-926620447: Survival Island, Mushroom, Ice Spikes & Village

Here’s a really cool seed with lots of different things to explore right at spawn. For example, at spawn you will find yourself on a one tree survival island with lots of sugar cane. Behind spawn there is a mushroom biome attached to an epic ice spike biome. And next to that you will find a village with a blacksmith.

Creator: TelepathicGruntTwitter Account

If you take a left at the mushroom biome and head straight then you will find a frozen ocean biome with hidden ruins above sea level. If you take a turn left at spawn and head on straight then you will find some wooden timber sticking out of the ocean and that’s the top of a shipwreck. You will also find some additional ruins around the shipwreck.


  • One tree island spawn: 652, 71, 4
  • Mushroom/Ice Spike: 800, 84, -300
  • Blacksmith Village next to above combo: 660, 67, -470
  • Shipwreck sticking out of water: 836, 66, 43
  • Ruins: 795, 53, 66
  • Glacier/Ruins: 264, 64, -192

Seed ID

  • Seed: CoWsGetOff
  • Seed in number form: -926620447

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13 Responses

4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. SparklzDino says:

    WHY Are TelepathicGrunt’s seeds so awesome? WHY? JUST WHY? lol

  2. Ben says:

    Also, 666/66/6 is a coordinate on the spawn island

  3. WolfBoy765 says:

    I love this seed looking for a seed like this for along time

  4. ender-fan says:

    ok… more like this pls

  5. Alex says:

    Great find! It reminds me of Adventure Time a little lol.

  6. Dookie says:

    It’s a pig worked well.

  7. HeavyGuy18YT says:

    BEST MAP EVER!!!! great for survival lots of diamonds, emeralds, iron, gold, lapiz, quartz, and redstone will be in sight inside a huge! cave. The best terrains are: Mushrooms and Oak Plain Lands.

  8. Jesus says:

    muy buena

  9. drd souf says:

    Good seed and innovative

  10. diego says:

    esta chida

  11. I love minecraft says:

    Hello i to find awesome seed -625521478 theare is ocean with corals and willage lotos of Mountains and caves!!

  12. Potato says:

    Awesome map

  13. Funtime freddy says:

    This is so awesome

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