ItsDandD’s Boat Addon

Now you can finally have more room for plenty of passengers on your boat! This add-on will allow you to ride with up to 100 different players or mobs (or a mix of both)!

Have up to 100 other players or mobs onboard your boat! Third person perspective is recommended, so you can see where you are going! The only thing affected by this add-on is the boats capacity, therefore it will still look the same and go the same speed. This will work with any boat.

Creator: ItsDandD

Check out my YouTube

Here is a quick video demo of this add-on. There is a Non-Adfly link in the description:

Here is an example of 3 players in the boat:

Notice: Make sure to keep this add-on above any others you might have!


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. i thought we are in 2020, social distancing bro

  2. GabbyPlayz says:

    How was this posted on August 13th? It’s the 12th.

  3. Ilikestuff says:

    Can you please make boats go above blocks

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