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Published on July 18, 2020 (Updated on July 21, 2020)

ItsDandD's Bow Add-On

Have you ever been annoyed with how your bow doesn't seem to shoot straight? That's because of the arrow's offset! Using this add-on will eliminate this issue and allow you to shoot straight!

This bow Add-On does away with the arrow's offset. Therefore, your bow and cross-bow shots will always shoot straight. This Add-On does not get rid of the gravity effect, so you will still have your arrows arc.

This Add-On was created by ItsDandD

Check out my YouTube

Here is a demo of the Add-On in action. There is a Non-Adfly download link in it's description:

With ItsDandD's Bow Add-On:


Note: Make sure this Add-On is above any others that you are using. 

Select version for changelog:


This Add-On now supports cross-bows. The description has also been updated as well.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Thanks it really help, you deserve a sub <3
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Not sure why the only other comment here is saying it doesn't work, just tried it in creative and survival and it worked in both gamemodes. This is really the way bows should be normally. Sorry I can't rate because I don't have an account, this is a great addon.
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(same person here)
I guess the other comment got deleted? There was a hate comment saying you couldn't shoot and don't sub to your channel, that's what I was talking about.
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Thank you! We appreciate your support!
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