Insane Minecraft Seed for Starters (Seed)

Starting a new Minecraft world and wanted a good one with ravine contains exposed diamonds or a mineshaft, or a very long ravine with a mineshaft halfway, or a desert temple with a notch apple? This is a great seed for you to start.

Seed: 3351635/mine

You’ll spawn in a bamboo forest. There is also a ravine which has some exposed diamonds and a mineshaft.

Diamond Coords:

  • 561, 11, 95
  • 583, 11, 36
  • 562, 13, -3

This is a mineshaft just inside the ravine. Here is one of the part of the mineshaft that has three minecart with chest close to each other. (Coords: 597, 22, -44)

Chest loot:

  • 17 Normal Rail
  • 14 Torch
  • 13 Lapiz Lazuli
  • 9 Coal
  • 7 Melon Seeds
  • 5 Redstone Dust
  • 5 Gold Ingot
  • 5 Powered Rail
  • 5 Activator Rail
  • 4 Iron Ingot
  • 2 Detector Rail
  • 2 Pumpkin Seeds
  • Enchanted Book with Sharpness 2
  • A Golden Apple
  • A Name Tag

Going to the direction of the bamboo jungle, you’ll see a desert biome, with a very long 200+ blocks ravine. (From 495, 33, 14, to 278, 33, 74)

  • Start

  • End

Halfway through the long ravine has another mineshaft (406, 44, 77)

If you explored to the end of the ravine you’ll also see a desert tempo (Coords: 186, 64, 90):


  • 40 Bones
  • 24 Rotten Flesh
  • 23 Gunpowder
  • 12 Sand
  • 4 Spider Eyes
  • 2 random Enchanted Books
  • 2 Gold Ingot
  • A Golden Apple
  • An Iron Horse Armor
  • An Enchanted Apple

A village just very close to the temple also has a zombie village (Coords: 91, 100, 141). There is a buried ruined portal (couldn’t find the chest) on 43, 77, 167.

Just following the front of the desert temple will also lead you to another normal desert village (Coords: 188, 71, -212)

You can see my original post from this seed on r/minecraftseeds, or go here (Reddit Post)

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Changed some of the words to be accepted. Thank you, hope you accept this! :)

Uhh why? I said I uploaded this content first on Reddit. I've just added pictures so players will more understand (because the comment I made on Reddit is texts only, they can't see unless they tried the seed). It's just like the same case as the first seed I uploaded on r/minecraftseeds (the ruined portal one), but why that content is accepted? Thank you.

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  1. nittyhorse says:

    This looks great!

  2. RISALZI says:

    This is just for your information,tell the cords and loot list is preety helping,but of you don’t know,the loot of minecraft structure in the same seed are not always have a same loot,it can be randomize.

    And giving a loot list just make a newbie (or someone that have’nt already know this) say you’re lied about the loot

    Sorry for my bad grammar

  3. dadestroyerlucas says:

    Amazing seed been looking for one like this for a while thank you

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