Jar for Food – Addon

Are you bored of simply storing food in a chest and would like to see immediately what kind of food you have? There is a solution for this. Download Addon Jar for Food and store your food better.

Jar for Food

Made by EndiKM

This Addon adds a new block which is a jar to keep food in.You can store 1 to 10 apples, for example, in a jar.

You can make a jar:

At the moment, you can put into the jar:



-Cooked Beef


-Cooked Porkchop



-Baked Potato

In the future, it will be possible to put the rest of the food.


He created an addon : EndiKM

I used code with permission : Derp Craft

Derp Craft Discord Tag : rafa0103#7098


You can freely edit or modify this Addon as long its for personal use. For codes you MUST ASK DERP CRAFT FOR PERMISSION.

Suggestions, Bug Report, and Feedback:

My Discord Tag : EndiKM#0153

Or you can use the comment section below.

Thanks For Downloading

Changelog View more

I added porkchop in a jar.
I added cooked porkchop in a jar.
I added beetroot in a jar.
I added potato in a jar.
I added baked potato in a jar.

I added cooked beef in a jar.

Fixed the cooked beef and raw beef textures.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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23 Responses

4.35 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Hello sir! I sent a DM in your discord, looking forward for your response, thank you!

  2. TheFefeWaffle says:

    I quite liked it, visually very striking, my only problem is that I don’t know how to get the food out of the jar again. Keep it up.

  3. empty ecnelis says:

    How do I install this correctly? I got it to be on the resource pack in Minecraft but I can’t craft it even tho it’s active. 🙁 Please help.

  4. I think this idea is pretty stupid, and doesn’t have a purpose, but it looks kinda cool.

  5. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    I love how I download the addon and it gets an update directly after, lol. But great addon my dude, keep it up!

  6. BlueIcezen says:

    For the cooked foods like mutton and pork chop and beef I think it sopose to be in a plate not in a jar only coookie
    So can you add some plate and not a jar

  7. AzureParrot42 says:

    Potato in a jar? Hmm…

  8. AzureParrot42 says:

    The update is kinda meh it just added 1 food to put but soon this will be a full functioning mod but cake is not allowed its too large

  9. Gatorclaw says:

    It wont fully install for me for some reason. But it seems like everyone else likes it a lot. 😀

    • Gatorclaw says:

      After a lot of messing around, trying different ways to get it to work I finally managed to get it working for me. I’ve never had so many problems getting an addon to work but this one is completely worth it. It’s adorable and very astatically pleasing to the eye. Definitely one of my favorites.

  10. CLOUD MCPE says:

    Awesome Addon! Didnt Test It Yet But My Friend Does. Also If Its Possible To Put Any Food Addon Into The Jar I Would Likely To Download This Anyways!

  11. Tristan7046 says:

    keep developing this addon! and please add another food that can be put in the jar too.

  12. joons says:

    bad addon cant put my carson youtooz in it

  13. alex tyler says:

    when i try to play with the mod it says unknown id

  14. Domz mi Monz says:

    Can you make the apples cub-ish? It really looks

  15. devianxae says:

    Aaaa thank you! But can you please do like stack some seeds inside of the jar or coffee beans and lots more!

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