to use this add-on. If you wanna use this add-on in a server, try find one that doesn’t have the remover add-on installed.

  132. Dertric24 says:

    Nice mod. But could you make a version for media fire?

  133. DrTank98 says:

    AMAZING!! I also have a question, does it work with addons?

  134. S4/\/\ says:

    I’m so glad! This Addon/Resourcepack DOESN’T work on Servers! I was already worried that you could cheat with that on bigger Servers, like BrokenLens, but the extra inventory is then empty.
    As a side note could you make that you can get with that useful items like armor and food? Thanks

  135. BillTheZombieGamer. says:

    Can you add the items everywere? I mean in the whole screen under and above of the normal survival invetory

  136. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to change which blocks are where?

  137. Average says:

    How do you make it so u can see al items???

  138. GalexTEM says:

    Hey um why doesn’t it work on servers?

  139. Zero_h says:

    Mate, Plug PE is in a war between hackers and regular people. Every server shut down and everyone is being a troll. I’m using the hack to stop these people.

  140. Elite Boygamer says:

    This is a Really good Add-On/Resource Pack.I’m Really Proud of you!(I don’t really know you but keep up the good work!)

  141. CoolGuy81 says:

    And then sec of all… can there be a addon that lets u have any potion effect or any other player have a potion effect even WITHOUT commands

  142. CoolGuy81 says:

    Hey this was a great addon but one more thing- did you purposely make it not work for servers? Cuz I can’t use it on there…

    • Editor says:

      No, it is supposed for single player. Pretty sure Baxter mentioned that.

    • Baxterblue says:

      Well when I made this addon. I tested it on servers like mineplex and found out it didn’t work. But when I tried on local hosted servers and it did work. If it worked on servers like mineplex. I might have not posted it because it would break very big servers. But it didn’t so I thought it would be okay to realized it. I knew people would use it for bad. So thats why I put out the server protection.

    • CoolGuy81 says:

      Hmm… I still think this is a great addon cuz I can troll my friends. And… it’s amazing that this is not a behavior pack! How did ya make it a rescource pack??

  143. JoaBroYT says:

    I do not think people realize the potential of this!!! You can get (almost) ANY item in survival WITHOUT turning on cheats… Xbox… Xbox achievements won’t be disabled… you can basicly get gamerscore for free… like, just realize that! Anyway I think the add-on is really creative and well designed, BUT on my iPad screen the top and bottom of the inventory screen is unused but one item on each side is cut away by the screen edge! I am not saying this is your fault because the screen you tested it on it probably fit perfectly, but I’m just letting you know! I also liked the fact that you made a server protection help guide! Anyways if you want to contact me I’m @JoaBroYT on twitter because I really want to know how exactly you made this and maybe we can even make something together some day? Idk. Anyways great add-on

    • Editor says:

      I’m pretty sure an update will fix the issue, hopefully removing the possibilities to use this for bad use.

  144. Zz110 says:

    I love it! You should have more items please! Have it so you can scroll down on each side that would be a huge help! I’m looking forward to more hack resource packs like this!

  145. Derpy bush says:

    Nice addon but it works in survival realms if u can FIX IT!

  146. NetherExplorer78 says:

    This is useful if u want to make survival mode more easier.

  147. Darsman says:

    Was my. Moment taken down ? I still think we should keep this here and make more like it
    Just make it unable to work on servers

  148. Space_canvas says:

    I’ll have trust issues because of this add-on xD

  149. Tennyson28 says:

    Hi, Just Seeing If My Avatar Is Working 😀

  150. Whiters on da street says:

    Its a shame that it doesnt have all items . If you can make the boxes smaller i bet you can put a little bit more. But anyways great addon,time to get my revenge on my sister

  151. ChenPlays says:

    Editor Is it required to send a screenshots because i found a seed

  152. Pixel says:

    Cool Addon dude 😀

  153. bhim200gb says:

    Baxter awesome that you told me this is going to be on mcpedl also can you make it so we can scroll to get more items? Thanks 😊😊😊

    • Baxterblue says:

      I might try to do that in the future. Thanks for the idea

      • Randomness-mcpe says:

        Here’s an idea add a inventory GUI like a chest or maybe add a furnace GUI or a crafting table GUI so you can cook and craft without needing a crafting or furnace but the inventory one would be more useful

  154. CapoNetWork15 says:

    It’s considered a cheat right so Xbox achievements are obviously not available when using this (just curious)

    • OGbobbybrad says:

      No achievements stay on (if you don’t have cheats (it still works))

    • Randomness-mcpe says:

      Nope you can earn the achievements because it’s a recourse pack that can be enabled it does not change achievements at all unless u turn of cheats or add a behavior pack

  155. bhim200gb says:

    BAXTER I WAS WAITING FOR THIS IT ACTUALLY CAME OUT MAN KEEP UP GOOD WORK!! Also can you add so we can see almost everything in the creative inventory like ur ganna scroll if is not possible it’s ok just keep up the good work

  156. Darsman says:

    Please don’t report this it’s so good for friends
    And to the blind people that say their gonna report this 1 there’s a block right above the download 2 stop being fun decking twats

    Ps to the creator: make an updated version with scroll ability or somthing keep up the great work

  157. Zero_h says:

    Quite Cheeky mate, I banned a lot of people in Plug PE because of this. Quite Cheeky indeed.

  158. ELANG257 says:

    Love it

  159. Juuno says:

    For anyone who is confused as to how to protect your Realms from this, please be sure to read the Server Protection first so to make sure that your friends don’t use this resource pack.

    Fortunately, if you use this on other big servers, the server command plugin will immediately remove the added items.

    This is just a heads-up. So if you want your server protected, please install the Protection resource pack.

  160. ELANG257 says:

    Good texture i love it
    But i cant take some item ‘_’

  161. SuperMine6 says:

    COOL ADDON keep up the good work and please add a second inventory for full items cuz I don’t want to spend diamond blocks on making swords plus u need to add full inventory otherwise it is just basic tools that a tipical pro could get (not saying that anyone is a noob) so you need to add enchanted books if u did that I would be the most happiest person in the world and don’t add it into servers cuz that’s just to op I don’t want to be called a hacker or get banned from the servers and
    Iittle bug when it is activated in global resources when I go into servers and forget to turn it off when I acces my inventory is causes the game to crash but apart from that this is 1 of my faviroute addons keep up the good work and pls fix these issues and make more really cool addons like this <3

  162. DarkCGaming says:

    I already used this in a realm for small petty stuff like getting coal or helping out a friend with him getting grief and losing all his stuff but I’m glad that there is the original inventory.json file this is going to be another thing added to most realms. Also you should add a warning like use at own risk in servers and realms if the realms owner does not know it exists also would love to see an update where it has the tab for sponges open maybe add arrows to switch tabs or an extra inventory add on would be nice…

  163. CRYGUY44 says:

    lol alot of people wont read it cause they using it now on realms and servers

  164. Krish12003 says:

    Delete this addon john the editor. Plz do it before anything bad happens. you might change the economy of a lot of servers and realms.

    • Editor says:

      Putting our heads in the sand isn’t going to help. It’s better that it’s out there for everyone to see so that the developers can address the ways this could be misused.

  165. FariedzDroidG says:

    This is good addon,i like it😊😊…but there not all item??

  166. Akshat.Jain says:

    Will it work on v1.1.0.9? I really love this addon btw.!😍

  167. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to rearrange or replace items with others, because I want to have fences in place of some of the spawn eggs.

  168. Steve says:

    Stop this please make it so that people can’t use it on realms

  169. Billyboy12 says:

    This is AWSOME! Best addon or (resource pack) I have ever downloaded. I have a note to the maker and that is you should have armour food diamond sword gaps and other more important items like that. But other than that it is amazing and thank you so much for making it! 👍😆😆

  170. Jeff says:

    It is cut of for some thing But is is cool

  171. Duckmlgpro says:

    Why can’t I see the thing the ui profile in iOS? please help me:)

  172. Duckmlgpro says:

    I don’t get it… my iPad doesn’t have the thing the. Ui profile please help

  173. Knifeguy1400 says:

    This can ruin people’s realms sorry I don’t like it.

  174. martinAJM03 says:

    This is an amazing pack. But, if you are on medium GUI scale, some items and blocks don’t show up. Can you try to make the items go above and below the inventory as well? Or even try to make it work in the pocket inventory. Thanks.

  175. Gg says:

    I don’t want the addon but i downloaded it because i thought it show the recipes but this addon is kind of like cheating can you make a addon that is showing recipes

  176. Mr bacon says:

    Please add diamond sword and armor

  177. Tanchan Liese Dominique says:

    It’s a really good pack but it also misses things like armor. I also think it is the best but I look forward for an update for it.

  178. Earthray04 says:

    Awesome addon! Almost like JEI on the pc! 😀

  179. Ethan says:

    Is this compatable with addons that do not change the gui?

  180. Nathan says:

    How are we supposed to protect realms against this??

    • Editor says:

      Please read section in post titled “Server Protection”.

      • bonin888 says:

        I hope Eckosoldier installs the no-pack and requires the player to install it… or else, his server is doomed… 🙁
        Good thing there’s a chance he’ll change his settings! 😀
        Always have a anti-ADDON.

      • Nathan says:

        But we cannot install resource packs to realms. Which makes it very hard to keep others from using it.

        • Editor says:

          Yes you can. You need to load a resource pack for the world which you are using as your Realms server. I have done it for my Realms with the Jurassic Craft map.

  181. MinecraftPlay says:

    Please Make Full items things on Inventiry and keep up your good work 🙂

  182. king says:

    isnt work on newest version? or just on my device?

  183. Anonymous says:

    How are we supposed to protect realms against this??

  184. Annoymous says:

    No no no! I regret this! MCPEDL take it down.. its causing all people in my worlds to be banned. It’s being abused and all the awesome servers are going to ban everyone. (Not ALL of them).
    Also, everyone thinks I’M hacking before I had the ADDON. Terrible! I say Plug PE should be taken down too. Sorry no offense but this ADDON was a terrible idea. Don’t approve another like it. Sorry, it is just ruining the game. Just let the hackers on android be the ones with the c mode Inv. It’s ruined everything. 🙁

    • Annoymous says:

      Also I should tell Mojang about this. Sorry it’s just to OP and a bad thing to approve of. It’s a bad image on you guys.. 🙁 sorry this guy thought it was good, tell him it wasn’t.

      • PercyEngine45 says:

        Then why are u in this addon’s page?

      • Lament says:

        Hey most servers are blocking this add on, it does work but it instantly removes them once placed in inventory. Others glitch out and it forms into an error usually happening when one switches to creative in a survival game and tries to use the inventory. Realms are safe if you know what the anti cheat Addon is too 🙂

    • Editor says:

      First off, posting it here will just help as then there will most likely be an update addressing possible ways it might be exploited in-game.

      And then I think it’s worth to mention that my immediate reaction was single player. I do not neglect that it could possibly be used for multiplayer, but even then there is a fix provided for servers in the post.

      All this post did was showing something which otherwise highly likely would have gone unseen for a long time. Plus, it’s quite cool for single player use.

      • Mr. Meeno says:

        Yep. I was never planning to use it on servers either. Plus, like you said, there are ways to prevent its use on servers. I would only use this on single player or with friends. So I think it’s a great addon!

    • Baxterblue says:

      You can download the server protection pack to protect your server

    • Billyboy12 says:

      This addon was not made just to cheat on servers plus most servers not plug pe servers you can’t even use this on. You also shouldn’t hate on plug pe wich they had nothing to do with this. Plug pe is also to meet new people and play with other people in minecraft and people can use this if they want. What you said is your opionion.

    • Zz110 says:

      Not true if you want to use this you should be aware of the risks of a ban but a thank this is a great addition to minecraft! I would only use on servers that allow hacks but it’s your choice.

  185. TheHDCrafterYT says:

    Can you make it sou you can scroll down / or just make the page bigger for more items and (small / middle gui) That would be awsome as hell!! 🙂

  186. TheHDCrafterYT says:

    ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑

  187. Baxterblue says:

    Thanks for posting my addon. I will try to add more items in the future.

  188. Mobspawner says:

    I love this addon thanks so much

  189. MLGJackGamer says:

    Just awesome

  190. Henk says:

    Hello, I’m wondering if you also can do that it can be on servers in mcpe. ((not a realm)sorry for my bad English)

  191. Enderman PE Official says:

    thank you for server protection resource pack!!!!

  192. Darthdylan5 says:

    Awesome mod but please add all the creative blocks

  193. Ifeanyi says:


  194. Minecraft Champ says:

    I love this addon but well there’s nothing wrong but can you make it so you could either add a scrolling bar to be able to grab the other stuff (like armor and crops) or just have the menu be just like creative modes inventory (the tabs like survival tab and building blocks tab) but have only 2 tabs the survival inventory tab (normal survival inventory) and a tab that has every thing that you can get with commands and in the creative inventory so the second tab could be called everything and there would have all blocks from the building tab decoration tab tools tab and misc tab from the creative inventory in the everything tab plus the nether reactor core block, glowing obsidian, stained glass, command blocks, command block in a minecart, and invisible bedrock in the everything tab as well. Plz add any one of these things plz it would make this addon better

  195. Courtney says:

    There are more stuff though, I would like you to update it!! But it is really nice!

  196. MCPECrafter says:

    Amazing, just amazing. Also could you add dank memez? Just kidding xD 🙂

  197. DualRed says:

    Nice addon, good job buddy 🙂

  198. bonin888 says:

    Now all we need to do is figure out how to heal someone and change time of day with a button! Then NEI will be for iOS and Android! 😀 Without mods! Addons are the Best! 😀

  199. Sizar Mayi says:

    Can You let us use these items in servers?

  200. Hectofer says:

    I love your addon but could you please make it so that there is every item from the creative inventory?

  201. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:


  202. Son Goku says:

    Pls make full itms and blocks

  203. OPOLO says:

    Why not all the stuff?

  204. rodelyn dela cerna says:

    nice keep up the good work 😀

  205. bonnie says:

    the best

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