Infinity Stones Addon

Explore a new Minecraft world with 6 Infinity Stones to be discovered and assembled on the Infinity Gauntlet!. Collect all six stones and the fate of Minecraft lies in your hands!

Discover the abilities each Infinity Stone grants you as you fight enemies in Minecraft like never before!


The Power Stone is quite a powerful Infinity Stone which can grant a player many destructive powers.


  • Power Explosion (Hold and Press Use/Place Block Button) *Can be Canceled by holding Power Stone and pressing Sneak
  • Power Blast (Hold Power Stone and Press Sneak)
  • Bolt (Hold and Press Use/Place Block Button)
  • Power Melee (Hold and Attack)
  • Increases Reality Stone Radius


Power Stone: Place Orb in personal crafting slot to craft into Power Stone (Can be Vice Versa)

Cosmi-Rod (with power stone): Place Power Stone and Cosmi Rod in personal crafting slot with Power Stone on top of Cosmi Rod


The Space Stone can grant a player many telekinetic powers.


  • Teleports you and another player [Setup Required] (Hold and press Sneak)
  • Freeze (Hold Freeze and Press Use/Place Block Button)


Space Stone: Place Tesseract in personal crafting slot to craft into Space Stone (Can be Vice Versa)

Spaceport: Teleport then type /function setup then /function step1 to get started


The Reality Stone can grant a player reality warping powers.


  • Turn mobs and entities into bubbles (Hold and press Sneak)
  • Turn players into red glazed terracotta (Hold and press Sneak)


Reality Stone: Place Aether in personal crafting slot to craft into Reality Stone


The Soul Stone allows a player to control the souls of mob and player entities.


  • Capture Mob souls as they turn into dust and release them via spawn egg (Hold and press Sneak)
  • Players will turn to dust and vanish (Hold and press Sneak)


The Time Stone allows a player to manipulate certain aspects of time among mobs and players.


  • Create Time Loops to torture all players within a 100 blk radius *Eye of Agamotto Only* (Hold and press Use/Place Block Button)
  • Reverse Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Rabbits, Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish, Zombie Villagers back to life (Hold and press Sneak then use Netherstar)
  • Reverse players to previous location (Hold and press Sneak then use Netherstar)


  1. Hold Time Stone/Eye of Agamotto then press sneak to set a reverse point for another player at their current position
  2. Hold Netherstar then press sneak to activate reverse and send the player back to the reverse point


Time Stone: Place Eye of Agamotto in personal crafting slot to craft into Time Stone (Can be Vice Versa)


The Mind Stone can turn you into a super powerful mutant.


Scarlett Witch:

  • Super Jump
  • Pulse (Hold Pulse and press use/place block button)
  • Health Regeneration


  • Super Speed


  • Confuse and distort other players with mind control (Hold and press use/place block button)


Mind Stone: Place Scepter in personal crafting slot to craft into Mind Stone (Can be Vice Versa)


Snap: Kills every other mob/player entity in the game


Orb: Found in Jungle Temples

Tesseract: Found in Buried Treasure

Aether: Found in End Cities

Soul Stone: Found in Nether Fortresses

Eye of Agamotto: Found in Woodland Mansions

Scepter/Mind Stone: Found in Ocean Monuments and Igloos

Infinity Gauntlet: Purchased from Weaponsmith Villager

Cosmi-Rod: Purchased from Weaponsmith Villager

Changelog View more
  • Updated Space Stone Texture
  • Infinity Stones Are Now Custom Items
  • Time Stone Reverse Ability Now Works More Efficiently For Players
  • Fixed Wandering Trader Trading Error
  • Added Power Explosion Ability
  • Added Power Blast Ability
  • Power Stone No Longer Summons TNT
  • Soul Stone Now Works For Snow Golems
  • Added Spaceport Tutorial

Yes, I confirm this addon does not include content from any other pack whatsoever.

  • Updated Infinity Gauntlet and Snap textures
  • Soul stone now works with bees and foxes.
  • Updated Infinity Gauntlet and Snap textures.
  • Soul Stone now works for bees and foxes.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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36 Responses

4.09 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Guest-2601214132 says:

    is it possible to just teleport yourself using the space stone cuz i set the thing up and it teleports everyone and i want it to just teleport me please help.

  2. Guest-8510553446 says:

    Agamoto and any other time effects on humans don’t work even with experimental gameplay on

  3. xXZombiezilla172FansXx says:

    Good but can you fix the snap thing please because the snap doesn’t work. 😡😡😡

  4. Guest-1689353973 says:

    how to make mobs come back to life with the stone of time

  5. User-5894673653 says:

    Please do a /give command for the soul stone
    Other than that great mod.

  6. User-4045356273 says:

    amazing, but it’d be better if it didn’t replace any item at all.

  7. User-5530940215 says:

    how do you use the infinity gauntlet?

    • Kanua says:

      Place the Infinity Gauntlet in your shield slot then place the infinity stone(s) in your hotbar and hold the one you want to use then press the sneak/crouch button

      • Guest-3349904113 says:

        Can you support it to 1.15 and can you make the gayntlet functional putting stones and use their powers (just asking)

  8. User-7080966123 says:

    Can you do a YouTube video explaining the mod?

  9. User-8913293495 says:

    Why i download a addon it crash my mc!!!!!!! Fix pls😡😡😡😡😡

  10. User-9534433939 says:

    Won’t let me craft it

  11. User-4965486575 says:


  12. User-8994534886 says:

    make it so the time stone actaully stops time for idk maybe 10 or 15 seconds

    this probably wasn’t from infinty war but I don’t really care

  13. User-3839501404 says:


  14. User-8303466655 says:

    It doesnt even work for me

  15. User-7364879238 says:

    anybody know how to snap? it doesnt say

  16. BenJamin9794 says:

    You could make the Infinity Gauntlet have its own GUI that can add several abilities!

  17. bruh says:

    i know its about the stone but u should add thanos sword, and his suit, if that okay with u

  18. Wittierimpala91 says:

    It is a good add-on keep up the good work

  19. GothicQueen2020 says:

    This addon is amazing but there is one problem. Whenever I even touch the infinity snap item, all of my controls and stuff goes absolutely invisible. Because of this, all I can do is remake the world because it just crashes if I try to just reload it once this happens. Please fix this as soon as possible.

  20. BonnieEXE says:

    Also also, the items aren’t named the same way as how the items are named in the screenshots!! Fix this now!!!!!!!

  21. BonnieEXE says:

    Why aren’t the infinity stones, gaunlet and items where the stones are obtained custom items? Why aren’t they custom items? I literally had Experimental Gameplay enabled with the game version being!! Also, when I sneak to activate the powers, it doesn’t work whatsoever!! FIX THIS NOW!!!

  22. Cgrab says:

    How to remove cheating?

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