It Lurks (Horror)

This is a singleplayer-adventure horror map based on a Roblox Horror game called “It Lurks” by Terribleblox. In this map, player have to go through the story to know what is happening.                       

Like the Roblox version, you lived in a house with a family. Grim as your brother

Your father

In Chapter 1 – Your father told you that he have to go buy some groceries and recommended you to go to bed at 10 PM.

At midnight, you hear something under the basement as your father told you not allowed into the basement. But the curious had let you to find out what is happening under the basement.

Unsure if this was a dream or reality, some soft of shadow creature start to haunting you.

In Chapter 2 – You find yourself in a place looks like a basement but you realize that there is something is follows you.

You also have to discover this place to know what happen next.

In Chapter 3 – You wake up in a watch tower and a mysterious person on a radio who is communicate with you

Some spooky places

In Chapter 4 – You find yourself in abyss, you gonna active several generators to powering the elevator to get out of there.

But you’re not alone.

In chapter 5 – You wake up as the phone is ringing, Father is calling you to tell you to get out of there.

He also reveal that he has a teleporter in the basement that you might use it to escape 

But that creature won’t let you escape easily.

Extra Chapter –

It Lurks Minecraft version is now completed.

This map perfect for singleplayer.

Need a strong device to play a good ending cutscene or jumpscare. Like Iphone 6 or better.

Any bug or error, please let me know in the comment section (except multiplayer version cause it has a lot of bugs that I can’t fix)

Changelog View more

The only way to download the Christmas version is go to my It lurks extra video on youtube, the link is down below in description.

Completed version :

- Most creatures now are remastered

- No multiplayer allowed

- Minor bug fixes

Multiplayer version : 

- Allow to play with your friends

- Invisibility in a cutscene or jumpscare

- No extra chapter

- No update recently

- Try turn on cheat and teleport your friend to you if your friend get stuck behind the wall or something.


Replaced multiplayer download link because I put the wrong one.


- Chapter 6 (Extra) is now available on Christmas and Normal version.

- Fixes death screen on chapter 4 (Hope so)

- Changed Smilingman running animation.

- You don’t have to start over again. Instead, you can start from chapter 5 to unlock chapter 6. (This update only)

Multiplayer version :

- You can play with your friends, some feature added like invisibility instead of your friend face is visible when gets jumpscare or cutscene.

- bigger locker (chapter 2)

- start over again.

- No Extra chapter.

Next update might be :

- Remaster all the creatures and stuff...

- Chapter 6 (Extra) is now available on Christmas and Normal version.

- Fix death screen on chapter 4 (Hope so)

- Changed Smilingman running animation.

- You don’t have to start over again. Instead, you can start from chapter 5 to unlock chapter 6. (This update only)

Multiplayer version :

- You can play with your friends, some feature added like invisibility instead of your friend face is visible when gets jumpscare or cutscene.

- bigger locker (chapter 2 only)

- No Extra chapter.

Next update might be :

- Remaster all the creatures and stuff...

- Chapter 5 now is out.

- Minor fixed on chapter 4.

- Ending credits in credits room.

- More strict on multiplayer

Still working on the secret chapter.

- The Father now talk slower :/

- Weather clear after chapter 2

- New song added in Soundtrack room

- The elevator suppose to move up now

- Other bugs fixed.

- Chapter 3 and 4 added.

- Few items added in like Key, Flashlight, etc..

- Bugs fixed.


Supported Minecraft versions


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46 Responses

4.62 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. PMNguyen says:

    I just realize there’s a bug in Extra room which doesn’t show creatures after complete the chapters. I will try update again and these might include : Replacing lever in Chapter 2, click the item to interact, better text font and fix the bug I just mentioned.

  2. Someone is finaly bringing good versions if roblox games to minecraft, Please make they lurk which is the sequel to it lurks

  3. thiagotario says:

    make it multiplayer please

  4. PMNguyen says:

    I think I put wrong link for multiplayer, Oopsie.

  5. Lol7425 says:

    you spelled extras wrong lol. The file name is exrtas

  6. JacobV1119 says:

    This is actually the best horror map I have ever played.
    Also I found a way to bypass the anti-multiplayer.
    They way to do it is in a reply to one of keeboy’s comments asking to get rid of blindness and slowness when more people join.

  7. keeboy says:

    please get rid of blindness and slowness when a second player joins sorry for bad English

    • PMNguyen says:

      Of course its does blindness and slowness because you can’t play the map with 2 or more players. Its a multiplayer strict, I’m still working on the map that work for multiplayer.

    • JacobV1119 says:

      I accidentally found a way to bypass the multiplayer limitation. Here is how in 3 steps:
      1. Be the only person on the world
      2. Activate cheats (it is off by default)
      3. Run: /setblock -10 1 3 air
      The map actually works very well with multiple people.
      Only problem is that in cut scenes and jumpscares you will see your freind’s face.
      You can solve this by giving each other invisibility. Then give each other an item to hold.
      Sometimes after cutscenes you will lose your items and/or effects. This is not a big deal.

      You may be wondering how I found the anti-multiplayer circuits. Me and my friend wanted it gone so I ran /gamerule commandblocksenabled false. This made every command block do nothing and I could set our gamemodes to creative. We broke out of the lobby and looked around the very impressive map. After looking for awhile my friend decided to look in the ground. His first try he dug right into where the command blocks were. We confirmed they were responsible for anti-multiplayer. There is a piece of redstone connecting the detecting command block to the rest of the command blocks, the command in the instructions above breaks that redstone dust. This makes it able to detect more than 1 player but unable to do anything.

      • PMNguyen says:

        This map supposedly for singleplayer. I personally supporting any walkthrough with singleplayer and I watched them. One point that I saw a guy did with multiplayer, that guy literally played with like freaking 5 to 8 people which really annoying me. Then when I came up with Idea for more strict on multiplayer which really upset a lot of people who want me to do a multiplayer version, then im like “Fine! I’ll do it. I will post it on the next update”. But if yall keep breaking the rules like using cheat to kill yourself during playing progress or what ever you do. It causing a lot of glitches and i’m not gonna responsible for those.

        • JacobV1119 says:

          I don’t mean any harm by doing this I am sorry if I have. Me and my friend did not cheat on the level after we had put together the multiplayer patch. I know you aren’t responsible for glitches happening when using multiplayer. I understand how no matter what you do as a map maker you will get complaints if you don’t have multiplayer no matter what you do. If my post annoys you let me know and if there is a way to take my post down I will.

          • PMNguyen says:

            No no, you good. Just because this map was based on a singleplayer game so I just want it to work exactly the same but most people (especially younger players or foreign who didn’t speak english) won’t understand. but if they want a multiplayer version, I’ll do it but it might takes some times. I just want to see if they actually smart enough to follow these rules. I did put a lot of hard work on these stuff and making it looks great as possible. Like you see most of creators have their own group to work together making greatest map or addons. They are super smart (since I always think I’m a idiot), so I hope you enjoy stuffs that I made. One man like me couldn’t handle all these attentions.

        • Ggthgffbttht says:

          When I Tried This Map Using The Christmas Edition It Looked All Very Glitchy Couldnt See The Tv Couldnt Hear Some Noise And The JumpScares Looked All Blocky I Was Playing On A Xbox And It Didnt Work (Report)

  8. creepyeggiboi13 says:

    Flashlight dosent work

  9. can you add a way to unlock all the levels or one at a time; me and my friend played the first 2 then it got updated but we don’t want to do them all over again to do the next ones.

  10. keeboy says:

    I know this map does not allow multiplayer but please allow multiplayer I know it will not work properly but please allow multiplayer

  11. Total K OssYT says:

    i love this map it’s good on my video i got scared lol

  12. ResidentRex says:

    Loved it

  13. luna_lovesoul says:

    i loved this map! will there be parts 6 & 7?

  14. ShahraMC says:

    this map is cool good job

  15. Keylaplayzs13 says:

    Yes!! Finally i really loved the 1-2 chapter ot really is scary after it chased me its a legendary map

  16. Justin.venosa47 says:

    hello, played your map up until the generator part, I found a bug, if you fail to turn on the generators in time it will keep you frozen on the death screen with the smiling monster. that is the only bug I have found so far. the map is great so far and I hope you make more maps, I suggest if you make more I would love to see a puppet combo- type game. puppet combo makes survival horror games that act like 80’s horror movies, the games are very scary and are challenging. if you want to take my request, you should go on YouTube and search puppet combo to see the games I’m talking about.

    • PMNguyen says:

      The generator part, It require you to find a locker to hide when the time run out. Idk if that is what your meant but ye, I will think what map I can make after this series, include the one you recommended.

  17. yay ive been waiting for ages chapters 3 and 4 keep up the good work!! 🙂

  18. PMNguyen says:

    Thank you guys for your reviewing and opinion about the map. I’m trying to release 2 chapters for the next update before Halloween, or I might be late.

  19. FireVesssl says:

    Your map is so cool I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to wait for chapters 3-4 and so on

  20. hello creator !!!! I wanted to ask for some things here ? Could you help me create a horror map with TerribleBlox and you PGmih My dream is to be a map and server creator but I don’t have the money to buy a realm to make packages so my option was MCPE DL

  21. Springbonnie476 says:


  22. Spongeboy says:

    Holy macaroni inside pizza! This is cool map

  23. Spongeboy says:

    Oh sweet new map

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