Items to XP Utility Function Pack

With this function pack, you can transform the items that you never used to XP

The magic table can transform any items that you dropped on it into XP Orbs !

This function pack require an Anvil, An Fishing Rod, A Crafting table, And a composter ( Impossible to find in skyblock, you need to create a shop )

Start by doing /function start.

Now take a repeat command block and type: /function on

Now the function pack is working !

How to start gaining XP:

Start by fishing; Ender Crystals have been added to the list of fishing loot.

Fish an Ender Crystal an rename it “Magic Crystal”, Drop it on the composter,

The composter will transform into an magic table, now just drop items that you never use and the magic table will give you xp. 

You can automate this system to make an Auto-XP Farm !

Hope you enjoy


Changelog View more

You earn more XP per items now.

Items in diamond make you earn a lot of XP


Click on the link to download the map and click on the checkbox then wait 10 seconds to unlock the link.

Once you have installed the map, you will need to type /function start in the chat and a repeat command block will appear, type in the repeat command block: /function on

And the function pack is enabled !


Supported Minecraft versions


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5 Responses

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  1. Some random guy says:

    Could it work for beta?
    its pretty cool but i cant update

  2. A player says:

    It directs to an Adfly. Please update it to Mediafire.

  3. Devyn says:

    You realize you CAN get all of those items above in skyblock? The most difficult of them all requires an iron farm, which you can get by curing a couple of zombie villagers, which you would need to travel to the nether. Again. All of them are possible

  4. Storm Van Der Lubbe says:

    I get different thing than a download i get wierd seks things

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