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I think that many people played Minecraft Java Edition with mods. The community has created many mods, both global and simply modifying small aspects of the game. And if you play Minecraft Windows 10 Edition*, then it’s impossible to install any familiar mods (while mobile devices have InnerCore). This add-on will add some elements from these mods to your Minecraft.

Creator: TheLinCof
Updated: 1 September, 2018 (read changelog)

How to start?

Everything is simple enough. All the new elements that you can create using the most common resources. To create these items you will need a kind of workbench in which the blacksmith of the weapon will work. (Find the nearest village /locate village)



Find a Weapon Smith and trade with him.

  • Steel-Leaf Sword (The Twilight Forest) – Damage : 8, Speed : x1,4.
  • Iron-Wood Sword (The Twilight Forest) – Damage : 7, Speed : x1,2.
  • Nano Saber (Industrial-Craft 2) – Damage : 21.
  • Sword of the Wyvern (Draconic Evolution) – Damage : 35, Health : 30.
  • Draconic Sword (Draconic Evolution) – Damage : 50, Speed : x2, Health : 40.
  • Steel Sword (Mekanism) – Damage : 15.
  • Lapis Sword (Mekanism) – Damage : 18.
  • Emerald Sword – Damage : 9.


  • Fire Essence – When used, the damage done by the hand is increased to 4. You can buy from the farmer for dirt.
  • Water Essence – When using speed x1.2. You can buy from the farmer for the dirt.
  • Earth Essence – When used, increases health by 2 hearts (4 hp). You can buy from the farmer for the dirt.
  • Draconium Ingot (Draconic Evolution)
  • Draconic Ingot (Draconic Evolution)
  • Steel Ingot (Mekanism)
  • Atomic Alloy (Mekanism)
  • Iron-Wood Ingot (The Twilight Forest)
  • Steeleaf Ingot (The Twilight Forest)


  • Quantum-Helmet (Industrial-Craft 2) – Health : 50, Replaces the chainmail helmet.
  • Quantum-Bodyarmor (Industrial-Craft 2) – Health : 60, Replaces the chnaimail chestplate.
  • Quantum-Leggings (Industrial-Craft 2) – Speed : x1.8, Replaces the chainmail leggings.
  • Quantum-Boots (Industrial-Craft 2) – Speed : x2,3, Replaces the chainmail boots.


  • Force Mitts (Dart Craft)
  • Steel Paxel (Mekanism) – Damage : 11.
  • Lapis Paxel (Mekanism) – Damage : 13.
  • Atomic Disassembler (Mekanism) – Damage : 25.
  • Chisel (Chisel) – Replaces the wooden axe.


Mobs (from PlusMobs Add-on, creator Fraxx01):

  • Giant Zombie – A giant zombie is huge and can do as much as twice the damage compared to a normal zombie.
  • Baby Skeleton – It’s fast and equipped with a sword.
  • Baby Enderman – This one has almost the same properties as to the ordinary enderman. The main difference is that it’s smaller and faster.
  • Baby Stray – It is equipped with a random type of sword and inflicts a slowness effect to the player.
  • Baby Wither Skeleton – The drop rate for a wither skeleton skull is increased to 30% for baby wither skeletons.
  • Giant Husk – It is similar to the giant zombie except that it’s a husk.
  • Archers – There are archer versions for the wither skeleton, zombie and zombie pigman.


  • Draconium Block (Draconic Evolution)
  • Draconic Block (Draconic Evolution)
  • Parquet (Chisel)
  • Wooden Panel (Chisel)
  • Red Stonebrick
  • Yellow Stonebrick


  1. * – It is recommended to install the mod and play on the version of Windows 10 Edition, version from 1.5.2.
  2. ** – All objects giving effects only last 120 seconds. To resume the effect, remove and re-take the used object in your hand.



  • Click the coal on the villager to turn it into the right trader.


  • Changed the craft of some items.
  • New materials : Atomic Alloy.
  • New weapons and instruments : Lapis Paxel, Steel Sword, Lapis Sword, Atomic Disassembler.


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon (Alternativ Download)
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Create the world

You can download a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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71 Responses

3.73 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. Guest-7350092325 says:

    Go to the village and head to the black Smith

  2. me says:

    it doesnt work

  3. GamerMagmaCube says:

    I don’t know how to get this Addon

  4. Jimbo says:

    Please help if possible. All I see are 2 flowers named item from mod. Is it because I’m in 1.14? Any help would be appreciated as I love this mod and have been trying to install it for hours

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t I get this to work? Does it have to be a certain update?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It gives me a bug saying that an element with a determined id is missing as I solve it ??

    sorry for my English

  7. WolfPackGamez says:

    Hey man I want to know how to add items to the game instead of replacing them, and it looks like you did that here mind sharing?

  8. HELPPP says:

    How you get the items
    I tried trading with the weapon smith but nothing

  9. zach says:

    all I see is 2 flowers named item from mod

  10. Helpnmeeeeee says:

    How do you get the items from the weapon smith

  11. Killyourself says:

    Does thuis werk on pocket edition 1.11.4

  12. Peep says:

    Please make them custom items for the beta

  13. Anonymous says:

    wont work -_-

  14. omar says:

    It doesnt work in 1.10 ??

  15. bogaboga says:

    I think it would be better if you put mobs, portal gun and turrets

  16. Anonymous says:

    Make stuff that mines a variable of pickaxes and stuff because they don’t drop blocks if your mining ore or stone

  17. Gustavo Arroz says:

    It’s not possible make the atomic alloy 🙁

  18. Scarab says:

    ever item is named item from mod. Is this on purpose or is something broken.

  19. Anonymous says:

    All the items just say item from mod, is there a fix or is it supposed to say that.

  20. Akira Fudo says:

    when i start my savegame with this addon it craschs after a little time, also i did not see a single water animal and it would be great if you write in the description that this mod replace stuff and dont add stuff….thats a big difference.

  21. Aryan says:

    Every time I go on my server with this addon it crashes also I have a bit of suggestions
    -more dracoic item eg armour, tool, staff of power
    -maybe a chisel that changes textures of blocks?
    -more stable
    -maybe some armour and tools from magical crops?

  22. Anonymous says:

    When I click on fire essence, it becomes glowstone dust. It is not fair. I’m not doing anything but clicking on it to move it in my inventory.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Great add-on/mod! The only thing that bothers me is that when I have fire essence and I click on it, it turns into glowstone.

  24. Laura says:

    Love it 😍<3

  25. Thatinggoskraaaa says:

    5 stars, this add on is cool because no weapons are replaced, it’s especially cool with other weapon add ons. There are like two weapons that won’t work on my mobile device but I don’t care because there is many more to choose from

  26. Immortal Gaming says:

    Not able to get some items from the trade and by the way this is a great mod/ add on and definitely deserves an update.

  27. This mod sucks says:

    why cant i find the dragonic ingot

  28. Conner says:

    Why won’t it let me buy the 1 item weapons, like the 2 diamonds for the purple circle thing.

  29. Anonymous says:

    will it work on the 1.6.0 ?

  30. Doin bobse says:

    Nothing will work

  31. edu says:

    why dont trade atomic

  32. Yo says:

    Where the lighting staff, Amon spawned and the freakin’ ray Gun?

  33. You could add more,I have suggestions.
    -Ultimate Tools (Orespawn)
    -Fiery Tools (Twilight Forest)
    -Diamond Dimensions Mod Tools

  34. DankDood says:

    I cant get the armor because its GLITCHED

  35. Gamingfishron says:

    Plz update to education edition items I hate flower items

  36. Elsa Howatt says:

    I love the weapons there Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the look to it is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. TheLinCof says:

    Good idea, I’ll take a note. Although the implementation may be different due to technical possibilities.

  38. Nathan Lock says:

    Maybe you could make Fire essence cost a flame charge, water essence cost a water bucket, and earth essence could cost a few gravel, or sand, or stone, just an idea

  39. Larry says:

    A good add-on, but not enough blocks like an induction furnace or a crusher, etc.

  40. Me says:

    Hey , how do you find weapon smith pls ?

  41. Yo says:

    Where’s the lightning staff.

  42. Alex says:

    Thanks,this addon has get me some nostalgia

  43. Me says:

    Does it even work on iPad?

  44. Anomynous says:

    how do you get the leaf?

  45. Anonymous says:

    What mod are the essences from?

  46. Wes742 says:

    What’s innercore

  47. Zack 123 says:

    Does it work on iPad??

  48. Zack123 says:

    Does it work on IPad???

  49. y0useriousclark says:

    What is InnerCore

  50. Rusu Ionel Iulian says:

    Addon-ul era interesant și l-am luat sa vad cum e și este foarte tare și foarte folositor chiar vi-as recomanda acest addon

  51. Connor says:

    Really bad my iPad was 800 poudns and still crash’s

  52. Connor says:

    Grate addon

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