Inventory Tweaks PE Mod

Inventory Tweaks PE is a mod which allows for better inventory management. It lets you keep all your items sorted and in order to better overview the entirety of your items. Another useful feature is the automatic tool switch. Basically your inventory is checked for a better tool to use whenever you try to break a block.

Creator: _Sin0psysS_


  • /help – list all commands
  • /sort inv – sort your inventory
  • /sort chest – type command and then hit the small chest to sort
  • /sort large chest – type command and then hit the large chest to sort

Sort Inventories

There are three commands (see further up) which you can use to sort your own inventory and the inventory of a small and large chests.

To sort your own inventory simply type the command and it will be done.





To sort a chest’s inventory you will need to first type the command and then tap on the chest which you want to sort.


Screenshot_2015-08-07-09-45-28 Screenshot_2015-08-07-09-45-48



Auto Tool Switch/Craft

Everytime you try to break a block your inventory will be scanned, checked for a better tool to use and if none is found one can be automatically crafted.

E.g., if you try to break sand with your hands, your inventory will first be checked for a better tool. If none is found but enough items to craft a tool, e.g. a diamond shovel, an option will pop up on the screen asking if you want to automatically craft it.



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  1. Radiosignal says:

    This morning does not work on the most recent version of Minecraft PE

  2. someone.... says:

    Looks really cool:)

  3. owen says:

    I am your biggest fan

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