Minecraft Insane United Worlds (1.16 Supported)

You dream as if adventure is fun especially with fantastic supplies? .. These addons will make your adventure more colorful with food features and lots of ores and blocks for decorations and various monsters will challenge you, and sorry if you don’t like and are interested in these addon.

Owner : OfficialReza112

This addons will adding various interesting features that may not be in the game, as new biomes, new entities, and much more, but remember this still in the beta stages, and this addons only for version 1.13 or above.

    Volcanical Biome

    Candy Crown Biome


      • Don’t Be Close if you won’t get hurt
      • Cactus can be obtained if you Sheared Them
      • Neutrally Spawns at Desert & Mesa (Badlands)

    Ender Blazes

    • Have ability to teleportation
    • Shoot Ender Bullet
    • Like Blazes they are hate water too


    • Fly around your world
    • Passive Mob
    • Can be catched (Upcoming)

    • More Features can be check by yourself 🙂

      Warning!! :

    • Remember to Activate the “Experimental Mode” on World Setting before you enter the world [ It’s Important ! ]
    • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
    • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
    • Do not use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
    • Do not Reupload This Addons to another website, please!!
    • Remember to backup your World to Use this Add-ons

    Changelog View more

    INSANE Update v1.0.1 !

    Not Much but Useful

    ============ [ Additions ] =============

    • Added Item - Dried Bamboo (Only Fixed)
    • Added More Photos on Description

    ============= [ Changes ] ==============

    • Updated Addons Descriptions
    • Ender Blaze at the moment they are now will drop Endermen's Items
    • Fixed Furnace Recipe for Dried Bamboo
    • Fixed Crash when Spawning Ender Blaze
    • Fixed Crafting Recipe for Dried Bamboo Planks

    INSANE ( v1.0 BETA UPDATE !)

    "The Next Adventure Returns to Begin"

    ============ Additional =============

    • Added Biome - Chocolate Flush (More is coming soon)
    • Added Block - Ender Lantern
    • Added Block - Ender Ore
    • Added Block - Spinite Stone (Stone, Smooth, Cobble)
    • Added Block - Dried Bamboo Planks
    • Added Block - Tungsten Ore
    • Added Block - Block of Tungsten
    • Added Item - Ash Powders
    • Added Item - Ender Shard
    • Added Item - Dried Bamboo
    • Added Item - Tungsten Ingot
    • Added Item - Tungsten Metal Stick
    • Added Item - Metal Nuggets
    • Added Recipe - Dried Bamboo to Dried Bamboo Planks
    • Added Recipe - Ender Shard to Ender Pearl
    • Added Recipe - Ash Powder to Ash Block
    • Added Entity - Firefly *Experimental Test*
    • Added Entity - Giant Boss (only can be spawned by Commands at the moments) [ attention: will be lag if you summon it and if you're in survival mode ]
    • Added Entity - Exploding Arrow *Experimental Test* [only available on execute commands]
    • Added Equipment - Killer Mask
    • Added Function - "equipment_diving_helmet" (only for activated cheats)
    • Added Function - "equipment_killer_mask" (only for activated cheats)

    ============ [ Changes ] =============

    • Now Supported version 1.16 (with some minor bugs)
    • Updated Ender Blazes
    • Updated Ender Bullets
    • Updated Spawn Rules
    • Updated Mouse A.I System
    • Updated Checkered Blocks
    • Removed Mineral Stick Recipes
    • Renamed Mineral Stick to Mineral Metal Stick"
    • Changes for Mineral Sword Recipes
    • Now you can smelt damaged diamond tools & armors into diamond nuggets
    • Custom Blocks now won't appears in the Creative Inventory to support 1.15 & 1.16
    • Dragonflies no longer Invisible & Fixed their Model
    • Colored Planks now can be obtained again after you place it
    • Cactushrooms can become hurtful when you're too close to them
    • Ash Powder now can be used for recipes to make "Coal"

    v0.2 Final (Update X0.1.1) !

    The Kind of Small As Insects

    ============ Additional ============
    • Added Entity - New Type of Hamsters
    • Added Food - Slice of Baked Bread
    • Added More Recipes into Crafting Recipe Packs

    ============ Changes ============
    • Fixed crash when spawning Ender Blazes
    • Saddle now can be switch to Horse Saddle and Reverse as Craft
    • Dragonfly now can be spawns & summon again
    • Dragonfly now has glowing eyes
    • Humanoid NPC (Female) now have the correct texture
    • Ice Cubes now can be craft again
    • Mantaray now have the correct texture and models
    • Skeletons now can be turn into Sunkeners (Skeletons Underwater Type) when they are too long in underwater
    • Acorn Blocks now can be crafting again
    • Plastic block now can be crafting to Plastic Shard again

    Update v0.2 [ Final ] !

    ( The Big Mountains of The Stones )

    ======== Additional ========

    • Added "New Ingot - Ingots from Existing & New Gems"
    • Added "New Ingot - Redstone Ingot"
    • Added "New Entity - Humanoid NPC"
    • Added "New Entity - Hamsters"
    • Added "New Entity - More Pig Variants
    • Added "New Secret - EasterEgg of NameTag for Rabbits (Killer Bunny)"
    • Added "New Block - Colored Wooden Planks"
    • Added "New Block - Checker Block Pattern (B&Y)"
    • Added "New Block - More Variant of Asphalt Blocks"
    • Added "New Biome - Gravel Vains"
    • Added "New Recipe - Ingot from Gems"
    • Added "New Drink - Beetroot Juice Bottle"
    • Added "New Drink - Berry Juice Bottle"
    • Added "New Drink - Carrot Juice Bottle"
    • Added "New Drink - Potato Juice Bottle
    • Added "New Drink - Melon Juice Bottle"
    • Added "New Item - Brain (New Zombie's Loot)"
    • Added "New Equipment - Diving Helmet (only with command at the moment)"
    • Added "New Function - (/function diving_helmet_use)"

    ======== Changes ========

    • Fixed Damages for New Swords is Work Properly.
    • Fixed Crash when spawning Ender Blaze.
    • Now Ravager is tamable and also rideable (to tame it wear pumpkin head but remember to hold iron ingot on your hand but you must sneaking).
    • Now Piratey will attacks NPC And they are now had Sound Effects.
    • Now Ender Blazes can spawns in The End (will try to kill you too).
    • Now you can found "Ducks" at Savanna & Swamp Biome
    • Limestone now only can be generated in Swamp Underground or Some Caves at that biomes.
    • Marble now only can be generated in both Taiga & Savanna Underground or Some Caves at that biomes.
    • Now "Drinkable Juice Bottle" will still have "few water" inside when you already drank it, and can be refilled when it still in "half condition" (with same half water)
    • Changed the Mice Textures & Models.
    • Changed the Dragonflies Textures & Models.
    • Changes Medium Bottle to Regular Drinkable Bottle.
    • Salt Powder now can only be stacked up to 16, instead of 64 items.
    • Guardians & Elder Guardian now will attacks Mantaray
    • Bees are now has Smaller Size than Vanilla

    Update v0.4 (3rd Beta)!

    == Additional ==

    • Added "New Damage for Swords"
    • Added "Gingerbread Mob"
    • Added "Gingerbread Food"
    • Added "Wastelands Biome"
    • Added "Wastelands Flat Biome"
    • Added "Orchid Fields Biome"
    • Added "A Mouse Variant"
    • Added "Polar Bear Hide"
    • Added "Dried Mouse Hide"
    • Added "Name Tag Clip"
    • Added "More New Asphalt Block"
    • Added "Volcanical Biome"

    === Changes ===

    • Increased Health of Dragonflies
    • Improved A.I - "Dragonfly" (Used 1.14 Components)
    • Improved A.I - "Mice"
    • Now "Dry Salted Sand" can be neutrally generated on your world
    • Now "Wet Salted Sand" can be neutrally generated on your world
    • Now Mice can steal foods from garden
    • Change "Name Tag" Crafting Recipe
    • Change Salted Egg Bucket - Item Data
    • Fixed Missing Recipes
    • Fixed Missing Texture
    • Fixed Missing Tile or Missing Block data

    Update v0.4 (2nd Beta)!

    == Additional ==

    • BLOCK - Added "Mint Block"
    • BLOCK - Added "Mossy Normal Stone"
    • BLOCK - Added "Plastic Ore"
    • BLOCK - Added "Medkit Block"
    • BLOCK - Added "Wet Salted Sand"
    • ITEM - Added "Strawberry Seeds"
    • ITEM - Added "Plastic Shard"
    • ITEM - Added "Plastic Sheet"
    • ITEM - Added "Plastic Plate"
    • ITEM - Added "Plastic Stick"
    • ITEM - Added "Chainmail"
    • ITEM - Added "ChainLink"
    • ITEM - Added "Mouse Hide"
    • ITEM - Added "Medicine"
    • ITEM - Added "Salt Bucket"

    === Changes ===

    • Now Supported with new version of 1.14 or Bees & Bugs Updates
    • Now Strawberries are no longer as "Seeds"
    • Mice now will dropped "Mouse Hide" if dead compared to dropping "Cheese"
    • Now "Medium Milk Bottle" can remove "Any Bad Effects" when Drunk
    • Reducing the Duration Nausea Effect, which given by eating too much "Salt"

    Update v0.4 (Beta 1)!

    == Additional ==

    • BLOCK - Added "Border Block"
    • BLOCK - Added "Sugarcane Block"
    • BLOCK - Added "Marble Stone & Brick"
    • ENTITY - Villagers now close their Eyes, when they are sleep
    • ENTITY - Now Ravager can be as A Pet (use Carved Pumpkin to avoid their Anger)
    • WORLD - Added "Basalt" Generate
    • WORLD - Added "Limestone" Generate
    • WORLD - Added "Marble" Generate
    • WORLD - Added "Beta Remover"

    === Changes ===

    • Now Only Compatible with version - 1.13.0.x

    INSANE UPDATE v0.3.2 !!

    • Renamed "Color" Brick Block to "Color" Stained Brick Block
    • Added Block - More Basalt Brick (Stonecutter)
    • Added Block - Coffee Bush
    • Added Block - Stained Brick
    • Added Item - Coffee Beans
    • Added Item - Roasted Coffee Beans
    • Added Item - Mantaray Fin (Dropped by Mantaray )
    • Component - Decreased Damage of Archer Arrow
    • Component - Updated Mantaray Anims
    • Component - Updated Mantaray A.I

    ------- Please Report if there is Bugs or Something Wrong with this Addon -------

    Update v0.3

    • Renewed Some Textures
    • Fixed Fried Egg Recipe
    • Fixed Generate Candy Crown Biome
    • Added Biome - Candy Crown Starlight
    • Added Outline Texture for New Ores
    • Added Block - Checker Blocks
    • Added Block - Road Asphalt
    • Added Block - More Stone Bricks
    • Added Food & Drink - Marshmallow
    • Added Food & Drink - Marshmallow on a stick
    • Added Food & Drink - Baked Marshmallow on a stick
    • Added Food & Drink - Candy Cotton
    • Added Food & Drink - Raw & Cooked Squid
    • Added Item - Chocolate Bucket
    • Added Food & Drink - Candy Cane
    • Added Food & Drink - Smelted Chocolate Bucket
    • Added Animal - Mice
    • Added Animal - Mantaray
    • Added Animal - Candy Cow
    • Added Animal - Dragonfly
    • Added Animal - Fennec Fox

    ------- Please Report if there is Bugs or Something Wrong with this Addon -------

    Update Patch A17-2019!

    • Improvements for "candy crown biomes" to make them easier to find

    Update v0.2.2 !

    1. Added Manual for Installing the Addons
    2. Added More Detailed Info + Pics
    3. Bug Fixes

    Update v0.2 BETA !!

    --- You Wanna Build ?? --- 
    • Added Various New Stone Bricks (can only make with "Stonecutter")
    • Added Various New Basalt Bricks (can only make with "Stonecutter")
    • Added New Colored Brick Blocks
    • Added Dirty Pig (clean it with bucket of water, take a bath, or with sponge wet)
    • Added Various New Type of Cows
    • Added Ender Blazes
    • Added Archer NPC (WIP)
    • Added Fossils Ore (Naturally Generated on Your World, Cave, Ravines or more) you can get bones from it
    • Added Sound for Ducks
    • Fixed Throwing Egg Only Spawning Adult Duck (Not Sure)
    • Added Mossy Brick Block
    • Added Potion of Levitation (only from Commands)
    • Added Potion of Blindness (only from Commands)

    Update v0.1 (Final Version)

    -------- Become Adventurers ---------
    • The First Final Version
    • Bug, Error, Glitch was Fixed
    • Improvement Textures
    • Updates NPC's A.I
    • Format version data driven is changed to 1.10 and instead 1.8
    • Update the Entities & Biomes, so can be supported version 1.12 
    • Now "Egg" can be spawns Ducks, if players thrown it.
    • Ducks can be take out "Egg"
    • Final Version is Only for version 1.12. Final

    Update v0.1.5 (1st Beta) !

    ---- Builders and Their Friends ----
    • Added new Limestone Blocks & Type of Limestone Bricks
    • Added new type of Stone Bricks
    • Added new type of Basalt Bricks
    • Craft the new brick blocks in "STONECUTTER"
    • Limestone can be natural generate on SWAMP Biome
    • Basalt can be natural generate on Volcanical Biome
    • Added new animal "The Ducks". (still testing)
    • Added Mineral Blocks (Metal & Gem)
    • Improved the A.I system for Female NPC
    • Now you can customable Their Weapons with Swords and Normal Bow (Crossbow cannot for now)

    v0.1.4 Beta 3 (Update!)

    Only Small Changes
    • Change the UUID in both Packs
    • Fixed "Copper Stick" Missed it Crafting Recipe
    • Removed the "Destroy Texture"
    • Fixed "Sword Damage and Diving Helmet Effect" didn't work properly

    v0.1.4 Beta 2 !

    •  Disable Custom Flowers to anticipate glitch that results in a block being transparent
    • Now "Chocolate Block" is in Creative Inventory
    • Now "Chocolate Grass" is in Creative Inventory
    • Now "Chocolate Dirt" is in Creative Inventory
    • Added "Chocolate Block Crafting Recipes"
    • Added new "Volcanical Biomes"
    • Added "Ash Block" and "Shale Block"
    • Fixed Bugs for Chocolate Recipe in Crafting Grid
    • Added Crafting Recipe of "Material Stick"
    • Added "Mineral Swords + Added has different Damages and  Durabilities"
    • You can Type "/function insane_swords_info" in Chat, to see the swords info of how much damages, if you attack other entities
    • Added "Mineral Sticks"

    v0.1.4 Update !

    • Added More Oak Tables
    • Added Ore Blocks
    • Added "CANDY CROWN" Biomes
    • Added "CHOCOLATE SWIFT" Biomes
    • Added Cotton Candy Blocks
    • Added Chocolate & Cloud Block
    • Added Ingots, Sticks (can't craft now), and Gems
    • Ore Blocks can be Generated in Undergrounds or in Caves
    • Added List of Items
    • Swords & Tools is Coming Soon
    • Added Custom Crafting Recipes For Vanilla Items
    • Updated Some Textures

    What's New?

    - Version 0.1 -
    • Added Variation of Bookshelf
    • Added Block Vending (Entity)
    • Added Food Color (Can Nothing for Now)
    • Updated & Improved Custom Biomes
    • Support & Only for 1.13 Beta

    Update v0.0.7.3

    [ Small Changes ]

    What's New?

    • Rename Oxygen Helmet to Diving Helmet
    • Fixed Diving Helmet Effect not work
    • Fixed Custom Structure won't Spawn
    • Fixed Transparent Inner on Diving Helmet
    • Added Girls Non Playable Character (give them flowers to make your friends or your protector)
    • NPC : Support Your Custom Skin (beside Default Skin)
    • Update Testing Map

    Beta v0.0.7 Update

    What's New?
    • Added back Oxygen Helmet certainly replace Carved Pumpkin
    • Added More Crafting Recipes to Map
    • Added Mud Block (not in creative inventory) and will be spawns on new Plastic Biome
    • Added Plastic, Salt Generate, Salted Sand Biome
    • Added Sweety Candies
    • Added More Beautiful Flowers
    • Might be will there's bugs on Water & Glass Block
    • Added Candy Cane Block
    • Added Neon Lamp, Neon Shard, and Neon Chips
    • Improved Textures
    • Added Marshmallow & Plastic Block

    Version 0.0.5a

    • Recreate from 0% to anticipate errors, bugs, and items & blocks that are missed
    • Renamed from Insane Worlds
    • Please Follow my Twitter for the info next update

    Changelog v0.4.7 (Beta 2)

    • Added New Coins
    • Added New Ingots
    • Added New Items
    • Added New Structures
    • Now " Platinum Ores " can be naturally spawns in Jungle & Plains
    • Now " Amethyst Ores " can be naturally spawns in Taiga & Mesa
    • Now " Stacked Acorns & Dark Acorns " can be naturally spawns in Jungle
    • Now " Basalt & Marble " can be naturally spawns in Extreme Hills
    • New " Floating Rainbow Structure" Naturally spawns on the sky over oceans
    • Added New Entity (Ender Blaze (WiP)
    • Added New Entity (Piratey) spawns underwater near shipwreck

    Update v0.4.7 (beta 1)

    • Added More Metal Blocks (not including metal ingots)
    • Added Oxygen Helmet (Carved Pumpkin is Retextured to this and so that it can be useful)
    • Added "Function Command" to View Item lists
    • Added "Bluebell Flower" (It might be a bug in its shape)
    • The Crafting Recipes is coming soon

    Update v0.4.1

    • Added More Supply to Intrusted Trader
    •  Now You can purchase the Swords from Intrusted Trader
    • Added Marble & Basalt Blocks
    • Added New Light Block 
    • Added More Interesting Items
    • Added More Coins 
    • Added More Ore Blocks 
    • Added More Ingots and Gems
    • Added "Medical Kit Block & Item"
    • Added New Entity (Only Concept)
    • Bugs & Mistakes has Fixed 
    • Updated the Block Textures

    Update v0.3.7

      Whats New ?

    • Added Chainmail (Item)
    • Swords and Knives no longer wrong grip when seen in the 3rd person
    • Added More Recipes for Vanilla Items
    • Swords durability now can be used for longer

    Update v0.3.2!

    • New Ores now can be smelt by Furnace or Blast Furnace
    • Added Brain (New Item) as New Loot Drop for Zombies find Them
    • Added More Gems & Ingots
    • Added Block of Gems
    • Added Smooth Coal Block (Only for Decoration Block for Now)
    • Added Swords for Existing Gems (Craft as Normal Sword)
    • Golden Coin now can be Craft
    • Added Silver Coin (Get from new Trader or Craft it)
    • Added Butcher Knife (Trade with Villager Butcher)
    • Added "Russian Language"
    • Added New Trader (Named "Intrusted Trader")
    • Intrusted Trader can Spawn with Tamed Horse as his friend


    Please Report or Comment below if you have found any bugs, error or any problem within the addon


    Alternative links only if the first version of add-ons cannot be installed


    Supported Minecraft versions

    1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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    205 Responses

    4.32 / 5 (78 votes)
    1. TryHardJibs says:

      OfficialReza112, someone just stole this addon and posted on the Google Play Store. This is a serious problem that the Minecraft community cannot tolerate, and it needs to be stopped immediately! Just search up “Map Insane United Worlds Mod” on the Google Play Store, and you will see it. Just don’t install it or else you will be bombarded by advertisements!

    2. Guest-8162023489 says:

      The textures don’t work and the mobs are invisible, I turned on experimental gameplay pls help

    3. Guest-7603662510 says:

      The small pieces of salmon and chopped up salmon lost their texture! Please fix this! I’m using this add-on on my world! ( I’m not a youtuber)

    4. – Updated to Latest BETA version, More Description Photos, More Bug Fixed. Have Fun 🙂

    5. Guest-6245249159 says:

      Umm I was really excited of trying this out but when I try to import it to Minecraft it says “Not a valid zip archive” what does that mean?

    6. Add a link for 1.14 with all blocks in inventory becouse i dont know commands

    7. Guest-8371398133 says:

      Mod showcase is terrible… Literally no content displayed or mentioned.
      Due to that, I am not interested to download it from the information we got.
      Sorry, but 1 star is all i can give here.

    8. Thanks for uploading this on my Birthday.

    9. Guest-9713122738 says:

      Add boy humanoid NPCs and fix the bug where ender blazes crash the game

    10. insxmniac says:

      Hi! The mod looks great, but there’s a one problem. When I’m on creative mode and go to the inventory, I can only find new buliding blocks and new eggs, but no weapons, food or anything. I have to use /give command to get the items, and I don’t know how to make them appear in the inventory. What do I do?

    11. Jhonathan says:

      how to create kindling with ores ???

    12. Jhonathan says:

      when you break a block, do you get something edible (since it’s sweet)?

    13. Information : This Account is Change The Name, because the old account is already removed by Me and Thank You

    14. Finally Update !!, Please report if you found any bugs & error, Enjoy Everyone 😊

    15. Alex says:

      It crashes for me when i spawn the ender blaze and the other mobs are invisible and the blocks have errors, pls fix this i am beta 1.14 and i have A50

    16. Arthur 999 says:

      oi meu amigo tudo bem ame seu insano mundo unido addon Estou muito ansioso, estava vendo coisas que não podem ser alcançadas, o comando com limão e laranja etc. Estou muito ansioso pelas animações e aventuras de vida addons esses 3 addons juntos faça minecraft ficar melhor do que todo mundo quer ver npc grávida, veja novos biomas ravenger para animais de estimação e veja porcos enlameados vampiros de aquário e frutas legumes e corpos

      • obrigado meu amigo porque você quer me apoiar. e para alguns recursos já incluídos nos complementos, incluindo “Muddy Pig, Ravager agora pode ser usado como animal de estimação (dando Iron Ingots com a condição de usar abóbora na cabeça). aguarde outros recursos. happy playing 🙂

    17. Lump says:

      What do I do with Insane Crafting? It just says Extract

    18. some smart person says:

      for the xbox players the folder your supposed to put it into is named behavior_packs with a lower case b if its not there create the folder with the exact name i did

    19. Mommy fgteev says:

      Why doea candy cane block look like old japan flag?

    20. x1118 says:

      hey, im in beta 1.14 and it wont let me wear the armor and also the weapon’s damage doesnt work

    21. For you have problem where Crafting Recipes Place?, open & extract it on your Computer or Laptop

    22. SkyAvenger says:

      I dont know did I do everything rigth but I cant do anything whit ores ( I cant craft anything) pls tell me what to do

    23. Anonymous says:

      Im on Xbox what folder do i put the recipes in to make them show up

    24. Maximus27 says:

      Por que hay menos craftesos de comida clmo el de el huevo etc.

    25. Comment below, what’s Missing or you have suggestion for the feature?.

    26. Anonymous says:

      How do you look at the recipes on Windows 10?

    27. Anonymous says:

      How do you open the crafting recipes on Windows 10?

    28. Anonymous says:

      Great job on the add on it’s really cool I just wish i could put it on realms

    29. Thetigerking says:

      It lags wen i download is plz plz fix 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

    30. Sadwo says:

      Awesome mod but I can’t find any biome or any ores for some reason

    31. Alice says:

      How to install the Crafting Recipes? Do they go in the same folder as Behavior or Resource?

    32. Rian N says:

      could you give me the crafting recipe of all item?

    33. Harrythemagician13 says:

      i have an Mob idea for the thaf lives/Spawns on Volcanical Biome The pyromancer it looks like a Villager but it is wearing Red Colored cloak and it has with Fire symbol on it And The Mob is Neutral and And Also it is Hostile Towards Zombies When it killed it drops Blaze Rods and An Item Called inferno Gem it can be use to Make An Fire Wand with it The Attack of the Pyromancer it can Shoot a Fireball at you

    34. Justice says:

      Everything works fine, Love the Addon-on btw. The only issue is that Piratey’s are invisible they’ll can still attack me. Idk If I messed up or this is a glitch

    35. Cylerz says:

      Is this normal?? XD

    36. Nice addon says:

      Damm all those people complaining about the link
      Do u know how hard is to make this Addon.

      Btw asom addons works smooth.

    37. Cylerz says:

      Hey, I think this addon is really cool!
      Can you maybe add Mint-choco plants and Vibrant sherbet sand to the candy biome?
      I think the candy biome should be nice and colourful! ^-^

    38. Anon says:

      Im on xbox and i got the behavior pack in my world but there is no link to the resource pack pls help

    39. Idk says:

      Hey I always wanted a addon/mod with lots of animal like crabs and lion so if ypu could make one that would be great

    40. Undeadzeroplayz says:

      Boss can the candy blocks can be eaten I want to eat them

    41. Undeadzeroplayz says:

      Boss can the candy blocks can be eaten I want to eat them

    42. Don’t forget to give this addons stars to make me keep update

    43. danjan says:

      for some reason, many of the textures are not loading. one item, labeled “femalenpc” crashes whenever i put it into my inventory. the “insaneduck” (or whatever it’s called) also has the same problem. i have experimental gameplay on and there are no other packs active. is there any way i can fix this? i downloaded the v0.1 version.

    44. Anonymous says:

      How do you tame the npc female

    45. Andrewyin2009 says:

      I like this Addons a lot, but hpcan you make a mcaddon of insane crafting? (I can’t access it 🙁

    46. Alex says:

      Hello the mod is cool but i got a problem that in 1.12 the mobs,blocks are bugged or not show up can you pls fix this

    47. Jordan says:

      hello hey you see that you are good at creating addons, you would do a giant favor to the whole community that enjoys them, creating some similar to too may items, to facilitate the creation of addons recipes. I wait and listen to my request

    48. Jake242 says:

      Not working, it keeps saying redirecting me to the link but it wants me to accept the notifications and i dont want to

    49. Lvxsxb says:

      This is a really good addon. I realized ores don’t spawn naturally, But I’ve seen other addons that have done it.

    50. how says:

      how do i download on console

    51. Scp-682 says:

      Nice addon can you add the scp foundation please if it’s easy and add scps to the foundation if it’s easy and if you know any thing about scp

    52. GetDunkedOn154 says:

      I would like a reply from you telling how to find all of the crafting recipies because i think this mod pack is good already and if something like a command to show all the recipies would be amazing

    53. scp-999 says:

      I have an issue. I can not seem to locate any of the biomes included in the add-on. Everything else (blocks, recipes, etc.) work, but not the biomes. Am I simply just not looking hard enough?

    54. Geonic says:

      Hey i really love the add-on, i hope you’ll never stop updating this, keep up the good work :).

    55. James says:

      There’s already a candy biome mod. I also could not craft certain sticks such as a copper stick. Weapons dealt no damage for some reason (at least they had durability). The block breaking texture looks weird too.

    56. Alex says:

      Could you add the ender blaze again please i saw in a beta version

    57. PixelEarth193 says:

      Aww looks cool but I can’t get it the links won’t let me in. It just says click allow to continue but there’s no allow. The add-on looks cool though.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pixel press skip ad on adfly and then wait 5-10 seconds and then click the fast mediafire redirect link and then press green button it will download

    58. Juann says:

      Hello I discovered 2 bugs the first is if you pick up the copper and put it on the desk and put it to do something at the time you take it will appear to make the block of chocolate with nothing, no recourse and you can do as much as you want

    59. I like this addon says:

      Best addon ever

    60. Roonicks says:

      Tambien sirve para la 1.11 o solo para la 1.12?

    61. Anonymous says:

      I like mining and adventuring. I will wait for 1.12.0 to come for this.

    62. Ian says:

      Why? the items is not in inventory and why you dont add a quest and unique mobs and Why you dont add a class like khights or assasin to make more glorious game and fully functional

      • the items are not in the inventory because mojang is still working on it.
        and it looks like he/she cant do the ”classes” thing, since addons are powerful, but not as powerful as datapacks for now, if mojang DOES do that, then be patient, making big addons are very hard especially if you add more mobs, items, biomes and blocks, I know im the creator.

        and please understand that this is a beta, just like minecraft bedrock, it has betas for bugs to be reported or the addon to be tested, so please be patient until the final release of this addon.

        thank you for understanding, if you do

      • If you want to know why, because in the beta 1.12 you only can add custom items but can’t place them in creative inventory for now, please wait until full release of 1.12 or 1.13 thanks

      • Thank you for Suggest, maybe we can add more entity like your suggest

    63. Raynatan says:

      Please more entity and natural spawn instant structure.

    64. Hedgie101 says:

      Okay, because of this crappy URL shortener, I can’t install this addon. PLEASE stop using URL shorteners and give me a link straight to mediafire!

    65. Zen2 says:

      Hello I like the add-on

      Can someone make a drone addon

    66. Zen says:


    67. GALACTIC STEVE says:

      What does the border block do?

    68. Please For A While you can use the command:
      ‘/give @p name_item (wait until i finished the Crafting Recipes)

    69. Anonymous says:

      Where can I get the crafting recipes?

    70. Josue 111 says:

      Man I want to have specific and special attacks to the swords,and can you explain why you can’t modify the damage if some one just did it now….I’m not say your lying

    71. GR∆€D says:


    72. What crafts says:

      and what are the craft in these items in the screenshot ???

    73. Russian says:

      The acorn, dark acorn, salt, new trader and some another items translated not correctrly

    74. Peter says:

      The link isn’t working

    75. PhantomWolf22 says:

      Why can’t the player hold any sword like how you would normally would with a vanilla sword. And all the swords just take half a heart… 🙁

    76. Anonymous says:

      Looks cool, but I crash when I try and trade with the trader, and I’m not playing on a potato phone, either. Also, the ores are not in the creative inventory.

    77. Ios says:

      Is this available on ios i cant get it to work

    78. Leo says:

      Also I forgot to mention that some items can’t be stacked together after it was smelted in the furnace such as the ores

      For example: I smelt amethyst I put it in my inventory and then I smelt another amethyst and I have to use another slot to put the gem in. I can’t stack 2 in one slot or more.

    79. Kempy says:

      I can’t craft the sword??

    80. Anonymous says:

      someone tells me how I can get this addon esque I installed the previous version and when I try to export it to minecraft it does not leave me

    81. D says:

      Please!add more ore and armor,tools!👍

    82. GALACTIC STEVE says:

      Can you add new boss too i love you addon

    83. Anonymous says:

      the swords are not working

    84. Leo says:

      I have some comments about your Addon:
      1: make the ores spawn naturally in caves
      2: the ores are in “construction” section and should be in “nature” section.
      3:the only way to mine the ores and gems is with a Pickaxe with silk touch enchantment. Can you please make the ores and gems drop when you mine with just a normal Pickaxe?
      4:I love how you added durability to the new swords, but the durability is too low for every sword. Can you please make the durability longer and different for each sword? And also add attack damage to the swords.

    85. Anonymous says:

      It would not work with me

    86. Kempy says:

      Uhhmmm the ores don’t drop the blocks when broken with a pickaxe can you fix it pls.

    87. Casey says:

      Idea: Add different types of chests (spruce chest, dark oak chest, etc.)

    88. Creeper_TV says:

      Крутой мод

    89. f says:

      👍🍓🍊🍋🍒🍇🍠🍍🍐🍌🍈🌽🍅🍆🍑please add!

    90. Hf says:

      Add Tools Please!

    91. Hercilio says:

      Addon of weapons

    92. StarHunter says:

      Please add tools and weapons plis

    93. Leo says:

      Do the ores spawn naturally underground?

    94. Cody says:

      Please add weapons and tools

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