Insane Scoreboard Calculator (No Mod) [Redstone] (Beta Only)

This is a fully functional calculator which makes use of the new scoreboard feature in version (Minecraft beta). It’s really an insane calculator which you can use to calculate any numbers from -2147483647 to 2147483647 and everything are made with just command blocks. A “no mod” is a command block creation adding non-existing mechanics to the game (e.g. new items or features) without the player needing to install a mod or an add-on.

Creator: edhyjox

Start out by using the buttons on the left and right side to select the first two numbers.

Then use any of the mathematical symbols to calculate the equation.

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10 Responses

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  1. AgentMatt6 says:

    I just came to dissect how it works so I can make use of the scoreboard command

  2. 09307728481 says:

    Paano mag punta sa minemap

  3. MineImatorOnAComputer says:

    Yeah… That’s what I’m looking for!!!! But can you make a tutorial on how to use scoreboards???

  4. zwirth says:

    How did you do this if 1.6 hasn’t even come out yet? Let alone 1.7

  5. PC_Screen says:

    If the result is not updating try moving your hotbar around. In the current beta ( there’s a bug where scoreboards won’t update properly if commandblockoutput is set to false

  6. Aarib_AaqibYT says:

    What about iOS?

  7. PhilipSucksAtYoutube says:


  8. LolCraft says:

    😮 i need to learn how to use the scoreboard command😅
    can u make a map like, something about that thing that i just said earlier? that would be really helpful😊😊

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