Infinite Biomes Addon

This addon adds up to 100 new ores, biomes, weapons, food, and 300 new mobs. All these biomes can be randomly found around your survival world and add 400 new blocks in total.

On the 2nd page when downloading the addon, you have the option to download 20 or 100 ores depending on your device. You can only have 1 of these addons on your device at a time, if you want to use another type, you need to uninstall the one you already have.

This addon adds swords and blocks for every ore, recipes shown below:

The ores can also be crafted into random items depending on the type of ore:

Each biome has 3 random mobs that can drop the ores from their biome and adds a special food that can be eaten.

Changelog View more

+ Added more model variations

+ Each food item gives a random effect

+ Mobs can be passive/ranged instead of just melee

+ Balancing and bug fixes


Enable Experimental Mode


Supported Minecraft versions


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43 Responses

4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Guest-5100465986 says:

    bruh this is actually garbage XD its like you just took your keyboard and slammed ur face into it every time u needed to name something if you couldent come up with names for it then you prob shouldent have added so much

  2. Guest-9165718294 says:

    i like the mod but the 100 doesn’t work while the 1000 does now i have to wait so long to play

  3. Guest-4496279286 says:

    Gdzie są inne rodzaje broni prosze dodaj je

  4. Guest-3320063293 says:

    bro with which application do you make your addons?

  5. Guest-7525472823 says:

    I LOVE THIS MOD!!!!!!

  6. Guest-4680770566 says:

    tis is weird more effort in names other than that 700000000000/10 insane also you can only have three people at a tiem due to personal experience.

  7. PC1364 says:

    Spawn Ddlkn! It’s a dragon with the sound of a llama!

  8. Guest-9022371530 says:

    Is it work on 1.16?

  9. Guest-5666786227 says:

    understand why you didnt show the biomes, theres so much

  10. Guest-4376865178 says:

    Can you do a 500 natural generation biomes download?

  11. Guest-1971478570 says:

    Way too much stuff.

  12. TICB202 says:

    LOL the ore names look like “diiwuedhjhm ore” or “injuhgenhret ore”

    5 / 5 good addon

  13. Taaxa says:

    I had an error that read “Failed to load chapter 3”, then it proceeded to say “addon successfully installed”. What was in Chapter 3?

    Other than that it seems to work fine.

  14. Mr.Valentine says:


  15. Guest-4995711496 says:

    i love it 🙂

  16. Guest-3994089037 says:

    dude … i found a random biome in THE OVERWORLD and it has A BEDROCK ROOF

  17. Guest-9105741120 says:

    My device (iPad Pro) keeps crashing bc of this…
    well maybe that means it has tons of content

  18. Guest-9435610295 says:

    does the mod work on xbox

  19. Guest-9635088103 says:

    yesss finally a good mod that works!

  20. Guest-8017149149 says:

    Haha lol 20 is recommended for mobile but I’m still getting 1000

  21. Guest-6237136173 says:

    The ores aren’t appearing anywhere in the biomes? Neither are caves

  22. Iprobablyhatethis says:

    First nobody called it

  23. Guest-2894358023 says:

    Please make an addon for warp pads!

  24. Guest-7154887381 says:

    big respect for not sending the link to adfly

  25. Guest-4320079507 says:

    very good ∞/5 stars

  26. Guest-1039566308 says:

    Add like custom trees and structures to them and it will be more custom than just different textures and ores

  27. HenryPlays123 says:

    Good Addon! 😀

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