JACK IN Labyrinth Horror [Adventure]

Jack In Labyrinth Is a Horror game your misson is escaping the Labyrinth without die because Jack Well Kill you, This game is for (Mimecraft Bedrock Edition) The rule 1.Turn mine and attack mobs off. 2.Play on hard. 3.after you turn mine and attack mobs off turn to gamemode a. 4.use headphones for the best GamePlay.

Jack is Fast but not to much and he give you wither when he hurt you. The labyrinth is so big and its not really hard. And they well be another part and it well be (Found the mystery of Jack) hope you enjoy!


One a time they was a new labyrinth has build and the first kid try it his name was jack little boy was a black Jaket he was the first one who enter the Labyrinth he took an hours and hours, After 2 day they found him dead for no reason and he’s ghost was stuck in the Labyrinth until you com and you go in the Labyrinth and now your traing to Escape it.

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New command has add! 


More photo has been add!


Create By : MHDLaith

How to downlad

1.Go in the link I am not robot 

3. Wait 15 or 5 second and enjoy


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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14 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. ParsPlayz says:

    Don’t Be Rude m8 he probbly does not speak english and tried to transalate it.
    And also he probably does not know how to use command blocks but it IS a great map for new map makers (I think..)

  2. Guest-6578999277 says:

    Nice map!!!but did he just heared me????because he was following everywhere I went

  3. Guest-1582511915 says:

    This is the best map ever

  4. Guest-6196200340 says:

    Is this Map multiplayer compatible

  5. Guest-9895299346 says:

    Pro this is AWEOSME map!!

  6. Guest-6417041411 says:


  7. MHDLaith says:

    Gays don’t ask me way we have to do everything? It’s just 3 thing you do and its easy.
    Hope you enjoy

  8. spammy says:

    So, SO many problems with this map. The building is atrocious, plot is awful, and why couldn’t you just use command blocks? Why would the player have to set everything up before playing when you can just use a few simple command blocks? And the grammar is… Awful. There is an ungodly amount of grammar and spelling mistakes in both the map and this page. Terribly made. You could just tell that this game was just made by a kid who normally wouldn’t have nearly the patience to do so. But please, don’t take this personally. I only want you to take this criticism into consideration, and maybe not build another map on your own. You could benefit greatly from having a helping hand!

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