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Published on July 23, 2015 (Updated on July 23, 2015)

Item Frames Mod

The Item Frames Mod adds frames to the game which can be put on walls to proudly display your latest treasures (like diamond and emerald blocks) found in Minecraft. They are similar to picture frames but can display a block instead of showing an ordinary painting.

Creator: MyNameIsAnti, Twitter Account

Item ID & Crafting Recipe

  • Item Frame (389) - 8 sticks + 1 leather

How to use?

After you have crafted some item frames it's time to put them on the wall. Simply tap on the wall with the frame to place it. If you want to remove an item frame enter survival mode and tap on it once. It's important that you don't break it because the game might crash.

By default the item frames are empty. Tap with a block to add it to the frame. Currently it only works with blocks but in the future items might also work.

The frames don't save if you exit the game so keep that in mind while using the mod.

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did they remove item frames??? because if they did i would go crazy.
bruh this was made in 2015 and was never updated, this was BEFORE item frames
We already have item frames we don’t need this mod is still like it
i dont remember writing that, and id never misspell my name like that
bruh this was made in 2015 and was never updated, this was BEFORE item frames
Richard Anthony Compton December 06, 2015 at 1:23 pm
This mod is so awesome
how do you get mods on the iPad without an app?
That isn't possible for now.
Irealy want mods in pe
Use this guide please:
Good long time I waiting for it
I download the mod but no textures
Maybe you need an Internet access while using the mod to the textures? Did you have Internet while using it?
Cool MOD!!! Awesome!! Keep Working I will supporting You..!
How do you download this
Install the textures ( and then install the mod (