Item Bundler Add-on (1.14)

This add-on adds an entity that allows you to compress items and blocks so you can store up to 25,000,000 items in a one block space (not joking). All of the features that this add-on adds are available in survival so you can use them to increase your storage.

👉Crafting recipes!👈

Bundling platform

You can craft this item in survival using cheap materials that could lie around in your base. To spawn the bundling platform, interact with the item the same way you would eat an item. After interacting with the item, you will see a hologram that represents where the bundling platform would be appear. To place them down, interact with the hologram using the bundling platform item. To remove the bundling platform, simply hit it and the you will retrieve the item back.


Bundling unit

A block that can be used to store stacks of items. Made by the same materials as a bundling platform.

Bundled blocks

These are decorative blocks that compress a stack of items. To obtain them, trade a stack of items and a bundling unit using the bundling platform.

This is the list of items and blocks that can be compressed by the bundler platform:

  • apple
  • baked potato
  • bamboo
  • beetroot
  • beetroot seeds
  • black dye
  • blaze powder
  • blaze rod
  • blue dye
  • blue ice
  • bone block
  • bone
  • bonemeal
  • book
  • bowl
  • bread
  • brick
  • brown dye
  • bundling unit
  • cake
  • carrot
  • charcoal
  • clay ball
  • coal
  • cocoa beans
  • cooked beef
  • cooked chicken
  • cooked fish
  • cooked mutton
  • cooked porkchop
  • cooked rabbit
  • cooked salmon
  • cookie
  • cyan dye
  • diamond
  • dried kelp
  • egg
  • emerald
  • enchanted golden apple
  • ender eye
  • ender pearl
  • experience bottle
  • feather
  • fermented spider eye
  • fire charge
  • flint
  • flower pot
  • ghast tear
  • glowstone dust
  • gold
  • golden apple
  • golden carrot
  • gray dye
  • green dye
  • gunpowder
  • heart of the sea
  • honeycomb
  • honey bottle
  • ink sac
  • iron
  • item frame
  • kelp
  • ladder
  • lapis lazuli
  • lead
  • leather
  • light blue dye
  • lime dye
  • magenta dye
  • magma cream
  • melon
  • melon seeds
  • name tag
  • nautilus shell
  • nether brick
  • nether star
  • nether wart
  • orange dye
  • painting
  • paper
  • phantom membrane
  • pink dye
  • poisonous potato
  • potato
  • prismarine
  • prismarine crystals
  • pufferfish
  • pumpkin pie
  • pumpkin seeds
  • purple dye
  • quartz
  • rabbit foot
  • rabbit hide
  • raw beef
  • raw chicken
  • raw fish
  • raw mutton
  • raw porkchop
  • raw rabbit
  • raw salmon
  • red dye
  • redstone
  • rotten flesh
  • scute
  • sea pickle
  • shulker shell
  • silver dye
  • snowball
  • speckled melon
  • spider eye
  • stick
  • string
  • sugar
  • sugar cane
  • sweet berries
  • tropical fish
  • wheat seeds
  • white dye
  • yellow dye
  • netherite scrap
  • netherite block
  • crimson fungus
  • warped fungus


All the blocks have been converted to the 1.16 format.

New additions

  • Netherite scrap bundle
  • Netherite block bundle
  • Crimson fungus bundle
  • Warped fungus bundle

You can also place them!

To place them, use the “Item ground ( Item bundler )” and interact with any item from the add-on to display them.


Due to a bug in the current version of the beta (1.16), custom blocks are not available

Changelog View more


All the blocks have been converted to the 1.16 format.

New additions

  • Netherite scrap bundle
  • Netherite block bundle
  • Crimson fungus bundle
  • Warped fungus bundle


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
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  1. Guest-2347715725 says:

    I am trying this on 1.16 and i am able to use the item, and it slows me down like I am eating it, however, no hologram pops up and its not placed in the world. How do you package items in 1.16?

  2. Guest-5478333069 says:

    Is this working in minecraft version 1.14

  3. IvnSrv says:

    Don’t work on Realms :(, well, I can’t craft the Bundling Unit only.

  4. Guest-9549546502 says:

    Custom blocks do work in 1.16. I made some!

  5. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    It’s so good for sorting and storing loads of different items, I like this addon quite a lot, but can I use this add-on in modpack for my StoneBlock BedrockEdition map project, I’ll definitely credit you.

  6. Guest-1174989235 says:

    Hello guy, there Is a question, Is there a way to extract the objects?
    Nice mod 😀

  7. Guest-7357113028 says:

    Um when i eat it it doesn’t create a hologram. When i pres the eat button it just makes me slow.

  8. Guest-6969607946 says:

    I hate this it does not work

  9. Guest-6840104462 says:

    Interesting but it would be grateful if there is a No Ads link


    • Guest-3666206222 says:

      Then how will they make money? It’s not like it’s a hobby (or maybe it is a hobby)? They put hours into addons! It just doesn’t seem fair

  10. xiaoyao2020 says:

    Can it be reproduced in our own app

  11. Guest-4549549474 says:

    did mcpe support it

  12. Guest-4212150278 says:

    I love this thank you

  13. Ktarabay27 says:

    I tried a modpack looks the same as crazy craft but it 63 mods but it is amazing

  14. Red Fan says:

    Very Nice and creative Addon .

  15. XrazyGamez says:

    I am trying to make a CrazyCraft modpack Addon kinda thing, can I please use this addon

  16. Guest-1769587851 says:

    it s compatible with hopper

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