Item Generators

This Add-on adds item generators to your world, there are 12 different types each dropping a different item every few seconds,  including one that will drop every item available in the  game.

This Add-on will add 12 different types of item generators each upgradeable, and renameable,

Type available:

1 .Iron Generator            2. Quartz Generator            3. Stone Generator            4. Dirt Generator

5. Gold Generator         6. Lapiz Generator               7. Redstone Generator     8. Coal Generator

9. Diamon Generator   10. Coal Generator              11. Emerald Generator

12.Random Item Generator

-The random item generator is able to drop every single item the game, Including potions, weapons, armor, enchanted books and items that aren’t in the creative menu


How to get them:

-To get the spawn eggs simply open the creative menu an search for “Generator” and you will see every generator spawn egg that is available.

How to remove them:

-To remove them simply crouch and click on them, They will get destroyed and drop the spawn egg.

How to upgrade them:

-All the generators can be upgraded 2 times,

-To upgrade them hold a netherstar in your hand and click on the generator, Each time that it is upgraded it will drop items faster

How to rename them:

-You can rename them using a nametag, I changed it so the custom name is always visible


Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

4.29 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-6137971100 says:

    The Nether Update will be released on June23, can you add the Netherite?

  2. Guest-2351278407 says:

    Are you going to be adding the new stuff from the nether update?

  3. Guest-9627877370 says:

    If you can could you make it craftable.

  4. Guest-5770351287 says:

    Can we craft these? Or do we have to cheat? This seems perfect for skyblock/skyfactory

  5. Guest-2662559701 says:

    Is there a way to download without adfly?? It won’t get me to the download..

  6. Guest-5113735230 says:

    He/she means zip that has the rp and bp together. Is that it, Anonymous.

  7. Pls make it Craftable thanks

  8. Guest-8457938693 says:

    Hello guys, I am an MC developer from China. I found your excellent work and want to share it with Chinese players. I hope to get your permission. thank you very much.
    My Twitter name:我是你们的C酱

  9. Guest-9575473690 says:

    Please remove the AdFly, I always get viruses from it.

  10. Guest-4704357916 says:

    wow, b0ny. i remember you and your modded minecraft maps a long time ago.

    good work!


  11. Guest-3341561483 says:

    can u make an easy way to change the time/intervals for each generator to drop its item, like maybe a slowmode feature? i really hope u can make it

  12. Guest-2054153581 says:

    For some reason, the resource pack was locked under some… thing. I’d really appreciate it if you fixed this issue thanks! -Just call be PI589

  13. Guest-2363268790 says:

    Please add crafting recipes!!! this would be really useful in survival but not really creative

  14. Anonymous says:

    Plz add zip

    • B0NY434445 says:

      mcpack and zip are basicaly the same all you really have to do is rename it, just change the “.mcpack” to “.zip” at the end of the file name, not sure if that is what you are refering to but that should work

  15. Guest-5238391095 says:

    tiene crafteo

  16. Guest-3520501135 says:


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