Instant Structures Add-On

This add-on allows you to spawn in pre built structures using only one command, There are currently 50 different structures you can spawn in including trees and pre built houses.

This add-on makes it possible to build structures instantly, You can build a huge forest in just seconds or spawn in a house, there is currently 50 different structures but i will be updating it with a lot more if there is enough interest in this.


-To show a list of every structure available type in this command /function list

-Once you have chosen what structure you want simply type in the command and the structure will appear within a few seconds



/function house1
/function house2
/function house3
/function house4
/function modern_house1
/function modern_house2
/function modern_house3
/function modern_house4
/function modern_house5

/function mush_p
/function mush_o1
/function mush_o2
/function mush_o3
/function mush_o4
/function mush_o5
/function mush_o6
/function mush_o7
/function mush_o8
/function mush_o9
/function mush_o10
/function cactus1
/function cactus2
/function cactus3
/function cactus4
/function cactus5
/function bonsai
/function bonsai2
/function dead1
/function oak1
/function white_tree
/function pink_tree
/function orange_tree
/function green_tree
/function blue_tree
/function tree1
/function tree2
/function tree3
/function tree4
/function tree5
/function tree6
/function tree7
/function tree8
/function tree9
/function tree10


/function bird1
/function blooper
/function charmender
/function chikorita
/function gtx670


Supported Minecraft versions


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33 Responses

4.33 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Minerjulius68 says:

    I can only see 1 modern house 🙁

  2. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    love the addon just wish you decorated the inside though.

  3. Gaminthunder says:

    dude can u add me on discord Dank_Gamer(Gaminthunder)#3251

  4. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Hey, if you could, you could also use a structure block and export an .mcstructure file and put it in behavior packs

  5. joethepro220 says:

    This is the best mod ever if u haven’t downloaded this u should plz keep doing this???????????????????????????

  6. Guest-6549323689 says:

    I love it! But for some reason, only a few of the structures showed when I typed in /function list.

  7. Guest-8194947328 says:

    This is so amazing. Midieval windmill, lighthouse and ships would be a great addition to this! A tree house in the Huge tree would be awesome. Ponds and fountains. A few types of bridges. Just throwing out some thoughts. Fantastic work. The detail and time you put in. Should put this in the market place.
    Cheers mate!

  8. Guest-8564475922 says:

    Great add on…bro!
    How about castles and towers plus medieval structure s

  9. Guest-9225492382 says:

    Can you add an undo command?

  10. Guest-2792340668 says:

    This works on Xbox one. if you want Tutorial Videos let me know!

  11. Guest-6094998327 says:

    Why can’t I download it ?
    My English is poor.
    (This is what I translated with translation software )
    I hope you can read it
    After the redirection, he asked me to sign up for an account

  12. Guest-3996123865 says:

    Can you pleas make it a zip file also so that I can import it directly to my behavior pack folder?

  13. Guest-4767192606 says:

    hello it works very well, I fear two questions, if I want to eliminate for example the charmender as I have to do it, the second as a change of orientation the structures, they always come out looking at the sun

  14. Guest-9403338593 says:

    1.16 Beta?

  15. Guest-4715143430 says:

    Which structure is in the 3rd picture?

  16. Guest-9013209582 says:

    it u wifi

  17. Guest-1157783950 says:

    Can you add a /function undo command? Tnx great addon

  18. Guest-4727789354 says:

    can you add an undo command?

  19. Tiny Dragon says:

    I love this it works great and I love the huge trees!

  20. Anonymous says:

    It really needs castle towers and walls. and a way to place them easily

  21. Guest-9463856567 says:

    Nice! Hope it works 🙂

  22. Guest-3702144382 says:

    Maybe add big mountains and dragon statues, all utility statues, villages, more houses, castles with large walls and towers.

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