Today is your check for new job. Show your best and get a job at the your dreams research center! Get new friends or save from save the whole world from strange mind-control alien, or maybe you will unleash him…

By making this map i tried show all capabilities of NPC mobs from Minecraft Education Edition

You wake up at home and realize that you are late for the selection tests from the research center! We must hurry!

You think that it is best work for you because it is not far from home…

…and you’ll get the real cake, that not lie!

Could you get this job, or you’ll be inadmissible for this?

The research center offers you several tests, for example:

Coordination test

Accuracy Test 

Jumping test

And more, that you could see by yourself

You are allowed to walk around the closed to the public places of the center, and check technical rooms.

Changelog View more

Submission information updated, now 1.16 version required for this map

1) Reworked checkpoint system

2)Edited some rooms, now they don't have holes at top

3) Added some new signs

Added new room, redacted ending. Please, install new version, thanks.

Added information, as it was not enough for publication on the site


Just download and open file


Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. EdgeGDwasTaken says:

    Seems cool

  2. Spyguy10078 says:

    fANtAStiC Creation 👌😊

  3. Should i translate this map to Russian language?

  4. nukiwastaken says:

    rly good but hella confusing

  5. SrInakiMC says:

    I liked so mutch the interface of work bench and sciencists comments. Great map!

  6. RISALZI says:

    ITS a good map but i have a problem,there is the problem say have to in adventure mode but i am is in creative mode in the first joining or checkpoint aren’t working,and after i check it with creative mode,you use setworldspawn,ITS not working you should use command /spawnpoint @p

  7. Killer Wolf Z says:

    Awesome very good map please make more maps like this I HAVE A QUESTION:

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