Inventory Save Mod

Inventory Save is a really simple mod but extremely useful as it will save all your items in your inventory even if you happen to die and respawn. Sure, it removes some of the danger of dying and could almost be considered a cheat. But the fact is that cheating in singleplayer doesn’t really affect anybody else than yourself so what’s the big deal?

It’s really useful to have this security as you don’t have to always keep on returning to your base to store all the items. Instead you can continue on to new adventures without worrying much about what’s to come.

Creator: ISAAC300, Twitter Account

How exactly does this work?

Once you’ve installed the mod the inventory save function is active. A message in Russian will pop up whenever starting a new world, but just ignore that, it’s just a short little introduction of the mod.

Alright, so let’s have a look at how all this works. In this example we have collected some sand blocks, cactuses, sticks and some sugar cane.


Oh noes! We “accidently” walked into a cactus and died!


But there’s no need to worry really because all the items are still in our inventory, even after respawning.


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19 Responses

3.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Guest-4121058655 says:

    The is a command for this : /gamerule keepinventory true

  2. benjiplshelp says:

    Where can I download this, the link doesn’t take me to it?

  3. Hypixel says:

    This cannot be used on Hypixel if u can even gat it on Java

  4. Marcel says:

    PC Please!!!!!!

  5. k says:

    i am pretty sure there is a feture in minecraft called keepinventory so no need for this mod

  6. NOTCH says:

    Can every Samsung mod change to PC or iOS

  7. VirtualGaming says:

    It’s Useless You Can Just Type In Chat /gamerule keepinventory true

  8. Jason says:

    I can’t seem to find a way to download it, is there a .zip file for iOS. I’m using the app “documents”

  9. Anon says:

    I kept getting killed by explosions no matter how far I am with this plugin. Please fix.
    Would rate 5 stars after the fix.

  10. i cant download says:

    it says not available in my region

  11. A Google User says:

    Hey editor! Can dis save my xp ??

  12. janna says:

    Is there a zip for this if not ill it still work?

  13. Larson says:

    can you make it .mcpack

  14. Zathuraboy says:

    Does this mod work only with BlockLauncher?

  15. robalb says:

    this mod has a obfuscated code that tries to open in loop the creator’s links whit the player browser when it plays..

  16. Swaglord Paolo says:

    Quite very useful mod.. Though I need to know: can it save when you switch to creative ? Im quite curious be4 downloading.

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