Insane Universe NPC

Are you boring with npc like villagers, yet? If yes you have to use this addon because this addon will add two variants of new npc namely male and female npc, with a better a.i and can be made friends and even protectors from evil monsters, this addons is still experimental test

This addons will introduce the new NPCs as a better feature than the big-nosed villagers, this add-ons can only supported Minecraft versions 1.16+. You can also make them your friend or even your protector when you want to explore the vast world of Minecraft.

Creator : Reza112 (Twitter)

•) Features :

Male NPC

  • Has different random clothing 
  • Naturally spawns everywhere on overworld (except. Frozen, Snowy, Ocean)
  • Can be tamed with Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot & Netherite Scrap
  • Can be heal with ‘Any Cooked Meats’
  • Can give ‘Crossbow, Bow, Swords & Trident’ to them (if partner)

Female NPC

  • Has different random clothing
  • Naturally spawns everywhere on overworld (except. Frozen, Snowy, Ocean)
  • Can be tamed with ‘Red Flower Types’, ‘Yellow Flower Types’, and ‘Double Plants’.
  • Can be heal with ‘Cooked Meats’
  • Can give ‘Crossbow, Swords & Bow’ to them (if partner)

Preview :

 Skin Selector Section :

Medieval Skins Preview :

Information ! :

  • Please leave a feedback if you found any bugs or problem with add-ons
  • Remember to Activate the “Experimental Mode” on World Setting before you enter the world
  • Don’t use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • If you want to re-upload to another website, remember to write my name on creators and please use my download link !!
  • You don’t need to always create a new world to install this add-ons

Changelog View more

Update (v2)!

  • Reupload missing Client Packs
  • No Virus Ads Download Link (Fix)
  • Change Add-ons Title Name

Update v1.0.8.3 !!

===== | Changes | =====
  • Fixed Spawn Rules
  • Only Behavior / Server has Updated

Update v1.0.8.1 !

(Money for Goods Update)
===== | Additional | =====
  • Added 'Attack cooldown when attacked (untamed npc only)'
  • Added 'Barter for Untamed NPC (had cooldown when they're attacked)' [ Experimental Test ]
  • Added 'NPC Partner Inventory (only available when following it's owner)'
  • Added 'New Admiring Animations'
===== | Changes | =====
  • NPC now become guardian when night time in Village (while in guardian mode you can't be partner with them)
  • NPC now will forget their target when they too far
  • Partner NPC can now be heal with 'Apple, Carrot, Cookie, Cake, Golden Apple, Golden Carrot, Enchanted Golden Apple'
  • Fixed 'Give Trident' Interact to Male NPC
  • Made Interact text more specifically
  • Improved NPC's A.I
  • Now available in various languages, including : (English (En-US), French (FR) & Indonesia (ID), More Soon.)
  • Animation in Skin Selectors (DLC) now matches with original Add-on

Update v1.0.7.7 !!

  • Added NPC Arrow & it's damage will according to difficulty
  • NPC now will used single hand instead of both hand while attacks enemy
  • Fixed Attack Animation Loops
  • Added new add-on titles
  • Added Add-on version code in description

INSANE Update v1.0.7.5 !

  • Added Help Tutorial Command '/function insane/help'
  • Added Items Starter Packs Command '/function insane/start' 
  • Removed 'Manual Books' from Trader's Shop List
  • NPC now when melee attack will used single hand instead of both hand
  • Another Bug Fixes

Update v1.0.7.1 !!

  • Added Ability to 'shear hairs' for npc partner only.
  • Damaged weapons can now be dropped from NPC.
  • Now 'Trident' can be give to Male NPC by owner
  • 'Item interact is no longer require for 'player' to sneaking. Except for 'weapons interact' is still required.
  • Sit interact' is now part of the 'Stay'.
  • NPC Partner can now be named (cannot if them in 'Stay & Sit Position')
  • Vilandering Trader's Shop List is now Updated.

Update v1.0.6.3 !

  • Added Interaction to Give Weapons by Owner (except. Trident).
  • Added Crossbow Animation. (have small bugs)
  • Fixed Ranged Attack Speed Animation.
  • Fixed Skin Selector Setting.

Update v1.0.6 :

  • Skin setup is now part of Skin Selector
  • Fixed Textures Missing Issues
  • Fixed NPC Model Geometry
  • Now you can use your own textures (place in ".custom" folder, but turn on hidden files first).

Update v1.0.4 [Experimental] !

  • Only supported with version 1.16 (Nether Update)
  • Added Interact to Movefreely (but will still protect their owner)
  • Added Items for Follow & Movefreely Interaction (use sneak if with stand doesn't work & with "hold special item")
  • Added Vilandering Traders & it Spawn Egg (they sell new items and the item will give you abilities to interaction with Humanoid NPC)
  • Fixed NPC won't to attack monsters issues
  • Added New Manual Books (How to be partner with NPC)
  • Added Iron Coins (Trade with Vilandering Trader)
  • Added Golden Coins (Trade with Vilandering Trader)
  • Added Diamond Coins (Trade with Vilandering Trader)
  • Added Hairs Growth Cream [ function : to to accelerate NPC's hair to growth ] (Unused for now)
  • Added Secret Items (Trade with Vilandering Trader)
  • Added Medieval Skins (You can setup this, in the world setting of the addons is installed)
  • Removed Ability to Give Weapons (only for the moment)
  • Removed Ability to Shears NPC's Hair (only for the moment)

Update v1.0.1 !

  • Added More pics in description
  • Fixed NPC Spawn Egg can be found in creative inventory issues 
  • Fixed NPC Spawns Rate


 Looking for Installation :

Info : Also you can download this Add-on from MCPEDL Official App


Supported Minecraft versions


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120 Responses

4.14 / 5 (43 votes)
  1. Pedrodenovo says:

    hi could you teach me how to make random skin in addons? I wanted to do something like that but you know how to do it

  2. Guest-4403064258 says:

    whats the diffrence between downloads

  3. Guest-9021199640 says:

    No se generan men enserio no los encuentro literalmente he ido a darle la vuelta a varios biomas (menos los que no salen) y nada no los encuentro

  4. Guest-2953645860 says:

    link has virus!!
    could you give a direct link for download?

  5. Guest-6135523316 says:

    Sorry if this is me just being dumb, but how do I make the NPC sit? All right-clicking seems to do is open their inventory. Besides that, this is great!

  6. Guest-6602505700 says:

    Hey, Im playing on v1.16.0.61 and they still don’t spawn Naturally…I was just wondering if this is a bug or do I need to go further away from spawn?

  7. I’m sorry about that, but like i say, you can download for no ads from MCPEDL Official App either. And maybe i will fix the link

  8. Guest-9389715251 says:

    Can make the ads using

  9. Guest-6938923706 says:

    this guy’s download link installs an exe (aka a VIRUS) from linkvertise. It doesn’t install the mcaddon, DON’T DOWNLOAD PPL, IT HAS A VIRUS!

  10. Guest-5195096960 says:

    Hey can i use this addon for the map im making? it will be very useful plus best addon ever! Loved it!!

  11. Guest-3786949796 says:

    Can you fix the give trident I can’t give it them

  12. Guest-4346513804 says:

    How do you heal them

  13. Guest-8505048363 says:

    Can you put a 1.14 version too?

  14. TryHardJibs says:

    OfficialReza112, someone just stole your Insane United Worlds addon and posted it on the Google Play Store. This is a serious problem that the Minecraft community cannot tolerate, and it needs to be stopped immediately! Just search up “Map Insane United Worlds Mod” on the Google Play Store, and you will see it. Moreover, don’t install it or else you will be bombarded by advertisements!

  15. Guest-2488871764 says:

    Give me fast link
    I can’t download it

  16. Guest-5307011725 says:

    Can you give more in-depth tutorial on how mod works? Like, I don’t know how to use all these things you can buy from vilandering trader.

  17. Guest-6997579434 says:

    Anda esta nueva actulizacion en la version 1.14

  18. Hey! I think these npc’s could really use the option for armor. Their attack behavior is a little weird as well. They have super short range, and will run away from many opponents.

  19. Anonymous says:

    So you added a dlc to an addon, which is a dlc to another addon, which is a dlc to a game. Nice.

  20. Guest-3576779902 says:

    can you make it so that you can heal them with food instead

  21. Guest-4368067068 says:

    Esta muy bueno el addons
    Amigo quiero que agregues que le podamos poner nombre alos npc
    Con etiqueta porfa amigo asi pa que se vea como si fuera un jugador!

  22. Guest-8121679386 says:

    hello, hey I have a problem and it is that I download the different textures of the Npc and at the moment of importing it tells me that there was an error and will not let me import it. Help!

  23. Guest-3710798592 says:

    Please don’t use shady download websites :'(

  24. Guest-8232693297 says:

    How do I download?

  25. Guest-2249334586 says:

    Do the npcs attack other players when you are attacked by said player, like tamed dogs?

  26. Guest-1663189908 says:

    Hey this is just a idea for your addon maybe like an interaction that instead of the the trade menu its like your own menu like maybe they can speak like just text and like all the heal and can give items..and we can edit it only in creative and not in survival..overall THIS IS THE BEST ADDON EVER!!

  27. Guest-1698773006 says:

    Finally i could get rid of squidward humanoid thingy

  28. Vincent Ceasar says:

    Hello, didn’t want to be impolite, sorry. Please, fix the problem with 14.60.

  29. Guest-7270867775 says:

    Can they use bow/crossbow?

  30. Guest-2482962422 says:

    Can you make a npc that can display a message to you in chat, basically a useful variable to a roleplay world. Anyways thats just me,thank you for the good work and hope to see some bow actions in the future.

  31. Guest-3033758616 says:

    Good man, how can I put the aspects I want, could you explain to me please?

    • 1). You need to extract the resource pack first
      2). then go to “subpacks > .custom > entity > npc2 > female or male (it’s up to you),
      3). edit your skin, like the template I have listed there (oh yes you have to enable “hidden files” in your file manager).

  32. Vincent Ceasar says:

    I am on WIN10, 14.60. NPC’s don;t have their usual skins, they are pink and purple texture. FIX!

  33. AggelSparda says:

    Only 1.16?

  34. Zuimba says:

    I want a button for the section

  35. Zuimba says:

    Could you plz make a section that controls the healing? When I try to heal the Npc It doesn’t heal! Idk how to heal w/ this mod!

  36. Average Addon Man says:

    Make them heal with food. 🙂

  37. Guest-8799203426 says:

    Hello, this addon is great, but i have a question. Can you change the skins of the npcs to make it more cool? I just want to do some my akins to be applied to the npcs. Overall, cool addon.😉

  38. Guest-6399128593 says:

    I try to change the texture but it no longer leaves me like the first

  39. Guest-5096835637 says:

    Hi, the mod works, but I’d doesn’t show the textures, so I can’t see the entities

  40. Guest-3249650374 says:

    could you please make it so we can leash them or at least keep them in one spot (when i make them sit they still move around)

  41. Guest-9766002346 says:

    Do they work like dogs. Like when u are attacked they fight or do they just kill mobs that are near by

  42. Guest-9611038743 says:

    Can you add the feature for the MPCs trident/sword be able to be inchanted

    • I think, i’ve added that feature but “weapon” will have chance to be enchanted. Maybe i can look and fix for them. Thanks

      • Guest-1601921289 says:

        Very promissed mod, can make a lot of things with this, but, for now…. can u add the option of give an armour?. AND….. make more inteligents like wolves xd, i talk on serius…, if u want more ideas , tellme i can give u more, cause i now is hard to make addons and very timestealer, but…. your addon is very nice

      • Guest-9991295678 says:

        And… do you know, u can increase the npc hp if u give them some flowers or irons? I make a test and 4 stacks flowers/ irom =14 dmg( 7), 7 stacks flowes/iron= 14 dmg ( 11) , so nice this fact

  43. Guest-6295449970 says:

    could you make it so we could leash them?

  44. Add that npc attack monster

  45. Nice I will post a video of your addon

  46. Please give stars if you are enjoy this Addons, Thank You 🙂

  47. Guest-4532148476 says:

    Bro this mod is amazing but Why icant give swords or trident to him/her sorry for bad english

    • Steps :
      1. Tame the NPC (Female : Using Any Flower except. Wither Rose & Male : Using Netherite Scrap, Iron Ingot)
      2. Player must sneaking while hold weapon (Trident or Swords)
      3. Aim to them and hold click or click the interact text

      Thank you 🙂

  48. Guest-2814979728 says:

    esta muy bueno gracias por solucionar los problemas con su spawn

  49. Guest-8260665996 says:

    Can you two the ability to put armor on the mics and can you add voices thanks

  50. Guest-5356307168 says:

    I have a problem the add-on doesn’t load

    I did every single steps and proper way of installing it, Resource and behavior are in the my packs section but when I use it it doesn’t work pls help it looks great tho

  51. Can you please make a version where they look Medieval and don’t have the anime-looking eyes. These NPC’s don’t fit into Minecraft’s aesthetic at all. Have 5 stars for the behaviors anyway.

  52. Guest-6094988168 says:

    Sometimes the texture is glitched

  53. Guest-2865199624 says:

    can you make it so they sleep PLEASE

  54. Guest-7496660107 says:

    I can’t see any npc .can you please fix this
    I’m using mcpe v.1.16

  55. Guest-5735106332 says:

    You’ll Are STUPID it doesn’t neep spawn egg, because you can summon it by using /Summon (Command) Stupid Idiots

  56. Sorry for the inconvenience guys, I will update & fix it as soon as possible

  57. Guest-2516837628 says:

    Bro the npc are not spawning, you put a spawegg in the next versión please 🙏

  58. Guest-4033630711 says:

    Hi. I wonder where/show they spawn, as I cant see them.

  59. AggelSparda says:

    NPC are not spawning. Playing in Win10, Creative mode, Experimantal ON. I traveled across the world and not found a single one. Maybe you can put a spawn egg.

    Srry for my basic english.

  60. Guest-7718252531 says:

    Are the npc is spawn able using egg? If not plz tell me because i did not find the egg 🤔 btw is this addon working for V14.30 ?

  61. Guest-3451828114 says:

    Does it work on realms?

  62. Guest-9402726501 says:

    I think the females should be only became your guardian with only bow,but overall nice addon

  63. Guest-3949864297 says:

    Your links don’t work

  64. Guest-8614829987 says:

    can you make them move freely or can you have a child with the npc?

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