Intuitive Potions

Have you ever thought that potions look a little bland? Do you have a hard time figuring out which potion is a water breathing potion, and which one is a night vision potion? Well, look no further! This texture pack gives each potion its own icon that makes it easier to Identify each potion. It’s extremely useful for navigating the creative inventory as well as for normal gameplay.

This pack includes every potion and its splash and lingering variants, along with tipped arrows. It really helps when looking for potions in the creative inventory and also adds a little bit of personality to each potion 🙂

Raiding an ocean monument

Treasure hunting

Brewing fire resistance for the upcoming nether update 😉

Instant health potions in an end city ship

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Fixed an issue where zombified piglins displayed the incorrect model due to the pack manifest being outdated.


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7 Responses

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  1. Guest-1578877019 says:

    I absolutely love this the designs are so pretty! My fav is the water breathing one. I’d love if you did one for enchantment books too (but only if u want to) Amazing work tysm

  2. Nice!!! Could u do it 32×32 (faithful)? Would be nice

  3. Guest-3271382779 says:

    Nice work

  4. americamx says:

    Make one for enchantment books as well!

    • Guest-6847733549 says:

      im not sure if thats possible… enchanted books are kind of the same, they arent different from each other in texture, so it may not be possible to put a texture for enchanted books
      (i tried porting a java enchant book texture pack to bedrock, but it didn’t change at all)
      – nice pack anyways

  5. Guest-6558923659 says:

    This is genius. That is all I have to say.

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