Islands of Junara

You start off in a box in the sky with tnt. you have to flick the lever an get as much stuff as you can before it explodes, and when your done you jump out and land in a pond on an island. The ultimate goal is to get all of the relics (which are powerful enchanted weapons or tools) and to find specific blocks on the islands. The specific blocks are used to fill the monument and then you can get a special prize after your finished. NOTE: THE HUB DOESNT WORK AND IF YOU PRESS THE BUTTON YOU WILL GET STUCK

This map is said to have around 15 hours of gameplay in it. Many OG’s of Minecraft will remember this map.

All credit goes to cowmonkey on Minecraft forums, for I did not make any of the content I simply moved it from java to bedrock.

Here is the link to the original post for java.

If you have any questions contact me via Gmail [email protected]

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I informed that the hub doesn’t work and will get you stuck.

This is my third time trying to post this. Anyway I added a few more images. I hope this is enough.

I replaced the images with higher quality images. When I try to change the featured image it doesn’t change the image.

I have fixed of my gramar errors and have added more detail and a link to the original creator of the map.


If you are on windows download the file put it on your desktop than double click it and it will open minecraft windows 10. If you are on ios when you download the file it will say open in minecraft and if it doesn't say that press more and find minecraft. I am not sure how to download on android.


Supported Minecraft versions


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32 Responses

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  1. Guest-7216929872 says:

    Can you fix the enchantments, they are all kinds of messed up

  2. Guest-5225430305 says:

    I tried both on a Android device and my iPhoneXs max , both are powerful device and it said level import failed

  3. Guest-3303440952 says:

    can’t download it on my Android, can you send me the map file if it’s possible

  4. Guest-3345704541 says:

    1.9 version??

  5. Guest-6099796941 says:

    Hey is there a .zip version of the file you could upload? This is as I am trying to download the map on Xbox and must be a zip file

  6. DeezNuts says:

    You should fix the items, all the enchants are messed up

  7. hipo23 says:

    Hey can you covert Skyblock Battle from youalwayswin please, specifically the first one, or maybe all 3 of them cause they are neat and fun

  8. Nacholibre2222 says:

    Pls convert more awesome skyblock maps to bedrock so that ppl like me who don’t have access to java can try them. Can you port jujubee to bedrock? You always win played that map and it looked insane

  9. Please help says:

    Ummmmmm how do I get this to Minecraft on mobile? the option to open in Minecraft isn’t showing up

  10. Anonymous says:

    How to install this on Android version?

  11. Anonymous says:

    One thing
    Fix the map
    All weapon enchantment are all wrong
    But i am still glad that i am able to play island of junara
    Ive been wanting to play it when meaty and guns(youalwayswin) played the map

  12. regaser says:

    Hi dude, could you tell how you created the negative charm and description of the item?

  13. VideoCarp1 says:

    What’s the discord?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Does it support multiplayer???

  15. Prototype says:

    at last… i am gonna use it for my YouTube video

  16. ProfuseComet986 (SCP) says:

    Love it

  17. SyCoHITz says:

    Feel free to tell me if you enjoy the map or not by giving me feedback in The comments

  18. Anonymous says:

    Did you guys know java means coffee

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