IVG Shader

This shader should be able to run on any device like my other shaders. this is based of PXBE shader (PXD shader) which is now discontinued. IVG stands for “Improved Vanilla Graphics”.


lights effect entity’s too

Caustic effect (better seen ingame since it moves + waving are included)

Light sources are blue underwater


Some extra screenshots


-works in all versions for mobile (as of 3rd march 2021)
-works in all versions 1.10-1.16.100 on w10

Changelog View more


-fog added
-directional lighting added
-new tonemap
-nether fog effect
-end fog effect
-50+ bugs fixed
-android support fix
-tested on a 2gb ram pc - average fps : 100 - 200 (vsync off)
-smooth shadows added
-smoothened lighting
-fixed over saturation
theres still more than 50+ bugs fixed that i cant mention rn

-fixed issues with water
-fixed issues on mobile devices where nothing would render
-water no longer moves with player
-water surface is no longer too dark
-fixed player model rendering blue in menus
-added a more on point underwater detection

there was a massive issue with the mobile version not working on v0.2

v0.2.1 should fix it


-under water caustic effect

-water surface waves

-mobile version wave support

-light source color is adjusted based on what nether biome you are in

-rotated sun

-underwater blocks wave

-entity tonemap

-entity's are blue underwater

-entity's have a slight red tint in the nether

-some simple optimizations

-water transparency adjusted for water waving support


-Added alternative link to avoid issues with download

-Fixed submission not being makes as a shader


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)


128x 256x Shaders

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54 Responses

4.25 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Thaisyluan says:

    Thanks! Just a normal thanks

  2. Ay-Nine64 says:

    MediaFire is basically the best way to get the files. Thanks, man!

  3. Hinge 45 says:

    good shader. i love the underwater distortion

    • Hinge 45 says:

      i hope you can make the shadow become more blocky.
      because the shadow become diagonal on some sides thats the only yhing that makes the shader unrealistic

  4. ItsEvanDL says:

    best shader I have seen.

  5. YummyTeaOnichan says:

    PXD the blocks and items arent showing up im on mobile 1.16.201

  6. PXD says:

    v0.4 is almost done……..

  7. Luisangel says:

    Is a VERY good shader, but I feel the lava too yellow

  8. LeviAckerman says:

    looking awsome but it doesn’t work πŸ™
    it dont work on windows 10 edition which is bedrcok edition
    fix that please

  9. iNightAngel27 says:

    Excuse me, this shaders looks amazing, but works in Xbox or console?

  10. SPIRITNINJA says:

    Hi so theres an issue with minecraft 1.16.201 and shaders do not render at all is there a fix for that ?

  11. TooLazyToFindAName says:

    Does this work for low-end Windows 10 devices
    my specs
    Intel core i3
    4 GB
    Intel HD Graphics 5500

  12. Calminecrafter says:

    I’ll will give 5 stars of you add realistic shadows by chance

  13. CyanHD says:

    the water and the leaves are still buggy, plus the entity on the home screen is blue

    • PXD says:

      could i please know what you mean by “Water and leaves are still buggy”. if you cant explain in the comments you could dm me on discord (PXD#3487) its pretty normal more me.

      why am i being so formal lmao

  14. PXD says:

    ok theres a massive issue on the mobile version rn where nothing would render in and it would be invisible so use this link to download if u encounter it:

  15. Casual_Neet says:

    its not rendering anything in playing on mobile 1.16.201 and i tried both zip and mcpack

  16. akatsuki_fan says:

    Pretty good in fact but maybe don’t push to much the saturation, creator, and my other request is that I really like that underwater thingy but above the water is dark blue which is actually the thing I hate the most but no worries, the creator has amazing shaders that I use and I recommend that one for we-like-100%-saturation-players. I almost forgot: why my skin is sky-blue in the pause screen lmao ?

  17. PXD says:

    It’s 2am and I just noticed I messed up some of the code for mobile version expect a update to come soon

  18. CyanHD says:

    Can u remove the wavy water and leaves on the shader because everytime i walk it follows me, pls fix

  19. Pickled says:

    Yo how do i activate this, im on windows 10 bedrock 1.16.201 i followed the tutorial but it didnt work for me

  20. Toasty_ says:

    Amazing! to bad it doesn’t work for windows 10

  21. _rickname_ says:

    Why is the nether greenish?

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